Li Jing: The only media celebrity selected by "Business Mula

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      In the "2010 China'Business Mulan' Annual Meeting", the famous host and chairman of Oriental Popular Media Li Jing won the title of "Business Mulan" with the absolute advantage of online voting, and became the only one selected for this award. Celebrities in the media industry. Li Jing has undoubtedly become the most influential female leader in the Chinese media field. 

   Entrepreneurs in the media industry

From the host of the ace TV show to the chief producer and the founder of the company, Li Jing is at ease in multiple identities: as a host, her unique, witty and humorous hosting style has conquered hundreds of millions of viewers and has repeatedly won Media Award; as a company leader, she is also a model of today's Chinese professional women. She started from scratch and founded China's first-generation private TV company "Eastern Popular Media", and has done a good job, becoming the most dazzling and active in China's TV media industry. Production agency.

Having just won the title of "Best Talk Show Host" and won this time as the "Business Mulan", Li Jing was quite touched: "I thought that a bunch of female bosses must be a'wife meeting" together, only to find here It is a group of happy and beautiful pretty women. Thanks to the'Mulan Conference' for discovering and discovering the beautiful side of business women. I never read various entrepreneurial magazines, because I am just a TV person, and I know that the most important thing for myself is remote control. How did the audience not switch channels when you did it! When you did what you should do and devote yourself to it, you found that a lot of things you didn’t want to get were invested in you! I also often tell my host that the roots are not deep Ye Zaimao is useless, it is fundamental to do his own professional well!"

Shen Nanpeng, the founding partner of Sequoia China, who has given countless reading projects and gave Li Jing the first venture capital, said: "It is an excellent leader who can be an excellent host, and can also be a great switch between the host role. Uncommon. Li Jing’s company and program do not give a strong sense of business, but a sense of intimacy..."

   "Big Sister" style "dream"

  As a well-known hostess known for being tricky and questioning, although he has long been accustomed to the lens and flash, Li Jing is still facing the torture of pure commercial media for the first time in his life.

From Li Jing's mouth, you can hardly hear the words "business model", "cash flow", "enterprise strategy" that entrepreneurs often talk about, although she did create a company with the most possible models in China. Unique media entertainment + e-commerce company. Her official title in Dongfang Fengxing Company is not "Li", but "Sister Jing". "My dream when I was a kid was to become a big sister, wearing sunglasses and a black trench coat, followed by a bunch of little brothers and sisters." Li Jing was somewhat complacent about this.

Unlike the ambitious founders we are familiar with (they are basically men), Li Jing has not set a clear and ambitious goal for herself from the first day, and she has not taken the initiative to find a realistic imitative role model. , She does not care about money, and has no concept of capital. She even resisted turning herself into a businessman from the beginning...

  She just started from a very simple origin: in order to get rid of the boring reality, she has to do something really "fun". Through constant trials and frustrations, this rock-loving "literate young girl" slowly discovered that a small, originally casual studio can be fully interpreted as a cool business with a radius that extends outward.

   Isn't this the true essence of "entrepreneurship"? Looking for the joy of life, thereby creating value for society.

   In fact, there are too many indecisive friends around us. They spend their entire lives searching for a so-called goal or reason, inferring successes and failures countless times, and persuading themselves to join the fire of entrepreneurship.

  Why can't it be as simple as Li Jing? As long as "have the courage to follow the heart and intuition" (Jobs), anything else is subject to fate.

   "Resignation is crazy"

   In 1999, Li Jing, who was already famous in CCTV, suddenly offered his resignation to the leader.

"I was very unhappy at CCTV at the time. One reason was that I was the kind of disobedient master. I always had my own ideas about the program. The leader asked me to talk, but I was determined to resign. Because I knew that In the environment, I can't create anything. At that time, my trade-off principle was whether it was fun, happy or not, and it was boring. At that time, I felt particularly boring."

  Li Jing originally wanted to go to Phoenix TV like Xu Gehui and Chen Luyu, but because there were no acquaintances, he could not succeed. How to do?

Fortunately, there are also a group of old students who share the same odors. These literary and art youths who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy talked about freedom and art all day. With these gangs of "dead parties", Li Jing felt that his state was completely different.

"I just got together with my classmates. I said we set up a studio. We filmed and wrote the script ourselves. But then we didn't get the money and everyone dispersed. Then I discovered that I had to do something. Yeah."

In the painless and itchy, Li Jing has changed from a CCTV host to a real "north drift", but she still spends money like running water, eating and drinking coffee with her buddies, basically she is the only one People pay. The reason is very simple. First, as a moderator, I have saved some extra money in the past few years. Second, the family has good economic conditions and there is no pressure.

"So later I said that I was going to start a company, and our whole family couldn't laugh anymore. My mother said that your child has been confused since childhood, and it's not clear from a small account. So when I said to start a company, my mother found it ridiculous and it was fulfilled Now, many people have told me that I want to be like you, and I say goodbye, because I think I am a special case. If you follow my method, you will definitely break your head."

  Release "Her Power"

  After paying more than a year of "tuition fees", Li Jing decided to abandon the way of living by relying solely on patch advertisements. The way she came up with was to sell programs. "I remember it very clearly. I called the editor-in-chief. I said I wanted to sell the show. He said it was impossible. He said that he never sold the show. China TV only buys TV shows, but never shows." Li Jing said she Decided to go into battle personally and find a local TV station to talk about selling programs.

   At that time, Li Jing gave them the plan that the 5-minute patch advertisement should be given to the TV station, and only 30 seconds of the price should be reserved for Li Jing. Li Jing told the other party that if the program has the highest ratings, you can sell a few minutes of advertising, and you don't need to invest a penny, you only need to spend two or three thousand yuan; if the ratings are low, you stop the program Too. The TV station agreed to give it a try, and Li Jing paid 2,000 yuan for each episode. In this way, Li Jing became the first person in China to sell a program to a TV station without getting an advertisement. This sale is 50 stations. One episode can sell for 100,000 yuan, while the cost of one episode at that time was more than 30,000 yuan. Li Jing started to make money.

After successfully selling the program, Li Jing was not satisfied with the profit of 70,000 yuan in the first issue. And "Super Interview" quickly reached the title of the Red Eagle.

  The TV station that paid to buy the program was not happy, but Li Jing was full of confidence when negotiating: "Super Access" is unique. Because when people from Jiangsu and Nanjing ran to Beijing to meet her for dinner at the same time, she noticed a change: she had begun to take the initiative to occupy the seller's market.

   These changes and practices slowly let Li Jing find that it is right not to play cards according to the routine. As long as the logic works, it should be tried. Nothing is absolutely impossible.

"These two things have a particularly big impact on me, and I found out that the original marketing is like this. I transferred "Super Access" to a brand-new platform, just like a star transfer, once successful, the value and benefits doubled. .. Really made money from "Super Access", then I began to realize that this is a company."

  Hand in hand Sequoia

"I didn’t do anything in the whole university. I played the violin every day. Do I use it now? No. I learned so many things later, screenwriting, management, hosting, TV, and then I learned to be a brand because of me. I am constantly breaking yesterday, I have formed an inertia. So I think a lot of things are selected, but then gradually become a kind of ability you have. If tomorrow, Dongfang Fengxing opened a hot pot restaurant in the country, I don’t even Surprised, of course, from the company's point of view, it must have its own business spindle, but from the perspective of personality traits, everyone should have such a capability, and some people just have not tried it."

   In the second half of 2007, Li Jing had a very difficult time.

   At that time, Oriental Popular had many programs including "Super Interview", "Beautiful Beauty", "Emotional Formula" and so on, relying only on content sales and advertising, the annual profit reached nearly 10 million. Among the domestic TV program production companies, the size and revenue are second only to Wang Changtian's Ray Media.

  Wang Zhongjun's Huayi Brothers Media showed strong interest in acquisition. The cooperation would have been a foregone conclusion, but the price initially set by both parties encountered resistance on the board of Huayi.

   Also at this time, at a dinner arranged by his friend Yi Kai Capital CEO Wang Ran, Li Jing met Shen Nanpeng, the founding and managing partner of Sequoia Capital China. She didn't expect this stranger to change her and the company's trajectory.

  The next day after dinner, Shen did a quick survey of the popularity of the East, and learned about Li Jing's own reputation and the program's reputation in the circle. The four programs owned by Li Jing broadcast about 400 minutes a week, covering more than 30 satellite and local channels across the country. And because it directly faces consumers, its programs and products will have a broad industrial market that can be extended.

  Shen Yu quickly launched an offensive. In addition to an attractive valuation plan, he also helped Li Jing outline a blueprint beyond her imagination: develop her own brand and retail of merchandise based on the content of the program.

Li Jing knows that if he chooses Huayi, it means that Dongfangfengxing will become the content production platform of Huayi Brothers. And Zhang Jizhong; if you choose Sequoia, the company can sell a minority stake to get funds, but the personal set / cash is much less, and more importantly, the entry of this money means the beginning of a new round of struggle.

In the third round of negotiations, Shen Nanpeng invited Li Jing and her husband Huang Xiaomao to sit down for dinner together, hoping that things would be finalized. The reason why Huang Xiaomao is also present is because Shen believes that this is not only a choice for capital but also a lifestyle choice for Li Jing. Two weeks later, Li Jing finally chose Sequoia.

  Feel your transformation

   In the new e-commerce company, Li Jing still seems to play an important role in his natural sense of direction. Shen Nanpeng once asked Li Jing: If you have the opportunity to make your own product, what are you going to do? She blurted out: essential oil. In her view, this is a product that can go beyond maintenance products and cosmetics and can help people's mind and body. Later, the first flagship product of Jplus (brand name "Jingjia") was essential oil. This decision did not go through rigorous market research, but in 2009 sales reached several million.

   In fact, many products that Li Jing chooses have one thing in common, that is, there is no absolute leader in this product, and essential oil is a typical example. On the other hand, "Beautiful Beauty" has also broadcasted special topics on essential oils, introducing various magical uses of essential oils, and taking advantage of the spread of television media. Because it is its own brand, Jplus' gross margin can reach more than 40%, which is exactly what the content platform supports for retail.

  Shen gave Li Jing a new channel to give her a deeper understanding of business. In early 2009, Li Jing was pushed to the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum by hesitation and uneasiness. She has participated in countless large occasions before, but this time it was different. She could only go by herself. The assistants and makeup artists who were always with her were left in Beijing.

  Most of the participants in the forum are men, and Li Jing is even a bit dazed. After arriving there, she had to force herself to forget her moderator status and treat it as a party. Soon, she discovered that what they were talking about was not as difficult to understand as she had imagined in advance. She chatted with Feng Lun, investors, and even economists. She also took the courage to speak on stage on the topic of service outsourcing. She talked about the development space of logistics from the perspective of women's shopping experience, which made a group of men applaud. She is still not an authentic businessman, but she knows women and studies human nature.

  After returning from Yabuli, Li Jing felt good, she felt her change. Shen Nanpeng's evaluation of her trip is: you have passed many levels



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