Zhang Zexiu: Let the sheep do exercise, and "fitness" goats

2020-06-03 08:36 | Readtime: 3min

      Villagers in Dongshanling, Wanning City, Hainan Province, let the sheep movement enhance the deliciousness of meat 

   "Fitness" goats are more valuable

  Wanning City, Hainan Province has a famous tourist scenic spot that can receive tens of thousands of tourists a day. Unlike other scenic spots, there are running sheep everywhere on the mountains. According to local guides, the sheep running around here are the cooking ingredients of Dong goat, one of the four famous dishes in Hainan. Dongshanling is its wild reserve. The meat of the eastern goat is very tender, and the broth is very white.

  With the development of tourism in Wanning City in recent years, more and more tourists come to Dongshanling. Many tourists want to taste the eastern goat after finishing the tour.

With the development of tourism, restaurants at the foot of Dongshanling are popular, and thousands of tourists are received every day.Visitors who come to Dongshanling want to taste eastern goats. The sheep are in short supply.

   Increased meat yield, worsened meat taste

  The eastern goat was originally from Leizhou goat. It was introduced into Hainan breeding around the Song Dynasty. As the four famous dishes of Hainan, although it is famous, there are very few people who have actually eaten the eastern goat. In the past, the eastern goats were scattered and the family could not raise a few. The local eastern goat farmers found a huge market for eastern goats and decided to join forces to set up a breeding association to expand the scale of breeding. Zhang Zexiu was the first farmer to join the Breeding Association, and the potential consumer market of the East Goat allowed him to see huge business opportunities.

Zhang Zexiu introduced to everyone: "We are a tourist destination here, and there are many people who come to travel from other places. Later, we found that our goat is very good, so I was very interested in this sheep. Therefore, our farmers changed the original feeding method of the East Goat." The village near Dongshanling has more people and less land. In order to raise more sheep, Zhang Zexiu took the lead in implementing captive breeding and raised more than 30 sheep in his own yard. With limited breeding grounds, he worked hard to increase the weight of a single sheep. In the past, the eastern goats had long-term inbreeding and small size, so Zhang Zexiu tried to improve the local eastern goats. Zhang Zexiu said: "After the improvement, the weight increased by 32%, plus it can also be slaughtered in advance, once a year, after the improvement, it can be slaughtered in about 7 months." After the variety improvement, the East Goat not only retained In addition to the original characteristics, the meat production rate has also been increased. In the past, a sheep was raised for only 40 kg per year, but now the sheep slaughtered in seven months can reach 50-60 kg. However, once delivered to the restaurant, the restaurant rejected Zhang Zexiu's sheep. It turned out that some customers reported that the taste of lamb was different from before.

  Let the sheep do exercise and the meat is delicious

  Zhang Zexiu was puzzled. The same goats used to be in short supply. How can they be delivered to the hotel now? No one wants it. He didn't give up, and he didn't want to stop until he had a discussion. Zhang Zexiu said that the owner of the restaurant said that there was a farmer with the surname Luo, and the sheep he raised were delicious.Zhang Zexiu went to the farmer with the surname Luo for consultation. I like to climb steep mountains. The reason why the meat of the eastern goat is delicious is inseparable from the normal exercise. Appropriate exercise is the secret to the delicious taste of the East Goat, so that such sheep can sell for a good price.

  After learning the truth, Zhang Zexiu raised sheep in the betel nut garden in his backyard, giving the East Goat more space for activities. In this way, the eastern goat will not destroy the betel palm trees, but also clean up the excess weeds in the garden. This semi-captive method has finally become a common practice in the local area.



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