Failure is not terrible, there is always loss in life

2020-06-03 08:37 | Readtime: 3min

       In my early years, I have worked hard in the entertainment industry for 9 years. I have planned and held hundreds of large and small performances. hardships. 

   In 1999, when I was over 18 years old, I entered a toy factory in Guangzhou as a handyman, and I could receive more than 900 yuan in salary every month. Half a year later, I resigned because I couldn't find the meaning and enthusiasm of work here.

   One day, I was playing in Tianhe City, Guangzhou. A so-called scout tricked me into saying that I have a star appearance and told me to audition. He lied to me for paying 800 yuan for the camera fee, and later paid 800 yuan for the actor training fee. Although I was cheated, during the training, I met a photographer from Guangdong Zhujiang Film Studio who changed my life path. Due to the fate, the photographer let me be his assistant and traveled through major film and television cities. This experience allowed me to accumulate experience and contacts in the performance activities, and laid the foundation for my future entrepreneurship.

  In 2000, I left the photographer and left the Pearl River Film Studio. At this time, I only have one BB machine. With the help of a Hong Kong star agent, I started my own acting agent road. The first time to talk about a star performance was in an entertainment city in Zhongshan, Guangdong. At that time, when discussing business, he first talked with the general manager, and finally the owner of the entertainment city came out to talk. Facing the boss of thousands of net worths, I was unafraid when I first came out, but after many sincere exchanges, the casino finally accepted my plan. This is also my first step to become a star agent.

   Just a few years ago, because I don’t know many celebrities, please go through second-hand. Later, I changed my policy and cooperated with the performing arts venue. I paid for the stars, performed in the performing arts venue, collected tickets, and shared with the boss. But many of the guests in the performing arts are regular customers, so collecting tickets is a problem. After a few performances, there was no way to continue this cooperation. I had to go back to the old way of arranging star performances for the performing arts. Because of the unstable business, I have had little income for a few years, but because I like it, I have not changed my career. Friends around me ridiculed me, and relatives laughed at my parents. I was under a lot of pressure. Fortunately, my mother always supported me.

   In 2005, my friend and I successfully planned and held the first online singer concert in the Yangjiang City Gymnasium in Guangdong. This performance changed my destiny. Later, I planned and directed hundreds of concerts, large and small, and had good cooperation with stars from the three sides of the Taiwan Straits. After successfully launching the original singer Zhang Qihui of the singer "Love You Never Regret", I entered Chuangxing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. as a director, and my career development has a new starting point.

Enlightenment of entrepreneurs

In my opinion, there are always gains and losses in life, including the same career and feelings, so we should look at it with a stable attitude. Let's talk about planning performances. My attitude is "try your best, you can still make money if you lose, and you should be happy when you have more money". People must learn to be strong. Failure is not terrible. What is scary is that they never want to succeed again.



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