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2020-06-03 08:50 | Readtime: 8min

  It took him a year to raise the sales of Huaqiangbei Online, a nameless B2C mall, from 0 to 1 billion yuan. Weibo marketing is a magic weapon for him to play this miracle. But to continue to grow, is this replicable? 

  Gong Wenxiang, vice president of Huaqiangbei Online, is a complete "microblog control".

   This control is not the other. Not only is there more originality and frequent comments, but also because he makes full use of this social weapon, while making himself an individual as an Internet "poisonous tongue" celebrity, he also effectively realizes his function as a professional manager to promote the sales of his company .

Gong Wenxiang still remembers a Weibo he posted today: "Regardless of any problems, please come to me to solve it." It seems inexplicable, but it is the first stroke he made with Weibo marketing after he came to Huaqiangbei Online. The key to big orders.

   At that time, because he often took the lead in publishing some exclusive information on the Internet, especially in the e-commerce industry, and could also give many unique analysis of the industry, he was already an industry expert on Weibo. So, he thought, since Weibo can come to market himself, can he then use the personal reputation on Weibo as a public guarantee to promote direct sales of this unknown B2C mall?

   effect is indeed obvious, this Weibo package has been recognized by many fans. Soon, the company won a large order, a peer took advantage of its price advantage, and ordered 100 iPhone4s at a time for activities.

So, while understanding how valuable his Weibo identity is, he began to explore how to use low prices and promotions to "play games" with fans, and created a "naked and rough" sale on Weibo. The precedent, he said: "Weibo will become one of the top ten sales channels in the future."

  According to his statement, he used only one year to raise the company's sales from 0 to 1 billion yuan and used Weibo to play online hypermarkets. It's just that, to continue, sales have to reach a new order of magnitude. Is this "rough marketing" model reproducible?

   early adopters

  Gong Wenxiang is a person who likes to be early adopters. He has extensive experience in e-commerce, and he has chosen to join Huaqiangbei Online, which has long been considered. In the end, he felt that this B2B2C model had never been touched, so he chose this kind of Tmall platform.

   also understands that the mode of exchanging sales at a low price and using money to drive traffic has enabled e-commerce companies to enter the mud of loss and draw a strange circle that does not follow business logic. "Many e-commerce entrepreneurs lose money and supply chain. If these two problems are not solved, e-commerce entrepreneurship will basically not succeed." But he believes that Huaqiang North is a global electronic trading center and logistics center, and Behind the website is the support of Chaoshan Consortium. "As long as it is supported by the supply chain and funds, it can create a price advantage." He told reporters.

   So, the most common weapon of price war became his first weapon, he declared that all products should be 20% lower than similar websites. The low-cost double-edged sword quickly showed its power, and sales did not grow beyond expectations, but it caused a lot of questions. "Is it selling cottage goods and refurbished products?" Even a familiar friend asked Gong Wenxiang. Is your store reliable? As the head of the marketing department, he felt a little embarrassed.

   Going the conventional way is not the practice of this business geek who doesn't play cards according to common sense. Otherwise, he will not become an industry celebrity Weibo.

You should know that although the @Vrbrand Gong Wenxiang account has less than 100,000 followers, the content it publishes will be widely reposted in the e-commerce circle, causing a sensation. Write: E-commerce personal media. The first person on the e-commerce Weibo. Insist on Weibo dry goods/original/first-hand information, and operate e-commerce Weibo with the idea of e-commerce.

  Whether it was intentional or unintentional, he encountered embarrassment and decided to operate the e-commerce with the idea of operating Weibo. As a result, the scene at the beginning of this article became his first test of water, and he has never been able to manage it.


   Gong Wenxiang's triumphant "rough marketing" on Weibo is a case of iPhone4S going public.

  A few days after the iPhone4S was released in the United States, Huaqiang North Online immediately introduced several units through various channels. Gong Wenxiang posted a message with pictures and texts-he stood under the company logo and held the iPhone4S, and wrote: "To the fans who have the most reposts." In just two days, this Weibo was reposted 140,000 times, and Bringing tens of thousands of UVs to Huaqiangbei Online, the cost is only one iPhone4S.

   Now, he has organized a professional Weibo marketing team in the company. And set a concept, "Weibo is not used to market brands or popularity, but to "sell goods" and return to the most essential behavior of e-commerce." He summarized the promotion and price reduction information to fans every day, and soon Huaqiangbei Online's official Weibo fans have climbed from a few thousand to 100,000.

  100,000 fans is a critical point. Gong Wenxiang feels that if this number is exceeded, Weibo can start "playing games" with fans-the core is to sweeten fans. "We took a few thousand dollars to make the game playable all the time, and let users get pleasure in the process of forwarding, and also felt that it was cheap." He shared his secret.

   The first "game" protagonist is still iPhone4S. At the end of last year, Huaqiangbei Online promoted iPhone4s, and the market price was generally around 4,800 yuan. Gong Wenxiang posted a promotional message on Weibo. As long as the netizen transferred once, the price was reduced by 50 cents to the cost price of 4000 yuan.

  This activity proves the power of Weibo in marketing. In less than 24 hours, this Weibo was transferred more than 10,000 times. The mall received more than 6,000 registered users, 150 valid orders, sales of nearly one million yuan, and the average cost per order was only 46 yuan. Later, Tencent Weibo followed this model and launched a "forward price" application.

The data shows that the average cost of e-commerce companies to obtain orders online is 180 yuan. Gong Wenxiang told reporters that the average cost of obtaining a user by advertising on the portal is 100 yuan, 78 yuan through Baidu, and 18 yuan for EDM (bulk mail). .

Recently, Gong Wenxiang made a "forwarding lottery", which sent a SLR camera of about 4,000 yuan, received nearly 10,000 UVs, and 350 registered users. These users submitted a total of 440 orders, of which 200 were paid. Orders, each order acquisition cost is only 20 yuan, he calculated an account, the company has invested only 500,000 to 600,000 yuan in Weibo marketing this year, but orders from Weibo conversion have accounted for 20% of sales For every dollar invested, an average of 50 yuan can be generated.

   However, Gong Wenxiang said that his experience cannot be generalized. The market price of standardized products such as 3C digital is quite transparent, so Weibo marketing can be simple, direct, or even rude, as long as enough discounts are given, it can be converted into orders. However, for products with lower standardization such as clothing and luggage, Weibo marketing needs to consider more how to build a brand. So a comprehensive shopping mall, Weibo marketing may be different.

   Now, after being used many times in the form of forwarding price reductions and forwarding awards, it has become a bit tedious, and consumers have begun to experience aesthetic fatigue. At the same time, the growth of fans is slowing down as Weibo enters a flat period. Gong Wenxiang admits that Weibo marketing is a profit-driven game, and it is necessary to constantly tap more fresh gameplay to stimulate consumers' desire to participate.

  Gong Wenxiang also knows that the success of Weibo marketing is inseparable from the price advantage, product nature, and rapid response of Huaqiangbei Online, especially the price. But he admitted that there are many problems in the supply channel of Huaqiangbei Online to be solved. The channel determines the price is low, but this advantage cannot be maintained for a long time.

  In his eyes, after accumulating a certain number of users, reaching a certain scale of sales, and gaining popularity in the next one or two years, Huaqiangbei Online should adjust its route. (Editor/Undergraduate Zhang)

   Born in the 1970s, graduated from the Department of Business Administration of Wuhan University

   is known as Mr. Brand in China. He first joined the Chinese Internet boom with a rich background in the health care industry.

  In 2001, Gong Wenxiang began his Internet career, experiencing the whole process from the first prosperity of the Chinese Internet to the bubble.

   Subsequently, Gong Wenxiang successively served as the master planner of two Hong Kong consortium capital investment talent websites, witnessing the second ups and downs of the domestic Internet web2.0 boom.

  In early 2007, Gong Wenxiang served as senior director of China marketing for MeziMedia, a well-known American e-commerce company.

  At the end of 2007, Gong Wenxiang joined Zuxiu and served as vice president, and was fully responsible for the company's brand and marketing.



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