Ye Xiaogao: Mining the wisdom of wealth, truly turning a sto

2020-06-03 08:36 | Readtime: 3min

      Sending letters does not require any skills or knowledge: put a stamp, put it in the postbox, and it will be done in a minute. However, there are so many young people in Guangzhou, he is not a delivery man, but in this job of sending letters, he taps business opportunities. 

  Ye Xiaogao went south to work after graduating, and did not make much money for more than two years. One day in February 2006, he was fired for property management in a community because of an accident.

  After losing his job, he went back unwillingly. One day, passing a post market and wandering around, he noticed that there were several stalls selling discount stamps. He was very surprised. He had never heard of the sale of stamps before. They must be fake stamps! He asked the stall owner: "Can these stamps be used to send letters? Will not be found by the post office."

When the stall owner heard it, he knew that he was a layman and told him that these discounted stamps were definitely true tickets. In the early and mid-1990s, the philatelic market was quite popular, and the postal department took the opportunity to issue a large number of new stamps, each of which has issued hundreds of millions. However, the listing of a large number of new stamps has caused the weakness of the postal market, a backlog and a large number of stamps in stock, so discount stamps have appeared.

   The price of those stamps is really too low! 60% and 80 points of face value stamps can get 30% off, while 280 and 560 points of face value stamps can be bought even less than 30% off.

Such a big price difference, there is no big business opportunity in it, Ye Xiao feels that he is enveloped by an inexplicable excitement, thinking all the way, suddenly a flash of light: yes, I used to send letters to others, now I can also Ah, you can earn a dime by sending only a regular letter that is not overweight, and you can earn more than two yuan by sending a registered letter. Isn't this the business opportunity?

  Ye Xiaoqing owns all of it, and takes out more than one hundred yuan on his body to buy discount stamps. Early the next morning, he rushed to the office building in the community where he worked. Ye Xiao told them that he can buy discounted stamps and hopes that he will be able to act as an agent for everyone in the future. On the same day, Ye Xiao received more than 170 business letters from five companies, and easily earned more than 40 yuan.

   succeeded in the beginning, Ye Xiao is even more convinced that although communication tools and means such as telephone, fax and e-mail have become quite popular, as long as there are people mailing letters, they have their own business markets.

  After one month, Ye Xiaoyi settled, and actually had an income of nearly two thousand yuan. The extraction of the "first pot of gold" is like injecting him into a stimulant. He decided to attack everywhere to expand his business. In order to reassure people, he always sent the enquiry form of the post office to others by registered mail sent by new customers. His meticulous service quickly won the trust of customers.

  As the scope of services became larger and larger, in order not to delay receiving new jobs, he called relatives in his hometown and rented office houses. In order to ensure the supply of stamps, he directly found the wholesale big mail merchant and also purchased a second-hand xxx car to travel.

  His entrepreneurial style is ingenious, so far he has not met competitors.

  Today, Ye Xiao has been in the agency mail business for four years. He has customers in more than 700 companies in more than 30 office buildings. Among these customers, there are more than 200 large customers who send hundreds or thousands of letters every month. In 2 years, Ye Xiao has made more than 600,000 yuan! In May this year alone, he sent more than 50,000 letters of various types, and the glue used to paste envelopes and stamps used more than 10 kilograms, and the profit Reached 40,000 yuan.

   Every corner of life is full of business opportunities, and the wisdom of mining wealth is the real turning point.



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