Yang Fugang: Entrepreneurship is the best study

2020-06-03 08:38 | Readtime: 8min

      If others don't give opportunities, they will create opportunities by themselves, and the life they have worked out with their own hands can still be very successful! 

His family was poor and his academic performance was poor. He was only admitted to a vocational school. He graduated from the financial crisis. However, instead of worrying about finding a job, he was called by the deputy dean of the college. "Hero"! Because he earns 30,000 to 40,000 a month, the annual turnover exceeds 2 million, and the circulating capital has more than 100,000, and he has become the seller of "Three Crowns" in the online mall. Under his influence, more than 1,200 students across the college opened stores online, and more than 400 "drilling" sellers.

  At the moment when the employment of college students is very difficult, some people say that a senior vocational student can top 40 undergraduates this year and 80 undergraduates in the future!

   Difficult early stage

  Yang Fu was just born into a poor family. His father sailed the boat and his mother worked at home. In the financial crisis of 1997, my father sailed a boat at a loss and owed a foreign debt. The parents worked hard to pay off their debts and placed all their hopes on their son. Working early in the dark every day is to enable my son to enter a good university, find a decent job, and change the destiny of poverty.

  However, Yang Fugang, who had high hopes from his parents, was a poor student from elementary school to high school. In the eyes of people, he is stinky: sleeping in class, quarreling with classmates, quarreling with teachers, falling in love, playing outside with Hupeng dog friends, and staying at night. Whenever his parents scolded him for not being upset, he retorted: "You still scold me, then I still want to ask, why are our families so poor and others so rich?"

  As he grew older, he gradually understood the pains of his parents and began to realize the importance of learning. However, due to the drop of too many courses, Yang Fu just fell into the Sun Mountain in the college entrance examination. Under the persuasion of his parents, he repeated another year. Due to his poor foundation, despite some hard work, Yang Fugang still failed to achieve the grades required by the undergraduate colleges, and finally only admitted to a vocational college ——Yiwu Business School. The laid-off father regards it as the greatest relief, and looks forward to his son entering the government office after graduation and leading a decent and stable life.

   And Yang Fugang thought that his father's ideas were outdated. In 2003, when he was in high school, he was called the "first year of enrollment expansion." There were horror reports in the media that "unemployed university graduates reached 500,000." Peking University graduates sold meat on the street, and there was a stir. It necessarily means decent work and elite status.

Yang Fu just wanted to realize a different dream. "Even if I tried my best to pass CET-6, passed the computer level 2 exam, and got a first-class scholarship every year, I left the school. I can compete with undergraduate and prestigious students. Elite?"

   Soon after the first year of school, Yang Fu just started picking up mineral water bottles and cans in the school to sell money. But shortly after starting to work, he was strongly dissatisfied by the school guards: "College students pick up rubbish, what university do they study?"

   was said to be "picking garbage" and Yang Fugang was hit hard. Later, he found a slightly "high-end" route to sell Yiwu famous brand-Mengna socks to the student dorms. He naively thought that as long as he worked hard, he could sell Mona socks from school to the whole country step by step. After encountering the blind eyes of many classmates and even closing the door, Yang Fu just ignorantly understands that doing business can't be very hard, and door-to-door sales is not a good way.

   In April 2007, at the recommendation of a friend, Yang Fu had just started to go to Taobao, and the entrepreneurial cost he owned was only 1 bicycle and 500 living expenses. After applying for an account on Taobao, he took out only 500 yuan of money and borrowed 1,000 yuan from his classmates. With this 1,500 yuan, he came to the Trade City to purchase goods. Start to operate your own online store.

  Yang Fu just found the classmate's mother first, and she received five or six hundred yuan in fitness balls and yoga mats. There is another supplier who met online and is from Yiwu, one year older than him. He told the supplier that he was a student and had no money. The supplier was also straightforward and told him to pick up the goods.

  Back to the bedroom, he set the price of the incoming goods and sent it online. Everything is difficult at the beginning, people who just started online don't trust him very much, and there are so many online stores, so few people are interested.

  The opening night, Yang Fu just discovered that a Shanghai customer had placed an order. If a customer buys a product, he can only earn 0.5 yuan if it is shipped without shipping. But Yang Fu just didn't give up. In order to earn 0.5 yuan, he was reluctant to take the bus, but walked to deliver goods, because it costs 1.5 yuan to take the bus. To earn 0.5 yuan, he was reluctant to buy pure water when he was thirsty. Maybe he is too eager for success, so he can do what others do not want to do. No matter the size of the customer, the service and reputation cannot be discounted. After achieving a zero breakthrough, Yang Fugang paid more attention to grasp the marketing direction, price positioning, and product quality.

   "You are the hero of the school!"

  Online mall is a large-scale virtual market. Only by going deep into it can you find business opportunities. Yang Fugang spends a lot of time in this market every day to see what other stores are selling. After some investigation, he found that the number one online sales are cosmetics, so he decided to switch to selling cosmetics again. When making this decision, Yang Fugang actually knew nothing about cosmetics, but he soaked up related forums every day and looked for information on the Internet, so he just "bubble" himself into a cosmetics expert.

   His judgment is correct. After engaging in cosmetics sales, his business volume has steadily increased, and eventually stabilized at more than 100 orders per day and sales of more than 200,000 yuan per month.

  Online sales, the reviews received by the store are very important, and in order to get more reviews, in addition to providing high-quality and cheap items, the calm service attitude and some small marketing strategies are very important. Yang Fugang concluded: Don't go into e-commerce with the idea that the city will make a fortune. "The customer is my God. No matter how much they want to buy, they finally decide whether to buy it or not. As long as they find me, I will talk to them and introduce them to their products. Sometimes I will still be shipping. Put a little gift for the buyer, so that the buyer will have a good impression on you and will bring many new customers!"

  Relying on Yiwu's cosmetics industry cluster, Yang Fu was able to purchase at a very cheap price, and his business on Taobao was rising. In October 2007, just five months after the opening of Yang Fugang’s Taobao store, the narrow student dormitory was already full of goods and could not be found everywhere. On the one hand, Yang Fugang was happy for the prosperity of the business, on the other hand, He was uneasy again. The online shop became bigger and he had to go out to rent a house, but it was expelled from school regulations. But for the development of his career, he secretly rented a house of more than 70 square meters outside the school and moved out.

   A kind counselor helped him conceal the news and did not report it. At this time, Deputy Dean Jia Shaohua gradually noticed that a large number of students started businesses on Taobao, which surprised him, because these children earn several thousand yuan a month, not only can support themselves, solve the employment problem, and the business is doing well Can also send money to the family.

  Jia Shaohua once went to the dormitory to visit the students. A teacher who just wanted to light a cigarette was politely persuaded by the students. Because the dormitory is full of goods, smoking can easily cause a fire. In his view, the changes of entrepreneurship students are not only about quitting smoking and politeness, but also about quitting video games and quitting laziness, becoming perseverant, honest, responsible, and cooperative, and all this is done by students. After Taobao. He concluded: "The mental outlook of entrepreneurial students is better than that of non-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the best study!"

   Eight months later, when he achieved five diamonds (the credibility rating standard of an online store, the more the better), Yang Fugang was suddenly received by Jia Shaohua, vice president of Yiwu Business School. He was taken to the dean's office and sat for more than half an hour with questions and answers. Before leaving, he also received a book and business card as a gift. "Call me anytime!" Dean Jia Shaohua looked at him with a smile and said, "Yang Fugang, you are the hero of the school!"



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