Song Chengpeng: Steamed bread chain store earns millions in

2020-06-03 08:45 | Readtime: 3min

       With a dark face and beige jacket, Song Chengpeng, 27, is sitting in front of the reporter. It is difficult for people to link him to a food company with a registered capital of 1 million and more than 140 employees. The magic weapon on which he built his family turned out to be bland buns.

  Started to sell women's underwear early in college

  Talking about his entrepreneurial experience, Song Chengpeng's experience is: recognize yourself, it is not good to be high, the lower-end industries have more markets.

  Song Chengpeng is an advertising student at Xihua University. He has been looking for entrepreneurial projects since he graduated in 2005. At that time, he had no idea what to do. He had sold medicines and dogs. Song Chengpeng is not shy about his experience, because I am a student of advertising design, so I am very particular about store design, and have a unique perspective on underwear style selection.

   underwear sold for a year, because of good reputation, Song Chengpeng underwear store business has been very good, and also earned his first bucket of gold 200,000 yuan. However, after graduation, he gave up this way that ordinary people think is very good. What I thought at the time was that trade was not my strong point. It took two years. I was looking for entrepreneurial projects and finally locked in the buns.

  The reason for choosing buns. Song Chengpeng said that he is fancy that this industry is very low-end and there is no benchmark enterprise. He gave his bun shop a name: Manju Mantou.

   The first talented person poached pastry chef from the supermarket

  If you want to sell steamed buns, you can't do it on your own. You need a pastry chef. Carrefour sold various fancy buns into Song Chengpeng's vision. For several days, he went to Carrefour Shuangqiao shop. When he saw the well-made steamed buns, he asked which master did it. Then he talked to this master and asked him about his current salary and benefits. Treatment digs people away. Song said that he now has seven or eight pastry chefs from Carrefour.

  However, after all, he is still a small room. He wants others to abandon the stable large ship and go to this small boat with uncertain prospects. Song said that he still relies on humanized management and can't order employees. The master who grinds the soy milk said that the machine was not easy to use, and he couldn’t grind out good soy milk. He got up at 3 o’clock every day to grind and show it to everyone. The gutter was clogged and the workers thought it was dirty. dig.

   In two years, it has developed from one shop to five later, and the variety has also developed from a single bun bun to more than 40 varieties such as agate buns and rice balls. In January this year, the sampan began to turn into a steamship: he registered a food company with a registered capital of 1 million. Except for parental support, most of it was his own savings for two years.

   In the past two years, Song Chengpeng has made millions, but he does not think that he has succeeded. In fact, there is a shortcut for college students to start a business. They are looking for opportunities in low-end industries, such as the original repair industry. Song Chengpeng said.

Song Chengpeng's plan is: Fifteen chain stores will be opened this year, and next year he will be looking for partners to open stores in Hong Kong.



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