Huang Senkun: "Post-80s" history of entrepreneurship

2020-06-03 08:48 | Readtime: 12min

    "Post-80s", they have known competition, efficiency, and the power of wealth from an early age. We were worried that they lacked responsibility, did not understand social fairness, could not bear the heavy responsibility of history, and even worried that they were the collapsed generation... But today, can the "post-80s" generation's performance in all walks of life give us more confidence? ? 

Huang Senkun: The "post-80s" entrepreneur was an unforgettable year for Huang Senkun in 2007-at the end of this year, Fujian Dongxun Network Technology Co., Ltd. under his leadership was rated as "by the China Small and Medium Enterprise Association under the National Development and Reform Commission "Most Investment Value Enterprise", at the same time, he was also named "China's Top Ten Growth Stars" by CCTV in 2007.

Standing on the podium, Huang Senkun only said one sentence: "Although our entrepreneurial team is young, our team is full of vitality, innovation and deep sense of responsibility and mission. We will definitely be able to develop the informationization of Chinese SMEs Make important contributions."

   Although Huang Senkun is from southern Fujian, he never lost his courage and passion to the Northeast man. Some people joked that he lacked the quirks of businessmen, and he always said seriously: "I am not a businessperson, I am an entrepreneur of the '80s!'"

  The seeds of entrepreneurship are planted on campus

   In September 1999, Huang Senkun was admitted to the College of Resources and Environment of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University from Zhangpu No. 1 Middle School in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, and began four years of university life.

  Maybe because of the poverty of his family, in addition to earnestly completing every homework, freshman Huang Senkun thought about how to use his spare time to work and earn money to reduce the burden on the family. At first, like many students, he tried to be a tutor, but he immediately discovered that this path was not his strength-he did not have much patience with children, and the tutor could not give full play to his communication and sales skills. Advantages of planning. So he began to turn his attention to other fields.

  The advent of the 21st century has made the whole world feel happy, and China has a new look. Chinese people in big cities have begun to pay attention to the quality of life, and tourism has become the best choice for ordinary people's holiday life. The university campus is no exception. College students with good family conditions also use weekends and holidays to travel.

  Huang Senkun first discovered this business opportunity with his keen market sense.

  Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University is located in the western suburbs of Fuzhou, close to the Minjiang River. The surrounding tourism resources are very rich. Huang Senkun spent several weekends, either by bike or by car, to investigate the scenic spots around the school, and finally found that the Damu Creek rafting project in Baisha Town, Minhou County, more than 20 kilometers away from the school, was very suitable for student tourism. Therefore, he took the initiative to introduce the development plan of the joint development of the Rongcheng student rafting market to Damuxi Rafting Company. Sure enough, in front of Huang Senkun's systematic, mature and innovative planning, the person in charge of the scenic spot agreed on the spot to The student market entrusted Huang Senkun to develop and manage it. As a result, various types of drifting packages suitable for different groups, such as "couple drifting", "adventure drifting", and "family drifting", began to appear on the major campuses in Fuzhou. The entire drifting market continued to flourish and quickly moved from campus to society. This makes Huang Senkun a well-known general agent of campus market development. After that, various campus market cooperation projects such as "mobile campus agent of mobile zone card", "mobile phone monopoly cooperation", "MP3 monopoly cooperation", "computer monopoly cooperation" came one after another, and Huang Senkun became a veritable campus market. Well-known developers and distributors, rejoicing in success, also made Huang Senkun earn the first 10,000, 20,000...

  Think one: The generation who said "post-80s" is too dependent on their parents. Huang Senkun's behavior just illustrates the awakening of this generation. And once they realize the importance of self-reliance, they will do better—because society creates the necessary conditions for them, plus their ideas, knowledge, and courage.

   Probably because Huang Senkun was able to develop and manage the campus market so well during his sophomore year, and did not delay his studies. Therefore, he won the respect and trust of his classmates. When he was in his junior year, Huang Senkun was elected as the president of the school student union and was elected as the vice president of the Student Union of Fujian Province. He became a veritable student leader and became more and more popular. This laid a better foundation for him to further develop and manage the campus market and to sponsor various activities for the school.

   Huang Senkun has done a lot of market development cases, but what makes him most proud is to introduce a new type of chess game to the campus by planning a cross-strait football chess league.

   This kind of chess is called football chess, which is more entertaining and intellectual, and can be connected with the most popular sport, football, and has great potential for development in the school market. But the promotion of new things is always difficult. How can we introduce it to campus more quickly?

  After fully analyzing the characteristics of chess and the characteristics of the campus student group, Huang Senkun found the best combination of the two, engaged in competitions, used the competition to expand its influence, and attracted students' curiosity about new things!

A very large-scale competition was slowly taking shape under the planning of Huang Senkun. Huang Senkun made full use of the influence of the platform of the Fujian Student Union, and sent an invitation to the presidents of the student unions of major technical schools to use his own communication Ability and organizational ability, he quickly won the support of most college student unions. On this basis, Huang Senkun also decided to select several representative colleges and universities in all cities of Fujian to establish chess clubs or chess clubs as the first stage platform for training contestants and promoting chess activities in the early stage. In this way, the scale of the event and the contestants of the event are all available, and only the "Dongfeng" is owed. Where is this "Dongfeng"? Huang Senkun thought of "cross-strait". So a very large cross-strait football chess game was held in Fuzhou!

  With the influence of this event and a large number of reports from related media, the game of football chess quickly entered various universities in Fujian province, and Huang Senkun won the title of inventor of football chess.

  Four years in university, Huang Senkun is studying hard while practicing how to do business. This kind of experience makes him cheerful, knows how to deal with people, and has accumulated a lot of experience that is very valuable for entrepreneurship in the future.

  Thinking two: I don’t know if this is a talent, but I believe that university business practice is like a high-quality seed of entrepreneurship, which has been deeply buried in Huang Senkun’s heart. When he leaves the campus and comes to the vast fertile soil of society, can this seed germinate and grow?

  An entrepreneurial team of three young people

   In July 2003, he graduated from Huang Senkun University. He gave up the opportunity to be a civil servant and stayed in school. He first came to work for a company that is very famous in the industry.

  Huang Senkun knew very well that he would not work in this company for a long time. He chose this company because he needed a buffer period for starting a business, so that he could find an entry point for starting a business. But what he didn't expect is that in this company he met Yang Wei and Yang Liu, his future business partners.

   Yang Wei and Yang Liu are both from Hubei, and also graduated from the same university. Yang Wei was born in 1980, one year older than Huang Senkun, and Yang Liu was born in 1979. Yang Wei is a double bachelor of Wuhan University of Technology, while Yang Liu is a master of Wuhan University of Technology.

   An accidental conversation made the three young people passionate. They talked about late at night until late in the morning. The common pursuit and belief made them decide to quit their current jobs and create a new world for them.

  In March 2004, Fujian Dongxun Network Technology Co., Ltd. was formally registered and established. The company's business focuses on wireless value-added, with modern information technology and communication technology applications as its development direction. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise that integrates technology development and operation. At the early stage of its entrepreneurship, it faced the rectification stage of the standardized operation of the entire industry.

"Everyone knows that if a company happens to meet the development of the industry in the early stages of its establishment, the enterprise can follow the trend. We are not. After the establishment of the company, it has encountered a major rectification of the telecommunications value-added industry. The competition between the companies has become fierce. Huang Senkun said, "It was really difficult at the time. All three of us had just graduated from college and had no family background. The company's funds were only 500,000 yuan borrowed from everywhere. If we can't make a profit as quickly as possible, the company can't sustain it for a year. But we Some are the beliefs of self-confidence, hard work, hard work, and unity." With the strength of the team, the company has continuously strengthened itself through innovation and learning, and quickly broke through the development dilemma of the industry. Faced with the continuous collapse or transformation of enterprises in the same industry, they still cling to their own plans and dreams, and never give up!

Perhaps God was touched by the entrepreneurial passion and perseverance of these three young people. Huang Senkun’s company achieved profit in half a year, and the turnover in the first year exceeded one million. The three young people finally earned the first life and death significance for them. Barrel of gold.

   People asked Huang Senkun, what is the key to success?

   He said that it is a good team.

   He and his two vice presidents Yang Wei and Yang Liu are really like-minded and trust each other. This kind of trust is not in the mouth, but in the heart and is reflected in the action. The complementarity of the three of them in character, expertise and knowledge structure is also an important factor in the competitiveness of this team.

   Huang Senkun likes to say: "It is not that there is no good project, but that there is no good team."

   This is an important leap as a "post-80s" entrepreneur-I really know the important role of team power in entrepreneurship and career development.

  Thinking three: The group of people who say "post-80s" is too self-centered, and their value system is built around "I", but Huang Senkun always said that his team, said three of them. I don’t know what is the reason why the three of them work together so closely? Why are there no conflicts of interest? But I know this is the magic weapon for Huang Senkun's achievements today!

  ☆☆☆ Postscript ☆☆☆

  In March 2007, I attended the third anniversary party of Eastcom.

At this party, Huang Senkun delivered a passionate speech to all the employees of the company. His passionate speech infects all the employees of Eastcom, and I am deeply moved-this is the unique passion of the "post-80s" entrepreneurs And Zhang Yang.

Huang Senkun said that he does not dare to talk about happiness yet, but he is indeed very happy, because in just 4 years, Eastcom has grown to have 5 holding subsidiaries and 10 million yuan of registered capital; obtained The national value-added business operation license issued by the Ministry of Information Industry; and successfully realized the access operation of mobile or telecommunications network-wide IVR, SMS, and CRBT, and carried out full cooperation with 20 provinces and 20 operators; the company The product line of the company has continuously developed from the simple business of SMS and IVR at the beginning to the current situation where CRBT, WAP, interactive media games, SMS, IVR and other multiple services co-develop together; the company's business model is from pure business content supply , The operation has developed to a development pattern in which professional content supply, operation, and business platforms and systems coexist. In 2007, the company successfully entered the mobile e-commerce industry, which is a hot and promising industry; at present, the company's annual turnover has exceeded 10 million, and has gradually become a more competitive enterprise in the field of telecommunications value-added and mobile e-commerce. one.

  This is the entrepreneurial story of a "post-80s" entrepreneur!

   It is understood that the heads of 25,365 companies in Fuzhou are born after 1978. They were born during the reform and opening up in China and have grown with the establishment of a market economy. Therefore, they have known competition and efficiency since childhood, and they understand the power of wealth even more. We were worried that they lacked responsibility, did not understand social fairness, could not bear the heavy responsibility of history, and even worried that they were a broken generation...

   But today, can the "post-80s" generation perform in all walks of life give us more confidence? Any generation has the brand of this era, but they will always become the most promising force for social development, especially in the economic field. Although I don’t know how many assets the "post-80s" entrepreneurs have in their hands, one thing is for sure, they are the main force of the knowledge economy. The main areas of their entrepreneurship are high-tech and modern service industries; their entrepreneurial cornerstone comes from knowledge and courage! They are the new force created by China and the hope of an innovative economy! Because of this, society should give them more understanding, tolerance, opportunity and trust, and believe that they can take on great missions and responsibilities!



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