Fan Sen: Renovating old things

2020-06-03 08:47 | Readtime: 7min

       In Fanci Village, Tancheng, Shandong, the branches and branches previously cut from the tree have no other use than burning fire, but in recent years, these branch rights have not only been acquired, but the price has been higher year by year. How much a farmer earns a year depends on how much these branches can sell. 

  What kind of branches can determine the annual income of a peasant family?

   snapped up branches, how much to buy determines one year's income

  In the twelfth lunar month of 2006, every household in Fancheng Village, Tancheng County, Shandong Province, was busy buying poplar trees, but they did not want trunks, and all they bought were branches and branches.

Villager Huang Fulan's house was filled with these branches. "This one was just shaved, and the one on the south was sent yesterday and the day before yesterday. This was delivered again last night." According to her, as early as three or four years ago No one wants anything at all. All the wood was burnt, but now these branches are not afraid of buying too much, they are afraid of not buying them.

  According to the villagers, the amount of this branch bought determines one year's income, and as more and more people buy branches in the village, the price of this branch also rises with the water.

   "The price is high this year, rising to 0.17 yuan and 0.18 yuan every year, and even 0.17 yuan, this year it will be a catty." Huang Fulan said, because the whole village is in use. If the price is high, you have to buy it. If you don’t hurry, you won’t have to work hard.

   So, what exactly do villagers do to buy these poplar branches?

   It turned out that after the villagers cut the branches into sections, with their own feel, they unscrewed various small parts, and then assembled them. In Fanci Village, people call this kind of wood assembled toys wood spin toys. Wood spin toys are generally sold in the New Year or temple fairs. There are more than 100 varieties of traditional wood spin toys. The historical allusions have the meaning of protecting students from evil.

  However, in the early 1990s, plastic toys were popular in the market with novel styles and a variety of varieties, and the style of wooden toys has remained unchanged for many years. Just as the wood spiral toy disappeared from people's memories, one day in June 2002, the arrival of a person broke the peace of the village.

  A foreign trader needs to make 500 wooden Japanese dolls, each wooden doll processing fee is 6 yuan. This is absolutely fat for a villager who can earn up to 80 yuan in a toy in the past, but no one in the village dares to take over because no one has ever made Japanese dolls.

In the dark, the villager Fan Jimei wanted to eat this fat.

   Wooden gyro, also playing acoustic photoelectric

  Fan Jimei shut herself at home for a week. With more than 30 years of experience in making toys, Leng is making Japanese dolls look decent. Not only was the order completed successfully, but Lao Fan also had a second thought.

  He thought, since these things have a market abroad, can they be done at home?

  Fan Jimi made 3000 Japanese dolls in one breath and sold them to the market, but few people bought them. It turns out that Japanese dolls are auspicious items for the Japanese Girls' Day. They are usually fixed gray, but gray does not conform to the aesthetic habits of the Chinese.

  3OOO Japanese dolls became Fan Jimei's heart disease, which could not be sold and could not be eaten at home. Whatever I think, I feel inconsolable. He started running to the market every day, and after more than a month he finally came up with a good way to sell Japanese dolls.

"Chinese people like red. Later, I changed the color. I added Chinese knots to each one." Fan Jimei painted red Japanese dolls and added pendants. This style has a strong fashion taste. The ground is in line with the aesthetics of modern people, and it sells very well in tourist attractions. He innovated dozens of varieties based on this prototype, and each sold a high price of dozens of yuan.

"Consumer psychology likes new and good. Traditional things, without innovation, are always sold in the market, and they don't like it." Traditional products combine fashion elements and become easy to sell and taste. Sweet old fan set his sights on the development of traditional products.

  In Fancun Village, the production of wooden gyros is a traditional product that every household must make, and the annual production volume reaches one or two million. Fan Jimei had an unexpected discovery while visiting the market.

  He found a plastic gyro on the market, with a selling price ranging from 12 yuan to 15 yuan. He thought about the wooden tops he produced, and the wooden ones only sold from 0.1 yuan to 0.2 yuan. The difference between 2 yuan and l2 yuan is too great. But although the gyro is small, the market is large. If you can install a battery and a light bulb like a plastic gyro, it will have dozens of times the profit, which makes Lao Fan play a fashion of sound and light.

   "Little girl who can sing", "Nezha steamer", "Xuancai, we call it "Starry sky"". Villager Yu Chunliang introduced them one by one, pointing to the wooden tops that were contaminated with acousto-optic fashion.

  Now these gyros are exported to Zhejiang, Guangdong, Qingdao and other places. The villagers even took these gyros as pictures and put them on the Internet. Now many friends have placed orders with them through the Internet.

   During the interview, he encountered Fan Sen who was anxious to buy branches from home.

   "I'm in a hurry to use it. The one you sell to others will be sold to me first. I will use it first." Fan Sen begged. Fan Sen's family also makes toys, but unlike Fan Jimei's acousto-optic fashion, he took the product into a completely different direction because of one thing.

  Renovation of old things, the market is not small

In November 2OO4, Fan Sen was asked by a friend to go to the village and buy a stone mill for a villager who moved to Taiwan from Shandong. This Taiwanese is very nostalgic because Taiwan has never seen a stone mill and wanted to ship it to Taiwan. Let the outsiders know how the old one lived in the countryside, how to grind the rice and how to cook.

  How can I let the other party take away the stone mill, Fan Sen has been unable to think of a good way. Once his father came back from a business trip in Xi'an, the tourist souvenir terracotta warrior model gave him a good way. Fan Sen put forward a hypothesis, can this thing be scaled down as it is. So he went through the spinner and made it very simple. The Shimo model was brought back to Taiwan by the Taiwanese, but he had to buy the model one after another. Why is this? It turns out that many people were very interested in Shi Mo when they visited this Taiwanese house as guests, and asked him what it was, where it came from, and what he used for it. Through his introduction, They think it is very collectible. Taiwanese people bought models many times, and Fan Sen found that nostalgic products are still blank in the local market. People who have been out in Shandong for many years still miss the lifestyle of Yimeng Mountain, and their consumption level is also very high. As long as they like it, the price can be Sell high. As far as stone mills are concerned, there are dozens of renminbi for one yuan, and it is best to sell for 50 yuan. Now in Fanci Village, relying on innovative products, this industry that is about to disappear is booming again. More than 6,000 villagers and families have their own innovative products, and this year, their wood-spin toys are also in the market Especially optimistic. People in many tourist areas come to buy, including some large cities such as Beijing. Villager Li Maoming said happily: "This one is selling well now. Like this kind of toy, we can sell 500,000 to 600,000 a year."



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