He Hong: Gold Cup and Silver Cup are not as good as the word

2020-06-03 08:45 | Readtime: 9min

       In He Hong's dictionary of life, there is no intention, or modification, but a truth revealed in the bones. He Hong said that she likes to return to nature. Only then can she return to the essence of He Hong. 

   On the 22nd floor of Shanghai Oasis Central Business Center, the office of He Hong, chairman of Hongli Electric, hangs the "Freshwater Lotus" by the famous painter Chen Jialing. Born in Jiangnan and grown in Jiangnan, He Hong has an intimate sense of closeness to lotus flowers. A kind of complex that "out of the mud but not dyed, but clean and not demon" always spreads in her heart. She compares the lotus flower to the flower of her own life, and uses a spirituality that stretches the individual's life to explain her calmness and calmness towards her career.

"An enterprise, an entrepreneur, the most important thing is integrity. Integrity is the foundation of development and the way to develop. Without sincerity and unbelief, without faith and without standing, only by seeking cooperation and development with integrity can an enterprise continue to grow stronger and bigger." He Hong said so.

   In recent years, Hongli Electric has established itself in the Yangtze River Delta, seized opportunities, has the courage to innovate, forge ahead, and actively participated in the Shanghai World Expo. In just a few years, the enterprise has completed leapfrog development, and laid a solid foundation for the next step to the world and achieve the goal of internationalization.

He Hong, who is sitting opposite the reporter, is gentle, has a clear conversation and a sincere tone, with a rich experience of a female entrepreneur, talking about life, ideals, careers, and life, like a shallow stream of water, coming and going, Go away slowly...

  He family has a female

  Yangzhong, which belongs to Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, is famous for its location in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and surrounded by water. He Hong was born here and grew up here. It stands to reason that Yang Zhong's beautiful scenery and amorous feelings should have cultivated a Jiangnan woman who is clever, well-mannered, and excellent in poetry and books, but He Hong seems to have a boyish nature by nature. Being bold, stubborn, unyielding, and challenging has become a unique feature of her character. In her own words: "From childhood until I was 20 years old, I was always'negated' by my family, but I was a girl with ideas and pursuits in my heart. I like to meet challenges and always seek change. I I believe'how big the dream is, how big the stage is'."

   This decisive personality factor is always accompanied by He Hong. When she was a child, she caught her hometown Yangzhong in the wave of the era of reform and opening up, and quickly developed into the historical evolution of "the home of the national bridge bus". Feeling the tide of the times, He Hong began to yearn for life outside. The beautiful Yangzhong seemed to have no room for her throbbing heart. She aimed at Shanghai, the metropolis that was closest to her hometown but made many people yearn for. She felt that it was only possible to realize the dream in her heart. So, she made one of the most important decisions in her life: go to Shanghai to learn English.

   No one can know how such a decision would pop out of a girl’s mind in that era, and no one could know what such a decision meant to her. But He Hong didn't seem to take it for granted. She was immersed in the path she chose, and was not tired of it. She was surrounded by 26 English letters all day. With her low academic background, she was squeezed into a company established by the Ministry of Chemical Industry and a well-known foreign brand in Shanghai at the time, and was quickly recognized by everyone and entered the management.

   By chance, the company had to negotiate with a very important customer, and the colleague responsible for this customer proposed to resign because the required conditions could not be met. In desperation, He Hong had to face it alone. With his outstanding performance, He Hong not only talked about this single business, but also received recognition and appreciation from customers. He Hong therefore opened up a sky of his own engaged in the chemical industry, and since then entered the world's top 500 corporate circles associated with the industry, and dug himself the first pot of gold in life.

   In 2004, there were two other options in front of He Hong: one was to immigrate to Canada and settle overseas, and the other was to find her as an agent for a well-known electrical brand. Because the other party knew she was extremely sensitive to the market and had a strong insight and grasp ability, she lobbied many times. At this time, He Hong just wanted to make a new attempt. Based on a strong interest in sales, a strong preference for market competition, more self-confidence in her own ability and the usual persistence in facing challenges, she resolutely gave up going abroad, abandoned her familiar and very successful chemical product agent And chose the latter. To this end, many friends expressed emotion: "He Hong is tired of a good life, and is comfortable and comfortable. However, the industry that is easy to make money does not do it, but to invest in a market that is completely unfamiliar to him. The problem." But then, He Hongjian relied on his unremitting efforts and perseverance to make the products he represented in a short time, and she became the electrical product in the Shanghai market. Little famous people. Everyone showed their envious eyes, and He Hong proved himself again.

   Xiaohe only showed sharp corners

   Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. When He Hong was acting as an electrical brand agent, he once went home to visit his parents and accidentally learned that a factory in his hometown was auctioned because of bankruptcy. Out of a keen sense of business, she thought of Yangzhong's many industrial advantages as the "home of the national bridge bus". After combining various factors and judgments on the market prospects, He Hong resolutely organized funds to buy the factory. After transformation and expansion, the plant became the industrial base of Hongli Electric in Yangzhong. "Those belonging to oneself have a responsibility, and it is necessary to grow it one step at a time like growing up one's children." He Hong said with emotion.

  From refined management to integrated strategy, Hongli Electric actively participates in international frontier technology cooperation and overall improves its comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. Today, Hongli has set up 20 branches and more than 50 marketing outlets nationwide, with Shenyang, Hainan, Chengdu, Hefei and other branches as the leading, supplemented by Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Urumqi, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Qinhuangdao, Changchun, Nanning and other places are the nationwide marketing networks. Hongli takes "optimization integration" as its strategic keynote. Hongli busbar products are in full-scale cooperation with well-known global brands; low-voltage switchgear has formed a cooperation with ABB to produce low-voltage cabinets in accordance with ABB's technical process and quality standards.

   This year, Hongli will also start technical cooperation negotiations with Schneider on the related cabinets. In the process of continuously expanding the market, Hongli has successively become a supporting equipment manufacturer of large enterprise groups such as China Construction, Shanghai Construction Engineering, China Railway and other large enterprise groups.In 2009, its total sales reached more than 200 million yuan, and was successively rated as "contractual, "Credit-keeping" unit, state-owned commercial bank "AAA" level credit enterprise. At the same time, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality assurance system certification, Hongli series products passed the CCC certification, and was successively used by the China Pavilion, Expo Axis and Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao Transportation Hub, Shanghai Maglev, Shanghai The national, provincial and municipal key engineering projects such as the Peace Hotel renovation project, Changchun FAW and Haikou Bund Center were selected. At present, Hongli participates in the construction of many key engineering projects in Shanghai every year. What's more, Hongli products are exported to Malawi, Samoa, Gabon, South Africa and other countries and regions.

  He Hong is a woman with a strong aura, she can always easily touch the other party-a cup of light tea, a little chat, the hearts of people will be easily moved by her. Whether it is a business partner or every member of the Hongli team, she always uses a cohesive force beyond imagination to unite everyone around Hongli's cause. For everyone who comes in contact with her, she can naturally persuade each other, and this kind of persuasiveness comes from her dedication to the cause and her honesty. The vice chairman of Hongli Electric, a former executive of a financial institution, has an enviable career and income, and has the first contact with He Hong because he is responsible for project investment supervision. Unexpectedly, it was this inadvertent acquaintance that he was deeply convinced by He Hong's in-depth analysis of the electrical industry, her persistent pursuit of career and her frankly living in the world. During the formation of the core layer of the Hongli leading team, her aura is infecting everyone around her all the time, and her unique personality charm always plays a subtle role. No wonder He Honghui said: "The cause of Hongli is the cause of Hongli people."

  Speaking of the most challenging experience since the founding of Hongli, He Hong, who was sitting opposite the reporter and always talked like a cloud, was also a bit nervous. That was when Hongli cooperated with a major construction project, due to market price fluctuations, the price of raw materials originally required for construction rose from 30,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan, and the contract for the construction project has already been signed, and the price can only maintain the original price. Change, and all busbar laying missions must be completed within a week. Facing the severe situation of huge losses, whether to do it or not to do it has become a difficult problem for all Hongli people. If you do, Hongli will lose several million yuan. If you don't, Hongli will lose your credibility. In the most difficult decision moment, He Hong led the Hongli team, resolutely chose the former, and successfully completed the construction task, which was unanimously praised by people in the industry. Facts have proved that Hongli's choice is correct. Later, Hongqiao Transportation Hub, Shanghai Maglev, High Speed Rail and other projects were throwing "olive branches" because of Hongli's good reputation. They all say that "golden cups and silver cups are not as good as the common people's reputation." Hongli values this and is also practicing this principle in enterprise development. Facts have proved that this is right.



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