Qi Qi, "Godfather of Entrepreneurship": the "Global First Ma

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      Ji Qi, 44, has been known as the "godfather of entrepreneurship" for a long time. Within 10 years, he founded 3 companies and achieved the successful listing of 3 companies. He is the "first person in the world" in the eyes of investors, and the partners summarize his generosity "without suspense." 

  The day when Hanting's market value exceeded 1 billion US dollars, it was April 2 and it was only a week before its listing. In his sleep, Ji Qi received a call from a friend: "Hey, the market value has exceeded 1 billion (USD)!" While he was annoyed by being awakened, he woke up. In his view, this was a matter of time, but it came faster.

   Two days later in Beijing, Ji Qi, who was surrounded by the media, seemed a little embarrassed by the term "godfather of entrepreneurship". That's right, this is the third time. For the past 10 years, Ctrip, Rujia, and Hanting, which he participated in or operated independently, have all taken Nasdaq as the other bank. Ctrip, which went public in 2003, has seen its market value nearly double by 20 times today; Home Inn, which went public in 2006, has tripled in value; it has made three billion dollar companies in a row, and investors say "the world's first person" .

  However, many "firsts" in this world are just a floating word, and its true value lies only in the unforgettable memory of the parties concerned.

Appropriate humility is necessary, not to mention the status of "Godfather", it seems that it is not far from retirement; and Qi Qi, 44, who is just starting a business adolescence, which reporter wants to tell him about retirement, it means that he has not been interviewed. .

   "There is no suspense." Zhou Shuhua, a partner of Northern Light Venture Capital, summed up Ji Qi's current handwriting in four words.


In the spring of 1999, three Shanghai Jiaotong University alumni sat down at the Lujia Restaurant in Xujiahui. They were: Liang Jianzhang, Advisory Director of Oracle China, Ji Qi, CEO of Shanghai Hi-Tech Company, and President of Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific (Director and China Capital Market Supervisor) Shen Nanpeng. They are waiting for another alumnus, Fan Min, general manager of Shanghai Travel Agency and deputy general manager of Xinya Hotel Management Company.

   These are four well-qualified engineering men born with entrepreneurial DNA. They all showed unusual potential in their respective fields.

   Liang Jianzhang, born in Shanghai in 1969, was nicknamed "Big Head Prodigy" in his youth. His IQ does not need to be tested, and he has his own proof: at the age of 13, he was exposed to a computer. Six months later, he developed a program that can assist in writing metrical poems and won the gold medal in the first national middle school computer programming competition.

  In a 1984 Shanghai TV station interview with Liang Jianzhang, Liang demonstrated this powerful poem writing program. On the DOS system screen, as long as the poem title, rhythm, the first word of each sentence and rhythm are entered, the ancient poetry appears. The linguistic foundation behind this is: "Three Hundred Tang Poems", "New Annotations on Poems of Thousand Poems", "One Hundred Methods of Learning Poems", "Dictionary of Appreciation of Tang Poems", "Chinese Poetry Rhyme", etc.

  15-year-old Liang Jianzhang, who did not graduate from junior high school, went straight to the undergraduate computer class of Fudan University. A year later, he was admitted to Georgia Tech University.

  Shen Nanpeng was born in Haining, Zhejiang Province in 1967. He grew up in mathematics almost as a teenager, and he won the first prize in the national middle school math competition. Shen Nanpeng won the programming award that Liang Jianzhang won in the same year.

  After graduating from the Department of Applied Mathematics of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1989, he passed the Columbia University Mathematics Department, and one year later, he transferred to Yale University MBA. By 1999, he had been walking on Wall Street for many years, from Citibank to Lehman Brothers, and was then a director of Deutsche Morgan Jianfu.

   Fan Min, born in 1965. He has lived on the campus of Jiaotong University for 7 years, and he joined Shanghai Xinya Group after reading. He set a new starting point for himself: get down from the office assistant's seat and work as a trainee manager at the Hailun Hotel; afterwards he rose steadily. By 1999, he had 10 years of experience in the tourism system. He was among the general managers of state-owned enterprises, with units assigned to the rooms and dedicated drivers.

The protagonist of this article, Ji Qi, born in 1966, has completed his first venture in the IT industry at this time.With the first-hand integrated wiring, system integration, and software development hard technology, he has found the first life in the Xiecheng company he founded. Barrel of gold.

   There are a few small things here that laid the groundwork for Ji Qi ten years later.

   His first unit was a state-owned computer company. On the first day of work, Ji Qi held his brother, holding the Walkman in his waist, talking about the heroic, he patted the head boss's shoulder and said: "Mr. H, I don't do long here, it doesn't matter, let's make a friend, I Leave here for two days."

The middle-level manager of the state-owned enterprise was not angry, but just seriously said to him: "Xiao Ji, you are the same as me, very aggressive and capable. However, I tell you, be a man before doing things, character always walks in the product In front of."

  After starting his own company, many friends he met while developing the stock market were happy to introduce business to him. Why are you happy? In the business field, you generally act according to the contract, and few people who are not specified in the contract are willing to pay. But after buying a computer, you will encounter many small problems, such as computer crashes, Ji Qi is not a stingy person, and will always help like a friend.

  A friend from Ji Ruji from Jiangsu Rudong to Shanghai told reporters: "Simple and honest and warm-hearted, this is the characteristic of our Rudong people."

  Ctrip four gentlemen

  Before the four people sat down, Liang Jianzhang, a client and friend, said to Ji Qi: "The Internet in the United States has been very hot recently, so let's make a website." Ji Qi said, "Okay!"

At that time, portal sites such as Sina, NetEase, and Sohu were hot, and there was no need to copy them. Where do I cut in? Online bookstores and building materials supermarkets are all feasible directions. Liang Jianzhang suddenly said that he once lost his way with his girlfriend and couldn't find a way out for a long time. Start a travel website."

  When they found Shen Nanpeng to express their thoughts, the latter's eardrum was being frequently hit by the words "Internet", and Shen Nanpeng did not hesitate to agree to join. The new company was quickly built and named Youhu. Liang Jianzhang and Ji Qi each gave 200,000 yuan, each accounting for 30% of the shares; Shen Nanpeng gave 600,000 yuan, accounting for 40% of the shares. They soon discovered that there was still an important piece missing on the map: a person familiar with tourism.

   Then, Fan Min, a manager of a state-owned enterprise and a student who studied at the Lausanne Hotel Management School in Switzerland, was invited by them. For the first lobbying, Fan Min's face didn't move.

  Xi San, Liang Jianzhang and Shen Nanpeng felt that there was no drama: "Find a few more suitable candidates." Ji Qi said: "Please don't move your alumni, and it will be more difficult for others."

   After this, Ji Qi released the salesman figure and often went to the Continental Hotel, 200 Tibet Middle Road, Shanghai to find the general manager Fan Min to talk about dreams and talk about the future. Recalling the past, you will understand why people who have dealt with Ji Qi say that he has a huge passion and is a "fighter" in the Ctrip phalanx.

  Every time he goes, the secretary will let Ji Qi wait outside the office, even if the leader is not busy, he has to wait. "The leaders of state-owned enterprises are all like this. It is normal. It takes 10 minutes to start, and then gradually becomes familiar, it becomes 5 minutes." In the end, "Manager Fan" agreed to participate in entrepreneurship together.

  Why can Ctrip succeed? Ji Qi said, because the four of us are different. An elderly person from the Ctrip Department told reporters: Liang Jianzhang is a digger. He has a delicate management and is good at embracing new things. Finally, he chose to go to the United States to study for a doctorate. The ideal is to be a research entrepreneur; Shen Nanpeng is familiar with investment banking business. It is also like a high-speed precision instrument. Wherever it goes, it will bring a strong wind to it; Fan Min, diligent and diligent, can always do his own work on one acre and three cents, and it is indeed a devoted type. A model; and Ji Qi is a passionate and open-minded person. He values affection and righteousness, but he will not be indecisive because of affectionate righteousness.

Some details can be clarified in the interview, for example: Ji Qi is the first CEO of Ctrip, and later is Liang Jianzhang; in the days of the initial entrepreneurship, Ji Qi was full-time, and the other three used their spare time to meet and discuss together. After the difficult time at the beginning of the business, the location is on the half-story of the 17th floor of the Meteorological Building on the south side of Xujiahui Church, 200 square meters, shared with Ji Qi's company Xiecheng.

  On October 28, 1999, the name of the website was changed from "Yuhu" to "Ctrip", which was officially launched. IDG Zhang Suyang, who gave Ctrip's first venture capital, later explained the "investment" vision: "These four people are a bit like a group of meshes, and the gears bite very well. The background and quality of the team members are enough to control them The company to be operated."

  However, four smart people and four proud men get together to make a career, and friction and collision are conceivable. At the beginning of 2002, Ji Qi withdrew, founded Ctrip on behalf of Home Inns, then Liang Jianzhang went abroad to study, and Shen Nanpeng founded Sequoia Capital. People heard from some tiny places that "dissonance" that might have happened.

When    responded, Ji Qi often revealed his unkindness. He often accidentally reveals some details of his life to prove that he really has no contradiction with "Mr. Shen" and has had contacts so far. And these are often included in the next round of analysis by the media magnifier.

At the interview site, he shook his head very innocently: "It's really nothing! Do we have to put each one under the X-ray and take the contradiction? Everyone doing things together, there must be some argument, but then that They are all very healthy."

Every entrepreneur has his own destiny. For Ji Qi and his former partners, although their personalities are very different, it is a wise attitude to appreciate and respect each other from the bottom of their hearts, and to avoid each other's weaknesses. In the interview, talking about the entrepreneurs he admired, Ji Qi stared at somewhere, obviously speaking a series of names through his brain: "Nanpeng has qualities that I don't have..." Zhou Shuhua said, unable to imagine Ji Qi, who experienced Ctrip, will look like today.



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