Wang Wenlong: Jellyfish can also get rich

2020-06-03 08:56 | Readtime: 12min

       Watch jellyfish and fill gaps in the market 

   Wang Wenlong graduated from Shanghai Ocean University, majoring in "Animal Nutrition and Feed".

   In 2006, Wang Wenlong was still studying for a while, and the school issued a notice that students can apply for entrepreneurship funds. Wang Wenlong, who has entrepreneurial ideas, didn't want to miss the opportunity and started to do a search project. He surveyed for a month or two and selected four or five items, hesitating which one to choose. One day in March 2006, Wang Wenlong ran to the Pudong Aquarium to see that the small display tank was like a fairyland, and the crystal clear jellyfish danced gracefully and gracefully in the tank against the lights. He thinks that the aquarium market is very prosperous nowadays. People have tropical fishes, corals, turtles, but no jellyfish. Why?

  After returning to the school, Wang Wenlong asked the instructor Professor Leng Xiangjun to learn that in the United States and Japan, it has become fashionable to keep jellyfish as pets. However, in China, artificial breeding of jellyfish has just started, and only Nanjing Aquarium has mastered the technology of sea and moon jellyfish reproduction. Many jellyfish displayed in the aquarium are imported at high prices or captured in the wild, so it is difficult to find traces in the aquarium market.

  Wang Wenlong intends to try artificial breeding of jellyfish, so that this animal that has lived in the sea for hundreds of millions of years can also live in the city.

   happened to have a friend working in the aquarium. Wang Wenlong inquired from his friends and learned that the jellyfish breeding is very difficult and can only be raised in the aquarium. Individuals or enterprises do not have the technical conditions. The blank is the business opportunity. Wang Wenlong felt keenly that he might be suitable for this innovation.

  However, many people advised him to think twice. At that time, no professor in China had done this research. Some teachers felt that Wang Wenlong's project was too difficult. In addition, the breeding of jellyfish is a new thing, and it will be difficult to promote. Despite this, Wang Wenlong was determined to try, "It is certainly difficult to set a precedent, but the opportunity is unprecedented." After spending three months, he wrote a detailed plan, obtained a 100,000 yuan venture fund, raised another 100,000 yuan, and registered his own company: Shanghai Jinghai Industrial Co., Ltd. in the form of corporatization To run the project and at the same time combine the project with the graduation thesis. "These two do not delay. My research direction is animal nutrition and feed. The title of the thesis is "Research on feeding and feed of ornamental jellyfish."

   baby jellyfish,

    for Yi Yi dispels the hag

  After starting jellyfish breeding, various problems came one after another.

There are many kinds of jellyfish, and there are eight common ones in my country. They have strict requirements on the living environment. Which kind of jellyfish is selected for breeding is the first difficulty. Wang Wenlong first tried to breed peach jellyfish. In June 2006, he went to Suzhou Baimajian to take a sample and brought the jellyfish live to the laboratory for research. It was found that although it is a freshwater species, the difficulty of breeding is not low. This jellyfish has very strict requirements on the quality of freshwater, and it died after about 2 months of breeding.

  Wang Wenlong also searched the information and found that the breeding of jellyfish in Haiyue is relatively difficult, and there are precedents for successful artificial breeding abroad. This kind of jellyfish often floats on the surface in summer and autumn. It is very beautiful like Haoyue falling into the sea. In the aquarium breeding at home, the diameter of the umbrella body can also reach about 20 cm; there are many slender tentacles around the umbrella body. When swimming in the water, the long hair like a girl flutters with the wind, the posture is quite elegant; and this jellyfish has no The color is transparent, it can change various colors under different lights, and it looks beautiful.

   In the summer vacation of 2006, Wang Wenlong hired a fishing boat in the waters of Qingdao under the scorching sun and sailed out to sea. After spending a full two days, he finally caught 30 jellyfish, and then took a bus overnight to Shanghai. After returning to school, Wang Wenlong went into the laboratory and began to figure out how to reproduce the jellyfish artificially.

   Really found out how difficult it is. The domestic research in this area is basically blank, and 80% of the literature must refer to foreign countries. However, some foreign materials are also classified as confidential. If they are not available to the outside world, they can often find simple breeding knowledge and common sense knowledge. It seems that everything has to go back to the laboratory and start from scratch.

  Wang Wenlong made careful preparations in the early stage. In addition to configuring artificial seawater in proportion, he also adjusted various standards such as seawater temperature, trace element types, and pH to the most suitable state for jellyfish survival. However, after all, these jellyfish are wild, domestication is difficult, and the survival rate is still low. Of the more than 30 jellyfish, only 5 survive.

Because the growth and change process of Haiyue jellyfish is more complicated, from larvae to semi-adult, and then to adulthood, it will undergo many changes, and the environmental conditions required in each change period are different, especially from the water quencher to the butterfly larvae. If you can't master the scale well, you will give up your efforts. To this end, Wang Wenlong spent more than half a year and conducted six or seven experiments in a row, but he has not explored suitable conditions, and he did not discourage. It was already the Spring Festival in 2007, and because he didn't want to interrupt the experiment, he gave up going home and reuniting with his family.

   On the day of the New Year's Day in 2007, Wang Wenlong found that there were some particles in the breeding tank that were not easily visible to the naked eye. He excitedly and carefully transferred those few dusty objects into the beaker. Looking through the microscope, he found dozens of brown butterfly-like larvae swimming happily.

  Wang Wenlong's career has taken a solid first step. Under his careful breeding, less than two weeks later, the small jellyfish has grown to about 2 cm. These newborn little guys are all energetic, swimming under the umbrella. Since then, Wang Wenlong's breeding technology has continued to mature, and the number of small jellyfish has grown from 11 to thousands.

   Artificial breeding jellyfish finally succeeded! The next challenge is not easy. Because there was no ready-made ornamental jellyfish tank in China at that time, Wang Wenlong had to develop it himself. At the beginning, the cylinder was made very simple, and the water flow of the pump was too large and too strong. He often sucked the jellyfish away and caused casualties. He tried to create a very gentle water flow. Protection to simulate an environment where the ocean is vast and jellyfish will not encounter any obstacles.

   There are still many things to be studied, including various types of tanks, the load of the water filtration system in each tank, how many jellyfish can be kept, and how many filter materials can be put into a healthy state. In the breeding process, he also accumulated a lot of interesting experience: for example, jellyfish can not be mixed with other species of aquarium, even between jellyfish, because they will attack each other, even predation; the most in the tank It’s better not to put any decorations, because the general decorations have sharp corners or protrusions, the jellyfish will hit with the current, its body is too soft, and it will hurt; the pebbles can not be placed, and the gap between the stones is easy It causes feed deposits and deteriorates water quality; aquatic weeds cannot be maintained because of different lighting requirements.

  From the hotel bar,

   "Travel" into ordinary people's homes

  Haiyue jellyfish is an emerging aquarium pet, how to introduce it into the market, to attract people to "pre-family" purchase? Wang Wenlong decided to break through from the high-end crowd first. He first chose to build some model aquariums in some high-end hotels or entertainment venues to attract target consumers.

   In May 2008, a bar on Weihai Road in Shanghai was opened. He came here to invite him to design a super-large aquarium embedded in the wall for the bar and ordered more than 200 sea moon jellyfish. After receiving the first big order, Wang Wenlong was very excited. In order to ensure a good start, Wang Wenlong suggested that the bar specially order a special jellyfish breeding tank with more than 100,000 yuan. According to the survival density and current speed of Haiyue jellyfish, Wang Wenlong stocked 258 Haiyue jellyfish in this 3m wide and 1.5m high aquarium. Every morning, Wang Wenlong came here to check the water quality and feed jellyfish. The bar was closed. Wang Wenlong would stay and repeat the morning work, and carefully observe the vitality of jellyfish in the new environment. The jellyfish spent the first week smoothly. However, within a few days, an unexpected situation almost caused Wang Wenlong to give up. Early that day, Wang Wenlong came to the bar and was stunned by the situation in front of him. A dozen jellyfish floated motionless on the water. For this batch of jellyfish, the bar has invested more than 100,000 yuan, and has already received preliminary approval from customers. If the jellyfish continue to die, it will not only be a huge loss, but also affect the business in the store. The manager asked Wang Wenlong to find out the cause of the jellyfish death within two days. After analysis, the jellyfish itself had no problems. He waited for a careful observation in front of the jellyfish tank and finally figured out that the water quality was caused by pollution. At that time, the roof of the bar was being renovated, and the workers climbed to the roof to work. Due to vibration and careless operation, some paint dropped into the jellyfish tank. The colorless paint melted into the water and polluted the water in the tank. In response to this, Wang Wenlong made some improvements on the cylinder to prevent foreign objects from entering the water. Since then, the jellyfish has never died.

   Soon after, the bar was officially opened, and the dazzling jellyfish wall became a unique landscape, which was very attractive to the guests, and the bar owner was very satisfied with it.

With this successful engineering case, jellyfish has been sought after by merchants for its "first-second eye effect and long stop-and-watch time" characteristics, and some high-end customers such as five-star hotels and high-end Western restaurants actively come to the door. Wang Wenlong's popularity in raising jellyfish has gradually increased. In 2010, sales reached 10 million.

"I have been devoted to R&D before, the investment is large, and the scale has not been up. At most, it is micro profit or flat. This year, sales are expected to increase significantly." Network promotion is also in progress, including Alibaba, Taobao and Shui. Professional website. Today, Wang Wenlong's focus has shifted from the laboratory to enterprise management and market development, staying in the laboratory for about 2 hours a day.

"Foreign colleague do jellyfish breeding, are mainly engineering, launching a variety of tanks like ours, it is still relatively small." Especially for the broader family market, Wang Wenlong feels that the factors that need comprehensive consideration are still a lot of. He specially produced some brochures for customers. The booklet first emphasizes the non-toxicity of Haiyue jellyfish and guarantees its safety. Secondly, some key steps and difficulties in aquaculture are explained clearly in the form of question and answer. For example, some farmers think that jellyfish can be harvested and changed for water like tropical fish. Wang Wenlong specially emphasized that jellyfish can't touch the air, just looking for A hose absorbs most of the water, and the fresh artificial seawater is replenished using the siphon principle; Haiyue jellyfish has very high water temperature requirements, and it is not supercooled or superheated; the reproduction is also very harsh on pH According to the requirements, they "follow the waves", and the water flow can't be fast or slow; if you find that the jellyfish is lying on the bottom of the water, don't think that it is dead, as long as you gently shake the container, it can swim lightly again. The last part is about simple and easy steps in feeding.

At the beginning of this year, a university professor purchased several Haiyue jellyfish from Wang Wenlong. He has been breeding tropical fish for many years, but he changed a new species just to taste something fresh. Who knows, breeding Haiyue jellyfish has given him an unexpected surprise. The symptoms of insomnia had improved to a great extent, so he told Wang Wenlong the news. Wang Wenlong also found a new selling point of Haiyue jellyfish while he was delighted. Now that SPA is popular, Wang Wenlong has positioned Haiyue jellyfish's health function as a soul spa, attracting a large number of customers.

  Jellyfish, as a new pet breed, is unprecedented. Wang Wenlong hopes that with the efforts of the team, this wonderful ornamental aquatic pet will be brought into people's lives, soothe people's emotions, and relieve people's mental pressure. Change a species, change a visual angle, massage the soul, and add a good mood to life.



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