"House of Martial Arts": "Simulation doll doll" magic animat

2020-06-03 08:55 | Readtime: 2min

       A kind of simulation doll made according to the child's own appearance, "Simulation Doll" was launched in Guangzhou in 2005 and immediately became popular. Many big city businessmen are also fancy with this business opportunity. The simulation doll is different from the Barbie doll, it is more personalized, because it is made by imitating the "little master". Its main consumer objects are children 1-14 years old, and the product is mainly divided into two specifications: one is half-year-old to The "baby baby treasure" at the age of 2 years old has a size of 20 inches; the second kind is the "baby baby treasure" at the age of 3-12 years old with a size of 23 inches and retail prices of 1280 yuan and 1380 yuan respectively. 

   Investment tips

   "Simulation doll doll" production is not complicated. First, the face and body features of the "little customer" are photographed with a digital camera, and then the manufacturing scheme and the combination scheme of accessories such as clothing, accessories, and daily necessities are designed according to customer requirements, and then the customer is "adopted" back. "Simulation dolls" are specially tailored and can only be sold once. But the "simulation doll", like his little master, will produce a series of consumption, such as various popular clothing, supplies, small furniture, vehicles and so on. Each "simulated doll" generally has more than 10 years of playtime. Therefore, in order to obtain a continuous return of consumption, professional and high-quality services with family-friendly colors are essential. For example, regular telephone return visits; timely provide some game programs; implement preferential policies for repeat customers, such as buying children's clothing to send accessories, VIP VIP card, etc.

   Shop location

   "Marble" high-end positioning, decided to be launched as an image franchise store, so store location selection is very important. For example, the “House of Martial Arts” in Guangzhou chose to be at the junction of the old and new urban areas of Xiaobei Road, Yuexiu District, adjacent to Yuexiu Park and the Children’s Activity Center. It is more affluent local residents. Soon after its opening, it attracted a large number of target consumer groups, proving that site selection has a huge impact on the speed of information dissemination.



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