Chen Liang: chasing the sun and chasing entrepreneurial insp

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      She is a hardcore astronomy lover. In order to see the total solar eclipse that has been rare for a hundred years, she resigned and sold her beloved things. However, it was such a girl who was called a wilder than boy by friends and family, but she found business opportunities in the pace of non-stop chasing and established an astronomy club. 

  Chasing the sun and chasing entrepreneurial inspiration

   25-year-old Zeng Quanying is a lively and cheerful girl who likes to pursue fashion. In 2008, after graduating from Hunan Normal University, she came to Guangzhou. With outstanding performance, she quickly joined a foreign-funded company to do business sales. Outside of work, Zeng Quanying's biggest hobby is to learn from astronomy enthusiasts.

  In a blink of an eye, in 2009, Zeng Quanying went to play with her sister Zeng Moying and met her colleague Zhong Zhilong. Zhong Zhilong is from Taojiang, Hunan. He is cheerful and likes to travel. The two fell in love at first sight and soon fell in love.

  On April 22 of this year, there will be a visual feast in the universe, where Earth, Venus, and Mars meet at close distances in the eastern low altitude. This day happens to be the 28th of the lunar calendar, and a crescent moon is like a sickle. There will be two "bending moon" wonders in the sky. This is the day that astronomy lovers look forward to. Zeng Quanying had already planned to go to Hengshan to watch, and after talking with Zhong Zhilong, the two would hit it off.

  On April 21, Zeng Quanying took a week off from the company. The two took the telescope and the observer and boarded the car to Hengshan. After playing in Hengshan for a week, the two talents returned to Guangzhou.

After   , Zeng Quanying set his sights on the total solar eclipse on July 22, which was a rare opportunity in 500 years.

  On July 18th, Zeng Quanying once again requested leave from the company, but the leave was not approved. Seeing that he was about to pass the total solar eclipse, Zeng Quanying decided to resign after a night of thinking. In order to raise travel expenses, she sold a Swiss watch she had kept for many years at a low price, and the notebook she just bought was sold at a discount.

  On July 19, Zeng Quanying and his boyfriend Zhong Zhilong embarked on a train bound for Chengdu. It was July 21 when they arrived. Because of the tired journey, Zeng Quanying became ill and was hospitalized. This stay was two days. She could only read the news about the total solar eclipse in the newspaper.

  On July 23, after coming out of the hospital, Zeng Quanying was still worried. Boyfriend Zhong Zhilong thoughtfully said: "It's not a way to go back and forth like this, why not make a club and watch the astronomical wonders everywhere without leaving the house..." Zeng Quanying froze for a moment, then shot the thigh: " Yes, just do it."

   Make up for regrets, astronomy club turned out

  Zeng Quanying heard that in China, there are two planetariums in Beijing and Shanghai. Soon, she and her boyfriend came to Shanghai, and as soon as they arrived in Shanghai, they plunged into the planetarium. After two days of careful investigation, Zeng Quanying not only came into contact with many advanced astronomical observation instruments, but also clarified the operation process of the planetarium. The communication with the visitors also strengthened her idea: Astronomy also has a big market, and it can definitely be loved and sought after by urbanites.

  On August 13, 2009, Zeng Quanying opened his first astronomy club in an alley near Guangzhou Railway Station with 50,000 yuan subsidized by his boyfriend's home. The club is divided into two floors. Upstairs is an astronomical observation deck, with a telescope, two astronomical observers, and a bookshelf for astronomical books. Downstairs is divided into three small rooms, an astronomical scene exhibition hall, a projection room, and an exchange room. The interior decoration is modeled after the Shanghai Planetarium. If it is not too small, the audience will think that they have really entered the National Planetarium.

  The news that Guangzhou opened a private astronomy club quickly spread. On the first day of opening, the shop was surrounded by water. Because the consumption is not high and fashionable, many young people like to come and go after get off work or on weekends. Considering that many people in the South did not see the complete total solar eclipse process, Zeng Quanying used the power of his friends to find the video materials they sent to a professional video studio, edited and organized it, and produced a complete total solar eclipse video. A 2009 astronomical observation guide was posted at the door.

   So business is getting better every day. On September 17th, Uranus's spectacle of the sun will be staged. On September 23rd, 4 complete Galileo satellites can be observed with a telescope. For this January double happiness, Zeng Quanying sharply captured the business opportunities. On September 1st, Zeng Quanying launched the "Astronomy Enthusiast Membership System". Once joined, members can pass the videos they have observed and recorded, and their income is divided according to 37%. This is indeed great news for astronomy enthusiasts around the world. In just one week, the number of people registering via the Internet or SMS exceeded 1,000. Many members proposed not to return. For them, sharing their videos with more people is the greatest joy.

  Zeng Quanying then put out a "good thing in two" advertisement to young people in the city: Are you troubled that you have no place to go on the weekend? So, come to the club! Here, you can experience excitement and create romance. From the 17th to the 23rd, the club launched the One Belt One Activity. What are you waiting for? Such a promotion, with couples, with couples, and without couples, can not only experience the feeling of an astronomical enthusiast, but also take the opportunity to find their own fate.

   Yang Fan, 26, is here to find his girlfriend Yang Yu. Both are astronomy lovers. They often come here on weekends and fall in love.

   With the popularity of business, the customer base has become wider, ranging from the elderly up to 80 years old to children as young as 3 years old. Zeng Quanying specially prepared an opinion book to hang on the wall. Someone soon put forward a suggestion: Can you make some popular propaganda pamphlets for children to read. The customer's suggestion attracted Zeng Quanying's attention. She contacted the manufacturer and hurriedly produced a batch of astronomical science knowledge books, which were sold to customers at a low price. Because the content of the atlas is substantial, and the picture and text are both rich, it is loved by customers as soon as it comes out. Many parents bring their children to visit, and they still do not forget to bring a book when they leave. One mother reported that since the child came once, she was entangled with the words in the atlas every day and said that she should study hard and become a scientist in the future.

   A small book that can play such a good motivational role, Zeng Quanying is naturally happy. In just three months, Zeng Quanying's account had a deposit of 150,000 yuan. Remove 50,000 of the investment and make a net profit of 100,000.

  On November 15, 2009, Zeng Quanying ushered in an important guest: George Paulson. Paulson is a professor at Tufts University and a senior astronomy expert. This time he deliberately brought a 40 cm binocular refraction telescope, two boxes of precious items. The first box is imitation cultural relics and instruments, such as altimeters such as Dan Rong Ling Jing, the leak pot of the Qing Dynasty, hydrogen atomic clock, etc.; the second box is photos of outstanding Chinese and foreign astronomy figures and the results of modern observation instruments For example, the sunspot photos taken for the first time in human history are precious.

  At this time, only two days after the annual Leo meteor shower broke out, Zeng Quanying was worried about the lack of a deep telescope. Professor Paulson's arrival is simply a gift from the snow. After Zeng Quanying's gracious stay, Professor Paulson stayed for 3 days and gave three lectures on astronomy knowledge. When leaving, he extended his thumbs and said: "It is amazing how a weak woman can build such a high-level planetarium. Chinese women, it's amazing!"

   Astronomical storm spins out of the wealth stage

   At this time, Zeng Quanying was no longer satisfied with accumulating wealth only by visiting and exhibiting. After a period of thought and thought, Quanying Creative Studio was established. The studio specializes in designing a variety of astronomical products, such as the "Leo Double Star Rabbit". The small and exquisite couple rabbits are decorated with meteor showers. The "Sun Chasing Sun Hat" is on January 15, 2010. The solar eclipse is a background pattern, which is both stylish and practical; the pink "Double Moon" pillow, made of high-quality cotton wool, holding it to sleep, is avant-garde and durable... hundreds of species and astronomy The astronomical products related to the spectacle instantly fascinated the customers who entered the store. Some customers do not hesitate to purchase high prices from other customers in order to collect a complete set of astronomical products in 2009.

   For the 2010 solar eclipse landscape, Zeng Quanying had already come up with his own plan. She is determined to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to organize a Dali chasing Japan to make up for the regrets of the previous year; in order to increase popularity, the event also set up three awards, the highest award is an astronomical telescope worth 10,000 yuan. As soon as Zeng Quanying's plan to pursue Japan was announced, it was immediately sought after by astronomy fans. Within a week, the number of applicants reached 1,000. Zeng Quanying finally selected 50 people to go to the Dali Tea Horse Road to carry out popular science tourism and observation activities. In order to allow other astronomy enthusiasts to enjoy this astronomical spectacle, all video materials are simultaneously transmitted to the club’s computer for simultaneous live broadcast.

  With the efforts of Zeng Quanying, the club is exciting every day. Today, the club's annual net profit is 400,000 yuan. Zeng Quanying said excitedly to her boyfriend: "Unexpectedly, my girl, who is wilder than a boy, can even turn astronomy into productivity, and it gets bigger and bigger. I believe that one day, my club can be opened all over China. In every city, astronomy fans will also be spread all over the country."



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