Huang Yuenan: Pioneer of online clothing customization

2020-06-03 09:03 | Readtime: 8min

       The house life of otaku house girls keeps more and more young people away from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, and their personal pursuit makes them expect to be different. Online clothing customization just conforms to this trend. With his own original password customization method, Huang Vietnam firmly grasped this trend and worked hard to create his own world. And he firmly believes that as long as he grasps this trend, he will surely grasp an era. 

  In this era of pursuing individuality, many people uphold a self, individuality, unique traits, and are unique in dressing and dressing. However, the rate of hitting shirts for many garments is relatively high, so many people are turning to custom-made garments. In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the trend of online clothing purchases has risen quietly. A brand new clothing sales model-online clothing custom sales has become a new fashion consumption method.

  Mr. Huang Yuenan, the general manager of Beijing Kushen Clothing Co., Ltd., made use of the customized clothing model to break out of his own world in the field of clothing.

   Graduate resignation to the sea

  Huang Yuenan, a typical image of a southerner, is not tall, with bald hair, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. The initial impression given to the reporter is that he should be a scholar-style boss. Except for the appearance, there are many papers published by him on the Internet. Those articles not only involve enterprise management, but also include brand building, human resource management, product quality management, etc., all of which disseminate the young apparel owner’s market and management. Thoughtful thinking.

  In mid-September, the reporter made a special visit to Mr. Huang Yuenan, who had known him for a long time on the Internet.

  Speaking of the original intention of starting a business, Huang Yuenan laughed that he went to the sea in order to be able to marry his wife. "In 1992, the monthly salary of a master’s degree was only 96 yuan, but when I got married, I bought a few big items such as color TVs and refrigerators, and it cost at least 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. In this way, I have to do 20 years to get married. , Had to go to sea."

   In 1993, Huang Yuenan, who quit his job, came to Zhongguancun. Initially, he worked as a part-time worker, and his income was calculated on a daily basis, at RMB 20 per day.

   Shortly afterwards, Huang Yuenan came to a Beijing branch of a startup company to promote a simple, easy-to-learn, two-stroke font input method. "When the product was first introduced to the market, it was very smooth, but due to problems in management, that product eventually disappeared in the market." Huang Yuenan told reporters that in fact that product has obvious advantages compared to the Wubi font. Therefore, at that time, he realized that if a good product cannot be operated, it still cannot create value for society.

   unwilling to be "foreign minions"

  With a master's diploma for food specialty and a few simple Japanese, in 1994, Huang Yuenan was lucky to get an opportunity to work in Japan. "Under the background that it was fashionable and difficult to go abroad at the time, this was indeed a good opportunity. Later, some people said that I was studying in Japan and beautifying me. Working is working, not studying abroad." Huang Yuenan said with a smile.

   At that time, the vast majority of people in the country felt very beautiful abroad. Especially studying abroad, in fact, the bitterness abroad is only known to those who have gone abroad. After arriving in Japan, Huang Yuenan thought that he would always learn something. So, in addition to working hard, he desperately learns Japanese. At the same time, he also feels Japan's advanced management culture, such as trust in employees and the pursuit of quality. These will greatly help him to start his own business and manage the company.

Because of his excellent work, the Japanese boss planned to let Huang Yuenan stay in Japan for at least three years, but Huang Yuenan, who "would rather be a local minion than a foreign minion," always felt that the motherland cultivated itself and should go back to do something for the country So, a year later, he left Japan on the grounds that he went home to do filial piety.

  After returning home, Huang Yuenan and a classmate set up a training room in China Agricultural University to teach computer DIY, Wubi fonts, and Founder typesetting. Since they were not registered in the industrial and commercial department, they were later sued by their competitors. The industrial and commercial office drove a truck and copied their company.

   Subsequently, Huang Yuenan, who had nothing to do, had to continue to look for work. At a job fair, he voted out a resume to apply for assistant manager of a Japanese fast food restaurant. The answer he got was: "Your condition is too high, our store can't use it, see if the head office wants people." At that time, naively, he didn't know that this was the other party's polite rejection, so he waited for a long time in a confused way.

  Affiliated clothing industry

  Recommended by Mr. Yang Genhai, the head teacher of the university, Huang Yuehai came to the gentleman shirt factory (now the gentleman group).

  Because of his knowledge of computers, Huang Yuenan was sent to do warehouse management informatization. The factory manager placed him in the finance department, but the finance department pushed him to the warehouse. The warehouse has a lot of manpower, and Huang Yuenan had to help the workers pick and move shirts together.

  Huang Yuenan did not make the warehouse management informationization. After being a porter, he obtained the consent of the factory manager and worked as a non-staff clerk. When he finished the formalities and had not walked out of the factory gate, the BP machine rang. God, the first business is here.

  Huang Yuenan's girlfriend of a younger brother works in a state-owned construction company. Their unit engages in activities and wants to send some ties to everyone. After learning that Huang Yuenan is working in a gentleman shirt factory, he found him. Receiving this message, Huang Yuenan was so happy that he immediately picked samples of various ties such as silk and polyester. Go straight to that company.

  Because there are acquaintances, the business was quickly negotiated. In this single business, Huang Yuenan made a total of more than 20,000 yuan.

  The first order of business greatly inspired Huang Yuenan's confidence. He was full of interest in pulling work clothes orders and started running around for this. During this period, he ran countless units, one of which he still remembered.

  One day, Huang Yuenan heard from a friend that Pinggu had a dairy company to do work clothes, so he decided to talk to the leader of that company.

  When Huang Yuenan arrived at that company, it was time to work. Everyone else was busy. He was arranged in the lobby and waited for the leader. When he saw the other leader, he was even more nervous. The company wanted to make some vests, and asked them to print something about the cows and asked him if he could do it. Prior to this, Huang Yuenan didn't even know how the clothes were produced, and it was even more unclear how to print pictures, text, etc. on the clothes, so he had to answer the other person with a tremble: I can't do this.

  Just like this, in less than two minutes, the other party sent Huang Yuenan away.

  18 suits have been done for half a year

   In 1995, after Huang Yuenan got married, he felt that it was time to do something right. So, while running the business, he persuaded Mr. Yang Genhai to open a clothing company with himself.

  Huang Yuenan started their own business and received strong support from Ding Baohe, the director of the gentleman shirt factory at the time. "The policy given at the time was self-financing, self-financing, self-employment." Speaking of the entrepreneurial road that year, Huang Yuenan felt deeply: "We rented a gentleman's house of more than 20 square meters and 5 sewing machines, and at the same time spent Three irons were bought for hundreds of dollars, and several cases were borrowed. This was all the money at that time."

   What Huang Yuenan did not expect was that the company had not yet officially opened and they received the first order.

It turned out that Mr. Yang Genhai knew an officer of the National Defense University Organ Administration. When the officer heard that Mr. Yang had founded a garment factory (then called a gentleman suit factory), he ordered the school to order 18 sets of three-piece suits for leaders. Got them.

  Received this list, Huang Yuenan they are both happy and scared, because no one would do it. There is no other way than to hire a senior person quickly! Huang Yuenan began to look around.

   spent a long time, Huang Yuenan and they finally found a teacher named Zhang. Master Zhang is in his 70s and is said to have made clothes for the state leaders. Later, through the introduction of Master Zhang, Huang Yuenan found the 60-year-old Master Tang who retired from Beijing Hongdu Garment Factory.

  It’s not enough to have a master, but also have a processing plant (at that time, Huang Yuenan didn’t even think of it, and they couldn’t process it by themselves). So, they found a garment processing factory and reached a cooperation intention. Now, Huang Yuenan thought that he could finally take a breath. How to know what happened next made him depressed.



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