Billion Liu Chang: Weibo in a vest and rebellious children

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     She is Mr. Liu, an employee, sister Chang who is called every day by her friends, and the smoothness that the rich parents and parents cherish ... 10 years after being "sealed and protected" by her father, the daughter of Liu Yonghao, chairman of the New Hope Group, director of the group, and secretary of the group youth committee In 2011, he officially faced the media for the first time.

When the girl in the post-80s who loves to play “Vest Weibo” and is a clever and rebellious personality confronts the sharp questions of the reporter ’s “9.2 billion net worth”, she asks rhetorically: “Do I have so much money? Then I will buy clothes tomorrow, Buy exclusively without discount! "

Growth: 10 years in the snow

In early August, Chengdu Evening News reported that two companies jointly invested and established by Sichuan New Hope Group Chairman Liu Yonghao and natural persons Wang Hang and Liu Chang (daughter of Liu Yonghao) were officially registered and established in Chongqing. This is considered to be the horn of Liu Yonghao and his daughter Liu Chang's formal entry into Chongqing's financial sector.

Liu Chang was born in 1980, went to the United States to study at the age of 16, and returned to China after earning an MBA in 2002. He holds 36.93% of the shares in Hope Group. He indirectly holds two listed companies, New Hope and Minsheng Bank. Chairman of Southern Hope. According to statistics from the Hurun rankings, her personal assets amounted to 9.2 billion yuan.

Ten years ago, Liu Yonghao and his daughter made a "10-year contract"-no media in 10 years. In these years, when Liu Yonghao was asked by the media every time "Your daughter ...", he would always be gentle and haha "learning, learning!" Even if Hu Run put Liu Chang on the list of mainland rich people, Liu Chang did not make public remarks. Therefore, this post-80s rich man in the Mainland is supposedly silent.

Liu Chang has been studying all the time. At the age of 16, he went abroad to study abroad. After returning home, he was arranged by his father to various departments of the group. In addition to internships in schools and within and outside the group, she also started her own business. She concluded: "This process is to supplement and improve your own shortcomings. Learning skills, handling and dealing with people, and cultivating different perspectives on things." For the employees of the New Hope Group, she is Mr. Liu and also a Very simple girl next door.

In 2002, Liu Chang began to enter his father's company and has been doing it for succession. For the next two years, she served as the deputy general manager of Dairy Business Unit of New Hope Group and was one of the founders of Dairy Business Unit. In 2∞6 years, she started as the deputy general manager of the group's real estate business, taking over the Shanghai real estate business. In 2010, the World Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs Association was established. In this global Chinese business organization with the Chinese Business 500 as the core and Chinese billionaires as the main body, Liu Chang served as the club's chairman and was called the representative of the "second-generation rich" by the outside media.

The second generation of Fu is not "A Dou"

When asked if he had ever wanted to take charge of Shuaiyin, the hearty Liu Chang laughed, "I can only say that in the future, it is possible to take over as chairman, but not 100%." Liu Chang said very honestly, the company chairman The principle of appointment is meritocracy, not simple inheritance.

Family business is synonymous with "backward productivity" and "backward production relationship". This forced the heads of many domestic family companies to have to timidly and repeatedly declare that although they are family companies, they have also introduced the most advanced modern enterprise system. It seems that the "modern enterprise system" is a life-saving straw that makes the family business out of the impression of "upstart". The title of "rich second generation" is also unavoidable by family businesses.

When a person is branded as "the second generation of the palace", it seems that it is equivalent to "Adou" who can't get help without even working. At the venue where Liu Chang made his debut this year, a small game let the outside world know that Liu Chang does have a set. The wisdom and innovation of the "rich second generation" after the 1980s are breaking people's stereotypes.

Before the formation of the Youth League Committee, Liu Chang played a game for the slightly tired attendees. She brought three yarn balls to the venue. Three people in the first row threw them backwards. The people who received the ball took the line and threw it out until the background music ended. Three colors of red, orange, and pink yarn flew in the venue to form a large net, and everyone in the venue circled it. "The three-color line connects everyone in the venue, regardless of identity and status. We are all in the same network." Liu Chang said at the right moment.

Often travels on the road, Liu Chang, the necessary luggage is the father's biography "Tibet". "This book was written by my father, which is a good book for me." When Liu Chang talked about his father, there was an unstoppable admiration in his words, "Looking at this book always gives me a motivation, To face the difficulties and setbacks encountered. "

Being trusted is a kind of happiness

In 2009, the world ’s top rich Bill Gates and Buffett came to China and invited 50 Chinese rich to a charity dinner. Surprisingly, after receiving the invitation, many invited rich people repeatedly confirmed whether they would be "advised to donate" at the dinner, and even some people refused to attend the dinner.

In the traditional concept, the wealth of private enterprises is money condensed from sweat, and will not be easily given to others. In the understanding of Liu Chang after the 1980s, wealth is a concept that contains many elements such as dignity and responsibility, and money must be applied.

"Doing good is not to be carried out in a planned way, but a genuinely kind person to do it with heart and soul." For the cause of charity, Liu Chang did not shy away from his views. She once went to Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan Aba and other places to help poor people to perform cataract surgery. The next step is to go to Liangshan and other places to carry out eye disease treatment and rescue. What impressed her most was that in the charity activities she participated in with Peking University students, when she helped an elderly person with cataracts up the stairs, she experienced a kind of trusted warmth and happiness. I can't see me, but I hold my hand tightly. I feel an unconditional trust. "

"Doing charity is a very private matter. No matter what method you take, it is great good as long as you are willing to help others. Doing good is more than giving money. Giving people a fish is better than giving people a fish; giving him a bowl of rice is better than giving a lifetime Meal. "

This rich second generation who is good at charity has another insight into the wealth of life. Money is only a ranking on the rich list, and in the wealth list of life, money only occupies a small part. Many people envy her halo as a daughter of Liu Yonghao, but she is envious of entrepreneurial young people who started from scratch, "I envy their process of struggle, trek in hardship, and the light reflected in their brave growth, that is I didn't own it. "

Vest Weibo and rebellious kids

Privately, Liu Chang is as lively, humorous and fashionable as the post-80s. She is a lively "Sister Chang" in the eyes of her friends, and "Liu Liu" in the eyes of her employees like a girl next door. She likes to listen to songs while wearing headphones, while using the idle time on the iPad's Weibo. Liu Chang has a Weibo in a "vest", "I'll post whatever I want there, no worries." She likes to sing karaoke and watch movies unscrupulously, likes to think about movies, "Every movie is an era, The epitome of society, you can see many things through the film, which is quite interesting. "

She always smiled friendly to reporters. When a reporter stepped forward to exchange business cards with Liu Chang, her face always had a warm smile on her face and talked with the reporter cordially. A reporter stepped forward and said that he wanted to conduct an interview, Liu Chang still had a smile on his face, but said that he would not be interviewed that day. But in order to shorten the distance with the reporter, when the reporter handed over the business card, she took the opportunity to praise the other party, "You are really beautiful, a beauty."

Grew up with his father Liu Yonghao's aura, and while enjoying the glory brought by this aura, Liu Chang also experienced the growth period of rebellion and troubles. Like other girls, this rebellion stems from a lack of understanding of their parents.

Since 2002, Liu Chang has been asked not to face the media, which makes her very uncomfortable, "I have a very uncomprehending period of time, why do I have to be so constrained, even the question" Are you Liu Yonghao's daughter? " Must be avoided ". Liu Chang said that it had caused great trouble to the 20-year-old self. Now Liu Chang is very grateful to his father's decision at the time, "I can learn a lot of things quietly in these 10 years, experience different work and life, and now think about my father's hard work."



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