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2020-06-02 08:32 | Readtime: 3min

   I am Wang Shihao, the founder of Shenzhen Xituo Company. I have a good reputation and excellent technology in the industry. I come from an unknown poor rural area in Wuhan. I came to Shenzhen to work hard for my life. I got a job as a salesman in a barcode company and started my hard work.

    In the company, I have benefited from the help of my colleagues and the appreciation of my boss. I have been taught the professional knowledge of the barcode industry and business experience. After more than three years of unremitting efforts and hard work, the business volume began to rise slowly. Years of learning and art have a better understanding of bar codes. In the end, he can independently handle business sales and technical processing. Despite the hard work of my hard working career, the results were good.

    In Shenzhen around 2005, there were a lot of factories, the barcode industry was just getting started, but the market was relatively open, so I also wanted to invest myself in this developing industry and make a big career.

    In order to realize the dream in my heart, in September 2016, I resigned and started my own business.

    At the beginning, lack of visibility, lack of funds, lack of business experience, it is really difficult to expand business.

    I take a car every day to find customers, work more than 12 hours, and sell products everywhere, day and night. After a year of hard work, the business slowly improved.

    Recalling that before, there really was no so-called business pattern, blind hard work, and everything was based on solving the problem of eating.

    Before 2016, the company survived in the future and worked hard.

    Starting in 2017, the research department and business department of Xituo Company began to get on the right track.

    Nowadays, there are many large-scale brand companies cooperating and supporting.

    Along the way, Xituo has experienced many ups and downs, but we adhere to the "customer first, first-class service, integrity-based"

    Development concept, accompany customers along the way.

    Since the establishment of Xituo Technology Co., Ltd., there have been no customer returns for several consecutive years. I hope that users who purchase my barcode products will not only not step on the pit, but also buy products with better quality, longevity and high quality for the same money. I understand that customers choose Xituo Technology Co. among many suppliers, which is a trust in me and an affirmation of our company's products.

    If you want to know more about us, you can search online: Shenzhen Xituo Technology Co., Ltd. You can also add my WeChat 13316845820. There are many articles on it. Xituo Technology is your reliable partner, looking forward to our successful cooperation this time!

14 consecutive years of industry application experience, we have changed the decoder



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