Li Qiang: Sugarcane workers go back home to start businesses

2020-06-03 09:00 | Readtime: 12min

       From the fourth year on, Li Qiang began to look for work in the provincial capital and delivered hundreds of resumes, but all of them were very heavy. He couldn't help but feel that the future was slim. In the blink of an eye, he did not go home in the past, but worked in the provincial capital. This year is the last winter holiday. He wants to go home. 

The mysterious sugarcane worker Li Qiang's family is in the mountainous countryside. In recent years, the county and town governments have vigorously developed the local sugar industry, actively mobilized and vigorously supported the cultivation of sugar cane, not only provide free cane seedlings, chemical fertilizers, mulch, but also free machine farming, the most important What is promised is that the sugar cane will be acquired in time after it matures and cashed on the spot. With these commitments, and those who had planted earlier tasted the sweetness, this year's farmers' enthusiasm for growing sugar cane has been unprecedented, and all the fields in the village where Li Qiang is planted have sugar cane. Today, sugar cane is enjoying a bumper harvest, and everyone is happy.

  The next day when he got home, Li Qiang went to the town and asked five sugarcane workers to help him as his father had instructed him. Before dawn, Li Qiang set off. As soon as he arrived in the town, he found that there were three or four middle-aged women wearing thick and old clothes on the street who were carrying sugarcane cutters. Li Qiangxing hurriedly stepped forward and said that he wanted to ask them to help his family and asked if they would like it. One of them said that they had already asked for someone, but they only waited for more people in the club. Li Qiang walked forward in disappointment, but asked a few people, all of whom were already "famous." He was not reconciled and decided to wait in the street. Sure enough, there were four, but my dad said he would invite five people. At this time, it was already dawn. It seems that the time for finding a job has passed. No one wants to find another person. .

  Li Qiang led the four people toward the house and suddenly found a man with a sugarcane cutter in front. But when he saw her face, he was a little disappointed, not because she didn't look good, but because she looked so beautiful, she was young and pretty. My dad told me to find a middle-aged woman who is about 40 years old. They are skilled, powerful, and do their best to work hard. Such talents are worth seven or eighty dollars a day. But if you don’t invite this girl, you can’t find anyone. You will definitely delay the date of cutting the cane, loading the car, and entering the factory, so Li Qiang claimed to invite the girl. The middle-aged women looked at the white girl and laughed at Li Qiang. Li Qiang knew what they were laughing, but said nothing.

  Dad saw a young girl among the people led by Li Qiang, and really pulled him aside to ask him. Li Qiang said that she could not find anyone and asked her to come. Dad said that the matter has come to an end, today I can only use her for a day, and tomorrow told her that we do not invite so many people, told her to cut elsewhere, Li Qiang nodded.

  Li Qiang and his son led five people to the sugarcane field, and a few people cut them apart. To their surprise, the young girl was like a well-trained worker, chopping down, chopping leaves, tying up, and acting swiftly like no other. Several middle-aged women were dumbfounded, and one whispered, "At the beginning, the movement was fast, seeing that she was tired and had no strength." But until the lunch break, the young girl's movements did not slow down. There was no sign of back pain or leg pain. By the end of the night, she had cut a few more bundles than those middle-aged women.

Li Qiang looked at Le Dahua's dad and asked, "Will you please invite her tomorrow?" Dad said: "Your kid, you still have a little insight, please come to such a capable helper, and go find a few more Come on like this." Li Qiang said, "Where can I find it? This is also unattainable."

  During dinner, my dad took out 400 yuan and asked Li Qiang to go to his cousin’s shop for 50 yuan and 10 yuan, so that he could pay the employees. Li Qiang called to ask his cousin if he had any such change. The cousin said that he would come over in a while, and then take it by the way. The helpers sat in the yard after dinner, waiting for the money to go home, and when Li Qiang sent the money to the four middle-aged women, they found that the young girl was gone. A middle-aged woman said, "When your cousin came in just now, she said she would go to the toilet, but she didn't see it." Li Qiang asked her mother to go to the toilet to see why she didn't come back for so long. people. When did she leave? There are people who work hard for a day without receiving wages? Several middle-aged women said that they did not know the girl, and it was estimated that they were out of town. Alas, the wages cannot be sent out yet.

Early the next morning, Li Qiang opened the door, but found that the girl was already standing at the door. Li Qiang said happily: "I can see you. When did you leave last night? Why did you leave without receiving money?" said After drawing out the money to her, the girl took the money and said, "I think you will still invite people today, don't you? You still have so many sugar canes that haven't been chopped. I still want to chopp today. Will you please invite me?" Li Qiang The chicken nodded like rice, "Please, please, please, like you, it's better to have a few more. Hey, how come you seem to have chopped a lot of sugar cane, which doesn't match your age!" Girl He smiled and said: "It's not a technical job, as long as you are willing to spend your energy, what is the difficulty of doing these jobs? Today came early, because yesterday came a little late, and you are calculated based on one day's wages, I am a little bit offended." Li Qiang looked I was moved by this real person, and I couldn't help but look at her a few more times, feeling that she was more beautiful.

  Li Qiang's daily task is to cook and deliver meals to his family and several helpers. In order to let them eat well, he also specially bought this recipe to strengthen his cooking skills, anyway, it is also necessary to cook and cook in the future. While thinking about cooking, he was also thinking about the issue of asking for sugarcane workers. He felt that if there was a dedicated person to link the owner of the workers to the sugarcane workers, it would save a lot of trouble for both parties. So he had an idea in a flash.

  Li Qiang printed dozens of advertisements and pasted them on the bulletin boards of the villages and villages in the town, hoping to contact him with people who wanted to cut cane and needed labor. Winter is the season of farming and leisure. Many people rent land to contractors to grow sugar cane, so there is basically nothing to do. Villagers who plant sugar cane can also do short-term work for others because it is not yet scheduled. Anyway, they are also idle. You can make money at your doorstep, why not do it? Sure enough, Li Qiang received more than a dozen calls that night, saying he wanted to cut sugar cane. The next day, they came to the village of Li Qiang early in the morning, and Li Qiang arranged them to the families in urgent need of labor. The villagers who were in urgent need of sugarcane workers took the people away with gratitude. Li Qiang did it for himself. Be happy about something.

  At noon, a person called to say that he wanted to book a sugarcane worker tomorrow, and it would take ten people. As soon as Li Qiang heard that he was from outside the village, he was embarrassed to say that there were already many people in this village who had already made a reservation, and not so many sugarcane workers were available. The man asked the villager how much he would introduce to him, and he gave each one more. Li Qiang said that there is no introduction fee. The man said in surprise: "It’s a lot of trouble to contact such people, and they will spend a lot of money. How can you not charge money? Everyone give you three yuan for the introduction fee, okay? Anyway, you can find ten people for me." Li Qiang thought about it and said, "Well, then I think of a way." After hanging up the phone, he didn't take a long time. God came, he was originally just to provide some convenience for the employment and the job search, he did not expect to make money through this, but since someone proposed it, maybe he can do it as a thing.

  Li Qiang printed another hundreds of advertisements and posted them to other villages outside the town. Soon, he had more than a hundred people to contact. He classified these people by village and marked their contact information. For the employers who work in the village, he provides a phone for the sugarcane workers free of charge, so that they can contact themselves; for foreign villages, he charges an introduction fee of three yuan per person. The employers who are eager to work don't take these dollars at all, as long as they find the sugarcane workers, what are these dollars? Seeing that women are making money in a turbulent situation, those male laborers can't sit still anymore, they come to Li Qiang and ask him to contact them. Li Qiang organized them again, specially for people to move and load cars. In this way, the idle labor nearby was organized, and the villagers who planted sugar cane no longer delayed moving and loading vehicles because they could not find a job.

  Contact the workers who cut down to help the family, Li Qiang is busy every day, but his heart is bright and sunny, because he not only helped others, but also made money himself. One of the most important things, he found that he slowly fell in love with the young girl who chopped sugar cane for the family. The girl didn't seem to hate herself, but whenever he asked her where she was, she smiled and didn't answer.

  In a blink of an eye, Li Qiang's sugar cane was almost cut. Li Qiang couldn't help getting nervous. She wouldn't come afterwards. What should I do? Li Qiang decided to follow her on the last day after cutting to see where she went. That night, instead of eating at home, he came to town and found a small restaurant at the intersection, waiting for the girl while eating, because there was the only way for her to go home, and Li Qiang’s only understanding of her was This is it.

   After a while, the young girl finally came. She had taken off the fat coat she was wearing and was holding it in her hand. She was wearing beautiful clothes. Li Qiang had never seen her dressed like this, and could not help but sigh the gracefulness of her figure. Seeing that she had passed the small restaurant, Li Qiang got up and was about to go out to follow her, but found that the cousin who was on a motorcycle to buy the goods parked in front of the young girl. It seemed that the two had known each other for a long time. The two chatted for a while before they separated. Li Qiang originally wanted to follow the girl, but later it felt inappropriate, and the cousin should also know her. Just go home and ask.

   So, he hurried home quickly, found his cousin, and asked him if he knew her. The cousin said that he knew of course, it was his junior college student, and his family was in the neighboring town. Li Qiang didn't tell the cousin that she came to cut the sugar cane, because he suddenly wanted to understand that when she paid her wages on the first day, she must have left because she saw the cousin coming, and didn't want the cousin to see it. However, how could a college student in her dignity chopped sugar cane, and cut it so swiftly?

  Li Qiang had the courage to call her and asked her if she could meet and talk. The two agreed to go to the county town the next day, because by the end of the year, they had to buy new year's goods. Li Qiang invited her into a restaurant and chatted while eating. It turned out that after the girl graduated from college last year, she couldn't find a suitable job in the city. Later, her father fell ill, so she came back to take care of her father. The medical expenses cost a lot, so she came out to cut sugarcane for others; He didn't dare to cut in this town, so he went to the town where Li Qiang lived. Because she worked as a farmer since she was a child, she was also a sportsman in school, and it didn't take much physical effort to do the work.

   The two talked more and more speculatively, and they shared common views on many things. From time to time, the girl showed appreciation to Li Qiang, praising his flexibility and willingness to use his brain. Both of them knew each other's status in their hearts, but when the girl learned that Li Qiang had not graduated, her eyes dimmed. Li Qiang quickly said, "It's been a few months, and it will pass quickly." Girl Say: "Not because of the problems in the past few months, but because you can find a job in a big city after graduation and don't have to go back to the countryside." Li Qiang said: "What's wrong with the countryside? Look at me, it's only been a dozen days. A "labor service company" earns more than a thousand dollars. If I make it bigger and stronger, the prospects will be very broad. So, as long as you have the vision of discovering wealth, you can make money anywhere. Besides, you see Which of the little bosses who contracted the land to grow sugar cane didn’t make a fortune? If we bought another car, we would be closer to the city. So I decided to return to my hometown and start a business after graduation. Will you join me?” The girl is ashamed Say: "I am also the only child at home, and of course my parents want me to stay in my hometown."

Li Qiang took out a contact book from his pocket and said to her: "I have been running this'labor service company' for a few months after I went to school. When I come back, we will create a future together!" nod.



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