Xu Weiping: Who is Heguang? A Reed

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      In Beijing, and even in China, when it comes to the headquarters economy, people will naturally talk about the headquarters base, and almost everyone who knows the headquarters base knows Xu Weiping. This is not an overstatement. Over the past two years, 300 headquarters buildings have stood in the south of Beijing, becoming a scenery in Beijing. Xu Weiping outlined the blueprint of the headquarters base and also realized Beijing's dream of building a headquarters economy. 

  Headquarters gentleman Xu Weiping

  Xu Weiping, why are there so many people? Before the headquarters base project, perhaps not many people knew who he was? But it was this British Chinese from Zhejiang, who was in his early forties, was 1.5 meters tall, and was not astonishing. He was unknown, and made the big names in China's economic and real estate circles stunned and even stunned. On June 19, 2003, on the day of the grand start of the headquarters base, "big hand", "courage", "master of trading"... Various praises of Xu followed one after another.

Xu Weiping, CEO of Daofeng International Group in the UK, chairman and general manager of Zhongguancun Fengtaiyuan Daofeng Technology Business Park Construction and Development Co., Ltd., "is a very creative person, a person who is good at making use of strength, a "Combination of businessmen and scholars", economic spokesperson of China headquarters.

  Xu Weiping also has the temperament of an English gentleman. Whether this is related to his study abroad in the UK and his professional experience, I am afraid he can't tell for himself. Regardless of his speech, or his frequent contact with the attending dignitaries, between the words and deeds, the expression, the British gentleman's color is revealed. And he has a clear oriental face and potential, which in turn makes him a star of the group, so he can do Daofeng's business in the Asia Pacific as the president of the Asia-Pacific region, and therefore only have Daofeng in China's electronics, communications and network. The field of system integration frequently appears.

  According to people familiar with Xu Weiping, Xu Weiping was a prominent figure in the Zhongguancun area in the early and mid-1990s. The tax revenue of the company he founded, Zhongnan Group, ranked in the top 20 of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. Xu Zeng worked as a journalist and scholar (work in the policy research room), and then "going to the sea" in Zhongguancun from 1989 to 1996, and made his ability and knowledge sink in the "sea".

  Xu Weiping was born in Haining, Zhejiang, and he was born in the same town as Jin Yong. Perhaps the local literati tradition gave Xu Weiping more nourishment. In 1996, Xu Weiping went to England to study and practice. His years of experience in a foreign country have made him different. A few years later, when his headquarters in the Fengtai Garden in Zhongguancun appeared as the president of Daofeng Group in the Asia-Pacific region, the headquarters economy and the headquarters base quickly became the darling of the media, and the headquarters economy surged in China.

   talked about why he was away from Zhongguancun when his career was flourishing. Xu Weiping said that only two to three million yuan is needed to maintain a personal life. At that time, his idea was to understand the real enterprise and management, and to understand how professional managers work-at that time, he considered himself a non-professional manager. Perhaps, the deeper motivation comes from the joint efforts of journalists, scholars and entrepreneurs. So, he crossed the sea from "Haidian" to Britain to find his future; then, his hometown and homeland became deep memories in the space; then, a new Xu Weiping began to emerge. Regardless of speech and manners, regardless of habits and thinking, Xu Weiping has made his friends in Zhongguancun feel strongly that he is no longer "Wuxia Amon", and now, "Amon" has entered the stage of stardom.

   For people's surprise, Xu Weiping was already accustomed to it, and seemed extremely calm. Perhaps, just after this calm, there are his "mountain high and water deep" days.


  Build a miracle headquarters base

   "Who is Heguang? A reed sails." As long as confidence and wisdom are in life, there will not be a lack of cross-sea boat life. Xu Weiping said that since 1999, he has worked hard for the implementation of the headquarters base. The headquarters base project has undergone four years of incubation and operation planning. Four years is a long period of discussion, discussion and refinement. From the concept, planning, planning and positioning of the headquarters base, we have gone through a long day and night.

   As far as Beijing is concerned, CBD, Yizhuang, and Financial Street are all forms of headquarters economy, but it is the headquarters base that truly consciously reorganizes the headquarters from scratch. Whether it is positioning, function, property form, or service facilities, cultural cultivation, it is tailor-made for corporate headquarters.

   The headquarters base is a big platform for Xu Weiping to realize his dreams in life. This is his own world and kingdom. He hopes to realize his ideals at some time through his own management and hard work. Today, 300 headquarters buildings have been completed, of which 200 have been put into use, and more than 130 companies have signed on to settle in. Every day, several groups of visiting delegations, inspection delegations, and ambassadors from all over the country and around the world visit the headquarters and base, because there is a mysterious attraction here. These people are not strangers, they are looking for a model to connect with their own careers. As far as Beijing is concerned, Secretary Liu Qi is here, and Mayor Wang Qishan is here; as far as academia is concerned, "the father of the euro" Mundell is here; as far as business is concerned, many of the world’s top 500 leaders are here. .

   With the arrival of these people, the model of the headquarters economy and headquarters base spread to the whole world. The headquarters economy has become the preferred model of China's regional economy and the main form of urban competitiveness. In early 2004, the headquarters economy became a prairie trend in China, changing from economic discourse to political discourse. Many local governments issued policies to vigorously develop the headquarters economy. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other cities launched a "combat war" for the headquarters' economic resources. The imagination of the entire Chinese economy and politics was inspired by the headquarters base and the headquarters economy. In the era of knowledge economy with endless concepts, the headquarters base and headquarters economy staged a legend of success.

   The headquarters and bases unfolded flatly, like a poem with rhymes.

  Creating headquarters immigration culture

  Xu Weiping has "ambitions". In 2005, when Xu Weiping proposed to create a new type of culture, the headquarters culture, many people who had in-depth contact with Xu Weiping strengthened their evaluation of Xu Weiping's "ambitions".

   In Xu Weiping's view, a region should have its own cultural support, and only in this way will she have more details, more attractive and durable for long-term development. Fengtai currently does not, so as one of the builders of Fengtai, Xu felt that he should do something or leave something for Fengtai. If we want to understand it from a higher level, we may consider it as Xu Weiping's sense of responsibility and mission.

   Of course, we can also understand from the most practical point of view of sales that "headquarters cultural construction is urgent for the headquarters base." Because the construction of the headquarters culture is not only conducive to the image promotion of the headquarters base, but also can drive the sales of the headquarters building.

   In Xu Weiping's headquarters cultural conception, it should be a kind of immigration culture similar to the United States or Singapore" or "Bolai culture".

  Xu Weiping’s basis is that the United States is a country built by pioneers and an immigrant society, and its culture is foreign culture or immigrant culture. This realistic choice constitutes American pragmatism, and American culture absorbs the cultural essence of each country, plus the reality, passion and dreams of immigrant pioneers, forming American culture and American spirit. The cultural formation model of the headquarters base is similar to that of the United States. Every settled company, including the headquarters and base, has a passion and a dream; it is economical and has a realistic atmosphere. At the same time, each enterprise is an "immigrant", bringing its own corporate culture, and everyone is growing in the headquarters On the platform, mutual exchanges and collisions will definitely produce an "American-style dynamic culture." In this way, the headquarters base will have a soul.

  Xu Weiping believes that the formation of culture is a very mysterious process, the key is communication, cooperation and exchange. After the corporate innovation culture in the headquarter base is formed, the social culture, business culture, financial culture, etc. radiated by the headquarter base will be added, and a chemical reaction will occur in the course of time, and a culture created by China will be formed. Explore to provide a model.

Xu Weiping said that 2005 will be a headquarters cultural year. Before the specific form of the headquarters culture can be given, the cultural construction of the headquarters base will follow the principle of "three highs", as long as it represents noble, high-end, high-level culture and advanced Culture, headquarters and bases will be actively introduced for my use. The headquarters base has its own cultural advantages. From the perspective of historical and cultural accumulation, although the headquarters base is not as good as the CBD and the West District of Zhongguancun, it is a blank piece of paper. It is the "United States" more than 200 years ago. The solution, the fastest speed to achieve the goal. Shenzhen and Pudong are all such areas. With the advantage of being late, the headquarters and base will also become dazzling stars in one fell swoop.



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