Entrepreneurship, we are willing to go with you

2020-06-02 08:33 | Readtime: 3min

     Twenty-six years ago, a college student who had not graduated realized early that his boss was actually himself. So he set a clear goal for himself, and immediately took action to mobilize all mobilizable resources to move towards the goal. He even used his name directly as the company's name and trademark to remind himself that he would be responsible for all results. In the end, he achieved commercial success that attracted worldwide attention. This young man is Michael Dell.

Starting a business, a story similar to ours has happened to Bill Gates and a group of young Chinese entrepreneurs. Their life legends have greatly inspired the dreams and passions of a generation of young people, so many people embarked on the dream journey of entrepreneurship.

However, once you are on the road, you will find that the road to entrepreneurship is not as smooth as the dream saw, the reality is not as simple as imagined, most of the time, hardships, bumps and even traps and pain will follow one after another, Waves like waves keep coming to you, besieging you, knocking you down ... You will feel confused, scared, and lonely and helpless. However, at this time you have no retreat. The money you throw out is like splashing water. If you want to withdraw, you want to wash your hands, you want to go back to the past. It's easy to step back! Maybe wipe away the tears in your eyes, gritt your teeth and go on, there is a silver lining--

The bitterness of the road has melted into my eyes

The plight of the soul has been transformed into my firmness ...

These are the two lyrics in the "Entrepreneurial Anthem" "On the Road", which tells the journey of countless entrepreneurs who have shared the same journey, so it sounds so shocking, so that every one has experienced entrepreneurial ups and downs. Tears in his eyes!

Has no dreams and is mediocre. However, if you have a dream, will you be able to get rid of mediocrity and achieve success? Not necessarily. Because reality is reality, not the golden road in dreams. In previous interviews, we have met many failed entrepreneurs and young people who are full of enthusiasm and fantasy about entrepreneurship.If they talk about dreams and passions, they do not lack at all, but if they talk about the preparation or experience of entrepreneurship They are almost blank. They paid a painful price for this! Someone has even since collapsed.

Impressed by this, we specially planned and organized this issue of entrepreneurship.

Although the purpose of this journal is to "ignite dreams and encourage entrepreneurship", and we have been paying close attention to the entrepreneurial problems of young people in the past, the hardships of entrepreneurship, the long and bumpy road of entrepreneurship, and the reality of low success rate of entrepreneurship also continue to prompt us to be rational Think and treat this problem

In this issue, we conducted a random survey and communication on the motivation of entrepreneurship and some problems encountered during the entrepreneurship process through Weibo and other methods.Many experts also actively participated in it. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your valuable suggestions! In the future, we will continue to discuss a series of specific problems that may be encountered in entrepreneurship, and hope that more friends will support and participate. If these topics can inspire the majority of entrepreneurs friends, or even a little real help, we will be satisfied.

On the road, no matter how rainy it is, no matter how wild the wind is, please remember that we are willing to be in the same boat with you, and we are willing to share your joy and sorrow ...



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