Start business when the time is right

2020-06-03 08:43 | Readtime: 3min

      I am studying in the Department of Ship and Ocean Engineering, Harbin Engineering University. As a national key discipline and a shortage of majors, I successfully entered a shipping company in Shanghai after graduation and worked well. 

  Although his father is a businessman himself, he strongly opposes me to be in business. He most wants me to be a civil servant and to be in politics.

   And I dreamed of starting my own business since I was in school. Coincidentally, my cousin also meant to start a business at this time, so when I found me, we made a perfect match. I decided to resign, took out my 10,000 yuan deposit, borrowed 20,000 yuan from my dad, plus my cousin's 30,000 yuan, a total of 60,000 yuan, and started the road to entrepreneurship.

  What kind of project? After more than a month of market research, we decided to make a high-end hanger. This hanger sells for 2.5 yuan.

   I named the company "Dream Daily Crafts", designed the icons myself, and formally registered "Dream Daily Crafts Co., Ltd.". During this period, I also used Dreamweaver in college to make a simple website for my company.

   Really came into contact with society, only to find that many things are not what I imagined. One of the most memorable cases is that because I have no experience and did not deal with the relationship between several customers, I lost a big customer. For this reason, I almost made a lawsuit. This is a profound lesson for me.

   I designed and developed children's hangers and Mickey Mouse and butterfly patterns, with some success.

  If we follow the original strategic plan, I believe we will not fail. It is a pity that from the beginning to the end, many of the original plans were put aside and not implemented.

  My cousin still has his own business in the field. He has been separated for a long time, and his wife puts a lot of pressure on him, which makes him unable to continue his work here. Either divorce or give up here, the cousin finally chose the family.

   And I, too, are under great pressure: parents' strong opposition, relatives and friends' ridicule, broken relationships... When a series of things are overwhelming, I can't breathe.

   Finally, in the new year, we all chose to give up.

Enlightenment of entrepreneurs

   "Let's put it first, and then start business when the time is right."

   Expert evaluation

  The basic conditions for entrepreneurship (for business projects that want to do business and need to invest) include: 1. The passion of entrepreneurs must be something you are interested in, fully understand what you are doing and the state of the industry. Second, clear product positioning and product innovation, the user group is large enough, the market scale can be sustainable development. 3. Form a cooperative team. One person cannot make a company. 4. Have basic financial and team management knowledge.

Edition tips

   "Please don't start a business as soon as you graduate, unless you are Bill Gates." Yu Minhong, chairman and president of Beijing New Oriental, once reminded young people. A better choice for an entrepreneur is to enter a successful company in a planned and strategic manner, first obtain the trust of the boss, and then find the opportunity, and suggest that the boss invest in new projects from the perspective of company development, so that there are opportunities for entrepreneurship. As the presenter of the project, the boss will naturally be given a heavy responsibility. Therefore, we suggest that initial entrepreneurs must first have an entrepreneurial experience, such as simulated entrepreneurship, sales experience, etc., so that not only allows them to accumulate a certain amount of social interpersonal resources, but also allows them to really understand how to operate a business. Entrepreneurship partners are also important. You don’t need to be proficient in everything, but you need to have a proficient partner. If "you don't have this ability, you still need to exercise".



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