Xie Lin: Wisdom and Perseverance Achieve the Glory of Life

2020-06-03 08:38 | Readtime: 4min

       She is a cheerful and beautiful girl. In 2007, she graduated from university and came to a consulting company in Changsha as a planner. This May holiday, she went to Yunnan with a group tour. In the beautiful scenery of Dali, she met a hotel owner, a middle-aged woman of the Bai ethnicity. Although she was not confusing in recent years, her skin was fair and tender, and she could blow off. She was like a girl of seventeen or eighteen. Asked why, the boss told her that it was a credit to the hot spring fish. Amy, who was interested immediately, asked her boss to take her to the hot spring that day. 

Let the little fish work for herself into the hot spring, the spring is warm and melted, especially through the clear spring water, you can see many small fish the size of small thumbs, like elves, swimming in groups around her body From time to time, she kissed her body with a small mouth, feeling itchy, relaxed, refreshing and comfortable.

   Back to the hostel, she immediately went to the Internet cafe and found the bottom of the hot spring fish, knowing that this fish mainly consumed bacteria, parasites in the water, and the aging skin of some animals. When soaked in such hot springs frequently, the small fish will clear away the body's aging cortex, bacteria and pore waste, and the skin will become fresh and tender.

   At this time, she suddenly thought that if these small fish can be taken back, this pure natural, non-polluting, low-cost skin care will definitely be favored by urban women and become a big business opportunity. This thought made her more and more excited, she decided to try this new business model.

   The key to making this precious little fish "swim" to the city is to be able to replicate the living environment like the hot spring water on which it depends. To this end, she specifically consulted local fish farmers, but most of them said that they could do nothing. On this day, a boss finally agreed to help her solve this problem, but proposed that if the test was successful, a one-time payment of 700 yuan would be required. She promised that from this day, in addition to eating and sleeping, she was soaking in the boss's shop every day, watching the boss change the water for the little fish, adjust the temperature, and then add some ore powder to adjust the water to mineral water. A week later, all the little fish were as lively and lovely as in the hot spring.

   She was so happy that she immediately took the secret recipe and the little fish and said goodbye to the beautiful Dali. Returning to Changsha, she immediately dismissed the original consulting company's work and began to prepare nervously for her "Mermaid" shop. She rented a house in a street where the beauty shops are dense, built a bath about half a meter deep, the bath was covered with pebbles on the sides and bottom, and 12 heating rods were installed in the bath to ensure that the water temperature was controlled at 43 ℃ Left and right, creating a natural hot spring atmosphere. At the same time, a batch of exquisite leaflets were printed, and a batch of free experience cards were attached to widely publicize their unique beauty methods.

   On the day of the opening, there are a lot of people coming to experience the "Mermaid". Afterwards, she looked for a group of ladies who often came to be beauty, and developed them to be salesmen. At the same time, an essay writing activity was organized to allow beauty people to actively write experience articles and publish them in the local media. A series of effective methods made her "Mermaid" fame, more and more repeat customers. Three months later, her customer base reached more than 300 people, and her monthly income exceeded 30,000 yuan.

   On this day, she saw in the TV costume film that the concubine in the palace was bathing in a wooden barrel, and her eyes lit up. At present, the wooden barrel bath is very popular among the world. If this wooden barrel is covered with a disposable plastic film, as long as a heating rod is added to the wooden barrel, small fish can be treated. In this way, not only does it prevent many people from sharing a hot spring pool and reduces the possible infections, but it can also improve the grade to meet the needs of different types of consumers and greatly improve economic efficiency.

   Just do it, she immediately bought a batch of wooden barrels, modified it, and then called the guests who came in the past to introduce their new projects one by one, and said that the old customers came, there was a 20% discount. This move quickly increased her customers from 300 to 700.

   Later, according to customer needs, she expanded the storefront and launched a new series of massage and maintenance services. Then, several branches were opened, and the trademark "Fish Beauty" was registered for his own shop. Today, her regular customers exceed 2,000 and her monthly income is as high as 100,000 yuan.

   She is Xie Lin, a sunshine girl in the "post-80s". From a travel experience, she found her own business opportunities, let Xiaoyuer work for herself, with wisdom and persistence, she achieved the glory of life. Successful care for caring people. In fact, in life, there is no lack of business opportunities, the key is to be able to capture it keenly.



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