Yuan Mei "surplus commodities" surprisingly won

2020-06-03 08:49 | Readtime: 6min

      Nurses "Careful" Meet Business Opportunities 

   Yuan Mei was originally a nurse in a military hospital. In 2005, a burn patient went to her hospital to see a doctor. Because of the large trauma area, skin graft surgery was necessary. The hospital introduced a special animal from a far away, and the skin of this animal was to be transplanted on the patient.

   "At that time, everyone was surprised that what kind of animal skin can be implanted on humans, and the price is very expensive, small wounds cost tens of thousands of yuan, and large ones cost hundreds of thousands."

  When Yuan Mei heard the news, he suddenly had the idea of breeding this animal himself after he retired. In 2006, Yuan Mei chose to choose his own career after he retired. She seized the opportunity to find an expert specializing in this research.

   In 2007, Yuan Mei made a special trip to Bama, Guangxi for inspection according to the expert's instructions. When she first saw this herbivorous pig, and learned that it is not difficult to farm pigs locally, she did not make any unnecessary considerations and decided to breed this "astronomically expensive pig."

  Uphill contracted "bandit den"

  Back to Chongqing, Yuan Mei took out all the subsidies for demobilization, contracted over 1,000 acres of overgrown barren hills in Tianci Mountain in Nanchuan District, introduced more than 200 purebred small sweet pigs, and started his own feeding road.

   At that time, every household in the village fed pigs, but Yuan Mei fed pigs differently. She not only blocked the road into the mountain, but also closed the entire mountain. Why is this? For a time, the villagers had all kinds of guesses about her.

While everyone was still talking, a media suddenly reported a news: Chongqing successfully developed artificial skin using incense pig skin for the treatment of burns, skin graft surgery, and was approved by the Price Bureau 50,000 yuan1 Sky-high price in square meters. Soon, this incident was swelled up on the Internet, and the villagers also speculated that it was this "heavenly price" sweet pig that was raised in Yuan Mei's forest.

  The naughty sweet pigs "run away collectively"

   In September 2007, Yuan Mei, as usual, carefully checked the pig house and returned to the dormitory to rest. Late at night, the barking suddenly broke the silence. Yuan Mei hurried to the piggery with the workers. The scene before him surprised all the people present.

   Usually the piglets are lively and playful, naughty by nature, which brings a lot of trouble to Yuan Mei. However, she could not have imagined that this was just the beginning, and then an unexpected strange thing happened in the pig house. These pure pig skins could cost 50,000 yuan and 1 square meter of sweet pigs.

  Does anyone know that the sweet pig skin is valuable, and touched the pig house late at night and quietly opened the door? Before it was too late to think about it, Yuan Mei hurried to search the mountains with the workers, but it was always difficult to find the trace. After a busy night, Yuan Mei returned disappointed.

   Early the next morning, when Yuan Mei was desperate, he found that the pigs he had farmed in the distance were lined up down the mountain and walked towards the piggery. "This mountain is particularly steep, and they know to come back in the shape of S. After they come back, the most gratifying thing is that they know they are back in the circle." Yuan Mei excitedly told reporters how smart her pig baby is.

   It didn't take long for more than 200 sweet pigs to return to the pig house from all directions. As soon as Yuan Mei counted, there were not a few, which made her overjoyed. But how did the piglet escape, and how did the door of the piggery open, has been an unsolved mystery in Yuan Mei's heart. In order to prevent the accident from happening again, Yuan Mei and the breeder hid in the dark for a few days in a row and finally saw the whole process of their collective runaway. This made Yuan Mei and the breeders have to admit that the genes of these pigs are indeed very close to people and extremely intelligent.

   suffered a heavy blow behind the "high price"

   In the spring of 2008, Yuan Mei experienced a year of ups and downs, and the pigs have been bred from generation to generation, with a stock of more than 3,000. Yuan Mei thought wholeheartedly that his fragrant pig skin could be sold for a good price, and his dream would become a reality. However, when she started selling, she realized that there was a trap hidden behind this huge business opportunity. Yuan Mei took the boss's energy to sell dozens of them without saying that the price was also far from his imagination.

   said on the Internet that such incense pig skins were made into artificial skin, which was priced at 50,000 yuan and 1 square meter, but this is not the case. Is there a secret hidden in this "huge price"? Yuan Mei hurried to the local price bureau to ask what happened. The price bureau gave Yuan Mei a clear answer: the price of incense pig skin was adjusted independently by the market, and there was no specific price for this project.

   This answer made Yuan Mei wake up in dreams. It turns out that 50,000 yuan and 1 square meter contained a lot of expenses that he did not expect. At first, I only saw the superficial phenomenon, and hurriedly started large-scale breeding without market research. Today, more than 3,000 pigs are eagerly waiting to be slaughtered. The dosage of the pharmaceutical market and their own production have obviously lost their balance. Blow.

   "surplus commodities" surprisingly win

   "The amount of medicine used is very small, which is equivalent to our oversupply and unbalanced in the market. If we want to find another way, we must push this sweet pig to the market and let the public consume it."

   Yuan Mei wondered, the local meat in Chongqing is still mainly pork, and the self-breeding pigs are all returned to nature and free-range in the dense forest, and they are still mainly herbivorous. As long as customers know, it is not difficult to push to the table. So she specially prepared the DV, filmed her breeding environment, and played it for the restaurant manager when she went down to the hotel to sell it. It really played a multiplier role.

  After Yuan Mei's unremitting efforts and promotion, she sold out the surplus sweet pigs, and she therefore found a best sales method. Many restaurants have also developed a variety of delicacies suitable for the use of incense pigs as raw materials.

   In the following year, she joined hands with different industries to promote sales, expand the popularity of Xiangzhu, and successfully opened the Chongqing market.



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