Li Zhiying: Alternative operator on Hanzheng Street

2020-06-03 08:39 | Readtime: 4min

       In June 2001, Li Zhiying was laid off. She learned that a friend had a small facade in the Hanzheng Street toy market. Because of poor management, she wanted to transfer. This caused Li Zhiying, whose self-esteem was hit hard, to grab a life-saving straw and immediately took it. Facade. 

After being the boss, Li Zhiying was dumbfounded. She didn’t even know where to buy the goods. She looked around for help from her friends who sold toys, but no one took care of her. The cattle months passed. She didn’t receive the goods. Monthly store rent. Reluctantly, she had to go home to find peers one by one, requesting to associate with them, buying from the peers at a high price, and then selling at a low profit. "Others sell toys, the gross profit margin is about 10%, I only have 3%." After deducting the facade expenses and daily expenses, she still lost more than 2,000 yuan in more than a month.

   However, without losing money, Li Zhiying gradually found the way. She found that although the profits were thin, the sales volume of toys was very large. What toys are good and what are not, is very particular. Working more with her peers, she gradually heard that the purchase channel was mainly carried in Yiwu, Zhejiang.

   "Go" with the TV

Wang Hanxin, the boss of Hanzheng Street, who is also doing business in the toy market, said: "Small business is most afraid of taking risks. It is definitely not wrong to buy goods after others. If you see what others are selling well, you should go and buy this kind of goods. If you lose money, don't go in."

   But Li Zhiying likes to walk in front of others when buying goods. A new gadget that no one has seen before, she is a truck when she enters it, and she can basically sell it. What is her trick?

  Li Zhiying said that the trick is to follow the TV program to find the feeling. In 2002, she found out that it was popular to play a toy called "magic tower" in Zhejiang, a deformed building block similar to the Rubik's cube. This kind of toy comes from the children's program that is popular in the local area, and this program has just begun to be broadcast in Hubei. Intuition tells her that this toy is likely to be popular in Wuhan.

  Regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, she returned one truckload at a time, and it was Hanzheng Street who first sold this toy. I didn't expect to sell out in a week. She hurried into another truck, and the truck was sold out in the morning.

   Since then, she has been paying attention to various children's programs on TV. As soon as new toy elements appear on the TV, she immediately goes to Zhejiang to find related toys and immediately purchases in large quantities. Because of this, she is often the earliest seller of new toys on Hanzheng Street.

  Love "in the limelight"

  Within Hanzheng Street, Li Zhiying is counted as a thousand people. She participates actively in large and small exchange activities organized by individual private associations, toy associations, and disabled people's federations, and often speaks publicly. Some people disdainfully say that the facade is not so big and the limelight is not small. Li Zhiying smiled lightly. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I look younger, and one of the reasons why my business is successful.

"Participating in this kind of activity always gives me strength and inspiration, maintains a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and I can learn a lot of advanced experience from it." Li Zhiying said that he once participated in a symposium of individual and private associations. The individual owner said that he sells things online, the benefits are very good, and the transaction volume has exceeded the store. She thinks that it is more difficult for people with disabilities to start their own businesses. If they follow the conventional methods, they may be difficult to win. Only by studying and managing "technology" is the magic weapon for winning.

  Through various associations, she also participates in various joint activities to enhance her ability to resist risks. For example, within the individual private association, she strictly abides by the unified agreement within the association, does not bargain with each other, does not engage in vicious competition, unifies rights protection standards, and recommends purchase channels and customers to each other.

  Li Zhiying said that although the financial crisis has little effect on himself, he still needs to take extra precautions. Through self-learning, she has mastered many amateur skills and obtained relevant qualification certificates. In 2009, she will have another "second start-up" in areas other than the toy wholesale business.



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