Bai Tieyong: veneer can also start a business

2020-06-03 08:43 | Readtime: 3min

In Baibaizhuang Village, Qingliangdian Town, Wuyi County, Hebei Province, a 35-year-old young farmer Bai Tieyong was mentioned. Many villagers praised: "This guy is not simple. He has been wandering outside for more than 10 years. He went back to the village last year to start a thin veneer processing business , And the more the more dry, the more prosperous. 

  At the age of 16, Bai Tieyong dropped out of school due to family poverty and other reasons. In the next few years, Bai Tieyong worked on construction, repaired railway bridges, and ran for rent. The bitterness of drifting abroad for more than 10 years has tempered his fortitude, and he has also experienced the hard work of tears.

  February 2007, Bai Tieyong happened to meet Ermin, a classmate in his childhood. During the chat, Bai Tieyong learned that Ermin was engaged in a business of processing veneer. Thin veneer is a necessary material for the production of building composite boards, and it is a consumable product. The market prospect is very good. When he heard Ermin talking about the spring breeze on the business floor, Bai Tieyong's eyes sparkled with envy.

  His expression did not escape the eyes of the old classmates, "Tie Yong, if you are willing to do it, then let's work together to start a business together, I will help you!"

   As the saying goes, "Everything is difficult to start", this is not false at all. Bai Tieyong made a rough calculation. To build a veneer processing plant requires at least an investment of 200,000 yuan, and his own tens of thousands of yuan of deposits is nothing short of a salary for the construction of a processing plant. The first problem was funding, so he started to find relatives, contact friends, and run loans. Raise funds everywhere.

   followed by finding a place, building a plant, pulling lines, diversion sources, entering equipment, etc. Bai Tieyong was running alone. At that time, he stayed at his entrepreneurial site day and night, and his daily meals were delivered by his wife himself. Kung Fu does not take care of people, and his thin veneer processing plant took only half a month from construction to start. Honesty and hard work, based on the market break out a sky

  How to maintain this hard-won industry? This is Bai Tieyong's biggest "heart disease". In business, he always adheres to the principle of integrity to treat customers. At the beginning of production, due to the lack of necessary technical training for workers, serious problems occurred in product quality.

At that time, when he confidently pulled the self-conceived veneer of high quality to a factory in Langfang for delivery, the boss said: "Your veneer is not qualified, and can only be reduced to second-level sale. Otherwise you will pull away!" The boss pointed out the shortcomings of the more than 60 packs of thin veneer drawn by Bai Tieyong. At this time, Bai Tieyong realized that the products he produced were some residual skin, eyelid and frozen skin. Bai Tieyong lost 3,000 yuan for the first time.

   After returning, he successively asked 13 workers to take turns to learn the technology from his friend Ermin. After the workers fully mastered the technology, they carried out secondary production. Two months later, Bai Tieyong overcome this technical difficulty.

  Relying on honesty and hard work, Bai Tieyong's reputation gradually improved, and it is precisely because of these, his goods appeared in short supply. Starting a business is just over a year. Bai Tieyong earned a net income of 100,000 yuan.



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