Fang Caili: Vegetable Farmer Entrepreneurship

2020-06-03 08:47 | Readtime: 4min

      Retired as a white-collar worker in a company, unwilling to pay a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan, resigned to start his own business, has been engaged in a variety of careers for ten years. There have been failures and successes, but I have never regretted my choice— 

  At eight in the morning, in a vegetable plot in Xixin Village, south suburb of Taicang, I saw Fang Caili, who was picking cauliflower. While busy with cutting cauliflower, Fang Caili said: "The time before rice harvest was the time when the cauliflower was the most marketed. The price this year is not bad. Now the wholesale price of 2 yuan per catty is fast catching up with the previous market. Retail price. Don't take advantage of the high price to hurry up and pick up the price. After the rice is harvested, the price will drop."

   At the end of 1992, 24-year-old Fang Caili was a soldier and returned to his hometown for four years. Because of his outstanding performance in fighting floods and disaster relief during the army, he was placed in the fire brigade of the Taizhou Power Plant and won the "iron rice bowl." After working for less than half a year, he was appointed as captain of the fire brigade by virtue of his excellent military business level during the army. In 1994, Fang Caili's monthly salary reached more than 3,000 yuan, becoming an enviable company white-collar worker. At the beginning of 1996, Fang Caili, who had just got married, made a puzzling move, resigning from public office and seeking a career. The move was immediately met with strong opposition from his family. Fang Caili's elderly mother even forced her to die and did not allow her son to resign. The determined Fang Caili finally made the decision to resign.

  In early 1996, Fang Caili and his fellow villagers came to Shantou and Shanwei in Guangdong to engage in seafood and aquatic products acquisition. I saw that many local fishermen were not interested in a large number of shellfish from the seaside, but the demand from restaurants was very high. He mobilized some old local fishermen to pick up sea shells, and he bought them at a low price and sold them to restaurants. In more than a year in Guangdong, he made nearly 30,000 yuan.

   Later, Fang Caili went to Hefei, Anhui Province successively to engage in tobacco and alcohol wholesale for three years, but his income has not been too high. In the first month of 2000, under the leadership of fellow villagers, Brother Fang Caili, who had never planted land, went to the southern suburbs of Taicang to buy 54 acres of land to grow watermelons and vegetables. Unexpectedly, when there was a flood of water that year, all the cost of 20,000 yuan spent was completely lost. In the second year, because of the soil quality, he still lost money and did not harvest. In two years, he lost more than 30,000 yuan.

   In early 2002, Fang Caili, who had nowhere to go, went back to his hometown to find a job for a joint defense team member, with a monthly salary of less than 1,000 yuan.

Fang Caili, who was unwilling to live in such a mess, again signed up for a chef training class with his amateur. Since 2004, Fang Caili has started contracting factories and schools for canteens. Later, because the competition was too fierce, Fang Caili lost his job again.

At the beginning of this year, with the support of his wife, Fang Caili came to Taicang again with more than 30,000 yuan. With the first failure of contracting land, Fang Caili calmed down a lot. After several investigations and understanding, he finally chose to Xixin Village contracted land for watermelon, cauliflower and cabbage. After half a year, the wind and the sun are blowing, people have lost a whole circle. But Fang Caili was gratified that this year's efforts finally paid off. Net income is expected to reach 50,000 yuan.

   Fang Caili said that his comrades who entered the power plant with him now earn more than 6000 yuan a month. Many people once asked him, in the past ten years, so much work has been changed, and the money has not earned much. With a good "iron rice bowl" not holding it, the resignation comes from seeking a career, don't you regret it?

   Fang Caili said that although working in the company has high wages and people are not tired, but every day to get off work and off work, there is no passion. It was also a decision made by myself to give up the "iron rice bowl." Over the past ten years, I have suffered a lot, but because I am a soldier, I can endure hardships. Since I have chosen, I do not regret it.



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