"Jinbeiwo" Development History

2020-06-03 08:40 | Readtime: 3min

     "There are more than 30 kinds of shellfish in my sea. Among them, there are more than 7 kinds of clams and more than 10 kinds of snails..." The author just sat on the fishing boat of Dongying Tonghe Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Chang Shouchen to collect clams. Entering the 60,000 mu of shallow sea area in Xinhu Township, Hekou District, he often opened the conversation box. 

"From May 1 to the present, we have collected more than 20 tons of clams in this sea area and created an output value of more than 1.3 million yuan. The annual plan to collect more than 1,000 tons of clams, and it is not a problem to earn a profit of 5 million." The water surface in the farm is wide, and there are fishing boats. According to boss Chang, the company has 68,000 acres of shallow sea water use rights, all obtained through auction bidding. Over the past few years, more than 400 tons of clam seedlings, more than 50 tons of green clam seedlings, more than 100 tons of hard-shell clam seedlings, and several other shellfish species have been put into the breeding area. In 2008, a total of 6,750 tons of various clams were harvested, and the income reached more than 4 million yuan. The brand "Jinhekou" clams were exported to Japan.

  The estuary coastline has a total length of 254.37 kilometers and a total area of 970,000 mu. It is an important shellfish producing area in my country. In recent years, due to the disorderly development of some business households, the shellfish resources of the Yellow River estuary have been severely damaged, and the output has been declining year by year. In order to restore the shellfish resources in the sea area and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the operators, Hekou District took the lead in the implementation of the paid use system of the sea area in the province, and contracted the right to use the sea area to large local farming households. The adventurous old man always thought about it.

"That year, after raising 800,000 yuan and obtaining the right to use 6000 acres of shallow seas, I dared to operate, carefully managed and accumulated successful experience of shallow sea conservation. Since 2003, I have continuously expanded the conservation area and increased the standardization productivity of fisheries. , Using pollution-free aquatic product production technology in shallow sea conservation and shellfish seed release, etc., explored the method of increasing culture in the shallow sea of Daliu Oblique, and actively undertaken the fish clam fishery resource restoration project, and put it in 65,000 acres of shallow sea conservation area four times. There are more than 1,200 tons of clam seedlings, with a total value of 8 million yuan. At present, we have the right to import and export. In 2003, our "Jinhekou" brand clam was rated as a pollution-free product by the National Standardization Management Committee. In 2007, we The 65,000 acres of shallow sea conservation area was designated as'Dongying Yellow River Mouth Clam Marine Special Protection Area'..." Speaking of the company's development history, it is always full of pride.

"Some time ago, we just signed a 5 million ton clam export contract with a Japanese company. The product market has very broad sales prospects. Next, we need to find ways to turn natural resource advantages into industrial advantages, enhance product market competitiveness, and expand exports. The scale allows our shellfish to sell for a better price." Lao Chang said with confidence.



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