Entrepreneur's road, long and long; through the cold period

2020-06-02 08:34 | Readtime: 4min

      In September 2004, I was admitted to the logistics major of Zhengzhou Jiaotong University. When I first entered school, the other students were still enjoying the freedom of youth, but I had a strong personality and decided to study while looking for work. 

The first job I found was a waiter at a restaurant in North Central during my freshman year. As a sophomore, I started as a real estate agent in the 21st century real estate. The next day, a friend told me that a logistics company training company is recruiting campus recruitment agents. I was very interested in this and decided to give it a try. Who knows, I did it until I graduated. At that time, the logistics company training company had a total of 22 recruitment agents in Zhengzhou. I was the only girl, and it was the best among the 22.

It ’s time to graduate, and I also face the problem of finding a job. With rich social experience, I successfully entered a TV station as an assistant. The TV station's treatment is generous, and it is relatively stable. In the eyes of others, it is a good job, but I still feel that this job is not suitable for myself. So, I resigned.

After leaving the TV station, I decided to start my own business. After investigation and consideration, I chose ILT (ILT is the abbreviation of Royal Society of Logistics and Transportation) training this project. After the project was selected, it was authorized to negotiate with the Beijing China Communications Association. I will be the sole general agent of Henan. After several rounds of negotiations, I have convinced the other party.

The next step is company registration. When I was looking for an office address, I suffered a big loss. I originally chose Guancheng District, but the relevant proof could not be published, and it dragged on for more than 20 days. So, I went to check out. But who knows, when I checked in, I paid 4,000 yuan, but the property was only refunded to me 900 yuan. At that time, I was so angry that they had a big fight with them.

On May 8, 2008, my company was finally registered successfully. Next, I have to set up an office, do a website, recruit troops, find a training place, recruit students, and invite famous teachers ... Since I am too busy to be alone, I found a partner. What I did not expect was that within a few days, the middle-aged man was "missing" with the tuition of the students. I was crying without tears, and I was sad for days.

Later, I gradually wanted to open. I can't do anything contrary to my conscience. In order to reassure those students, I found a new partner to continue.

In order to overcome the difficulties in recruiting students, teachers, and propaganda, I endured a lot. As I work hard to learn the relevant knowledge of the Royal Logistics Professional Certification, I rush around among colleges and universities to promote recruitment and invite experts and professors to teach. Hard work pays off. With my unremitting efforts, more and more students have signed up. At the same time, through holding lectures, I met many student cadres, thus opening up the channel of student agency. Now, I have set up admission agents in more than 10 colleges and universities in Zhengzhou.

Now, my company has entered the normal development track. Not only did the first batch of students get a good job after getting the first and second level certificates, but also less than the start of the class, the second batch of students who came to register had 50 or 60 people.

Enlightenment of entrepreneurs

Everything means a lot of trivial and hard work. When you are too busy to be alone, you should look for the right partner for a win-win situation.

Expert evaluation

Three ways to start a business, which one do you choose? A. Buy a boat to cross the sea-unless you have money, you will have to try your luck and see a big guy to pay for you to buy a boat; B. Borrow a boat to cross the sea-use others The purpose of the technology, capital, and successful experience is to quickly reach the opposite bank.If you do well, the later will come to the top.If you do not do well, it is a cottage; C. Shipbuilding and crossing the sea-ambition, talent, technology, capital, perseverance, any link If something goes wrong, people and money are empty!

Edition tips

If you have no special skills in business, you should do three things: one is to try to do things from the perspective of customers; the other is to find ways to find customers; As long as you do this, you will one day stay till dawn.

If the entrepreneur does not have any professional knowledge, it is recommended that they invest in franchise stores, because their fixed business methods will make it easier for entrepreneurs to get started.

The path of an entrepreneur is long and long; many stories of entrepreneurs are wonderful; our attention to entrepreneurs is very specific and lasting. I hope that entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mentors can participate in our topic, let's cheer for the entrepreneurs, and help!



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