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2020-06-02 08:32 | Readtime: 3min

    Don't sing high-profile, what do you say

    Me, Lin Keming, like most people, primary school, middle school and college, engaged in design work in Guangdong Xingyi after graduating in 2003, and at the same time is a lecturer of Xingyi College. Foreign trade flourished in the past few years, and the students around him also I have challenged foreign trade one after another, and I am no exception. After years of hard work, poor English is as smooth as the Guangzhou dialect. Although it is not standard, it is clear that I can understand it. There are small achievements in business, but I feel that foreign trade has to do for a long time. Controllability, so decisive investment in the showcase industry.

    Share with you the years of hard work experience: 1. Every carrot pit must have an excellent talent, my wife is the financial director of Otis Elevator Company headquarters (in charge of global business), sorry, give me a deadlift Sitting in the temple of the god of wealth; Wen is always my brother from the top of the university, working as a design director in Guangdong Xingyi, and working hard with me without hesitation, is the chief helmsman of design / production / sales / service in the factory; Wang Factory He is an authoritative person of luxury display cabinet technology. Manager Zhang of the Foreign Trade Department is in the professional eighth level of English, which is rare in the showcase industry; Manager Lin of the Business Department is a designer who has stayed in Xingyi and Vanke successively. And business proficiency. 2. The workers are very important, the skills are excellent, and the character is better. After ten years of hard work, the rest are a group of hardworking, motivated and honest old employees, including those who left after they resigned. I have calculated that most of the workers have followed me for seven or eight years.

    I don't make official speeches, what can I say? Talk about the factory's strengths and weaknesses.

    The advantage is that the factory is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, covering an area of 32,000 square meters. After ten years of hard work, it has advanced equipment, superb technology, trendy design concepts, and the quality reaches the international level. The jewelry display cabinets and museums produced Global shipments of display cabinets, watch cabinets, etc. account for 70% of countries in Europe, America and Australia.

    At this stage, the environmental protection inspection is strict, and many factories have sealed it. We are as busy as ever. We strictly check the quality of the shipment from the factory equipment to the material inspection, and tell the customer exactly what material is used and what effect is obtained. Many of the solid wood products are basically non-existent. They are made of plywood, MDF and natural decorative panels. The price of solid wood is very expensive. It is not the first choice for commercial showcases. Paints are also mixed in the market, and the price is very different. The environmentally friendly paint is not guaranteed by every showcase factory. The water-based paint is not to mention. The paint made by plants is simply the gold in the paint. From the allocation of labor and materials, our cost is at least 20% -30% higher than that of our peers. This is also the reason why foreign customers visit our factory and are willing to cooperate for a long time.

The weak point is that I focus on the international market. The domestic station does not spend much energy, and the wine is good and I am afraid of the alleys. The country should vigorously promote it. Of course our prices are relatively high. In Taikoo Hui, Tianhuan Plaza, Tianhe City , Zhengjia, etc. have display cabinets of major brands, as for ordinary department stores or supermarkets haha, don't waste everyone's precious time.



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