Zhou Hongliang: Turning dead branches into gold bars

2020-06-03 08:41 | Readtime: 4min

       As the general manager of Shuyang County Natural Dried Flower Craft Factory, Zhou Hongliang's entrepreneurial story touched many people and made them realize that entrepreneurship should be a caring person. "As long as you are good at discovering, dead branches can turn into gold bars." 

  Zhou Hongliang used to be a wage earner from Shuyang, a well-known poverty-stricken county in Jiangsu Province. After graduating from high school, he followed his fellow villagers to decorate and do small jobs in Shanghai, earning only 500 yuan per month. Although he was exhausted after working every day, his ambitions never went out. He did not believe that he would do this for a lifetime, and secretly searched for life-changing opportunities in his heart.

   An accidental discovery in 2000 completely changed Zhou Hongliang's fate. It was a summer noon. Zhou Hongliang received a call from a Dutch customer and asked Zhou Hongliang to go to his house for renovation. At that time, the weather was hot. As soon as Zhou Hongliang stepped into the door, he was attracted by some decorative branches placed in the living room. The branch was tortuous and more than one meter high. At first, Zhou Hongliang thought it was a wild shrub dragon in his hometown. When I walked over to see it, it turned out to be made of plastic. The foreign businessman said that this was brought from the Netherlands, but unfortunately it is not natural. What surprised Honghong Zhou was that such a simple branch would cost $3.

   This discovery made Zhou Hongliang very happy. After heavy work, he began to think about Long Liu. Its leaves are no different from ordinary willow leaves, but after picking its leaves, its shape is very artistic. Since Dutch merchants can use plastic flowers as decorations, why can't natural dragon will sell? Therefore, Zhou Hongliang sold the dragon willow planted in front of and behind his old house and sold it to Shanghai.

   At first, Zhou Hongliang asked his wife to push the bicycle in the alley, and took Long Liu to the street to sell by himself. It was later discovered that most of the purchasers were housewives with high cultural levels. He changed his strategy and used weekends to sell in some high-end communities, with good results. In this way, Zhou Hongliang saved the first pot of gold for his own business, ended his career as a small worker, and started selling flowers exclusively.

   In 2002, Zhou Hongliang was an important turning point in life. At that time, some merchants specializing in flower wholesale in Shanghai took a fancy to Zhou Hongliang's branches and purchased them in wholesale at a price of 1.5 yuan each. After the trial sales, it was welcomed by customers, and some flower shops also signed long-term purchase contracts with him to wholesale his products.

  Zhou Hongliang's dragon and willow trees in front of and behind his house were sold out, and the stored products were sold out. A boss told Zhou Hongliang that dried flowers have been sold in large quantities abroad. Although the domestic market is not large in volume, it has started to rise, and it will definitely go up in recent years. "Go home and set up a factory!" Zhou Hongliang returned to his hometown and began to specialize in the production of Longliuzhi.

In order to expand the batch, Zhou Hongliang asked local farmers to plant dragon willow for him. In order to improve the technical content, he developed dried flower production formulas, peeled, dyed and processed various shapes of dragon willow branches; in order to contact customers, he went to Shandong, Anhui, Hebei and other places Break into the market. Because of good reputation and good service, Zhou Hongliang's business was very prosperous. The small factory quickly developed, not only accumulated funds, but also increased knowledge and courage, figured out the market conditions, and laid a good foundation for further development in the future.

   Today, Zhou Hongliang's Shuyang County Natural Dried Flower Craft Factory has developed into an enterprise with annual sales of more than 20 million yuan. Looking back on the way he walked, he said: "In the process of starting a business, I didn't feel bitter because of passion; I didn't feel tired because of dreams; I didn't shed tears because of confidence; I didn't feel discouraged, Because there is knowledge."



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