Wang Xin: Looking for opportunities in running

2020-06-03 09:06 | Readtime: 9min

  Wang Xin, who has always been "combatant", was calm. She summed up the war between Jinshan Duba and Qihoo 360 as one point: Jinshan moved 360's "cheese" and violated its actual interests. 

   Women want to forget when they want something

  On November 10, when the smoke of the "antivirus" industry was brimming with smoke, Kingsoft Security and Keniu announced that they would formally merge into Kingsoft Network. At the same time, Jinshan Network also introduced a major measure that shocked the industry-to make its Jinshan Duba, which has a 13-year fee history, free of charge and will not consider profit in the next 3 years. This means that Jinshan Network will abandon the income of nearly 200 million yuan per year.

   was formerly the CEO of Kingsoft Security, and Wang Xin, currently the COO of Kingsoft Network, said that Kingsoft Network should explore a new way of thinking for the toll companies to survive. If Jinshan Network can finally survive, it may be of great benefit to the entire industry.

  In May of this year, when Kingsoft Security Wang Xin and 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi fought on Weibo, Wang Xin once jumped on the table and organized company employees to open a "mobilization meeting" with his voice. Wang Xin said: "Women want to be successful, must be selfless, do not take too much account of their own image." This scene is deeply imprinted in the hearts of many employees. The "slobber war" between her and Zhou Hongyi on Weibo was also hailed as the "first battle of Weibo" by many netizens.

In the interview, Wang Xin also deeply summarized several encounters with his opponents: On May 21st, 360 Security Guards uninstalled Jinshan Net Shield on the grounds of "interfering with normal operation", and then Jinshan was "forced to issue a statement"; May On the 25th, Zhou Hongyi, the chairman of Qihoo 360, started a "microblog war" on Weibo; after the "slobber war" began, Wang Xin and Zhou Hongyi were widely followed by the media; on May 31, Jinshan and Qihu were publicized The prosecution statement was issued, and the dispute between the two parties began to enter the legal solution.

When commenting on the dispute with 360, Wang Xin said that Jinshan was forced to prepare for war. "360 is the initiator of the war and should be punished. In fact, I had no mental preparation before the war of words." The industry analysts said that behind the "open battles" between the two sides, there is a "site battle" in the security field. In order to compete for the bottom resources of users' PCs, competition between manufacturers is inevitable.

And Wang Xin believes that the storm is completely provoked by opponents, because "our market share is only 20%, there is no motivation to attack", and after the storm, "our users decreased by 3 million a day, equivalent to the total number of users. 1/6".

  Wang Xin summed up the war between the two parties to one point: Jinshan moved 360's "cheese" and violated his actual interests. Wang Xin said in an interview that the profit model of the 360 browser comes from the search and page navigation. 360 combines website navigation with the browser, and the market share is growing rapidly. Kingsoft Network Shield not only locks the browser homepage, but also competes with 360 security guards. 360 naturally does not want to be "compatible" with it.

   Abandoned 200 million income "milk cow"

  On November 10th, Jinshan Security and Kexin Anti-Virus announced the merger, and the combined company was named "Jinshan Network". Surprisingly, after the merger, Wang Xin's first action as an operator was to free Kingsoft Duba, which has a 13-year history of charges, and she also said that she would not consider profit in the next three years.

  Industry sources pointed out that after Jinshan Security acquired Ke Niu, it has a more complete layout in the security field compared with its largest competitor 360, and turned its conservative market strategy into an offensive, which will also impact 360's free antivirus field. Jinshan Duba is completely free, which means that Jinshan's full range of products including Duba, Jinshan Guard, Net Shield and other products, as well as Ke Niu's free anti-virus and Ke Niu images, are all free, which also means that Jinshan Network will lose 200 million yuan. Annual income. It is understood that since 360 launched free security products for several years, free and charging has been the reason for 360 to criticize other security vendors. However, Jinshan Network announced that Jinshan Duba is free. This move has accelerated the pace of Internet-based transformation.

   Wang Xin pointed out that the announcement by Kingsoft Network is in line with the historical trend. Previously, users were very receptive to the concept of anti-virus charges and were willing to pay for virus database upgrades. However, after two or three years of development, users' willingness to pay has been very low. In this case, if Jinshan Network still adheres to the original business model, it will be very cost-effective.

When analyzing the current network security environment, Wang Xin said that it is already very bad. Some non-professional security software in China hyped freely, attacked peers, and carried out unwarranted security threats to users. Many users not only mistaked free as antivirus software. The only criterion is that they have even lost the right to choose other normal software, and the dispute over the saliva between Tencent and 360 is a concentrated outbreak caused by this disorder.

"And our competitors always attack us with charges and free of charge. If we really can't give up these things, we can't fight against others. There is nothing to say." Wang Xin pointed out that at this time point, if you choose to be free, the company can give up these things. After the altar, we compete with 360 in terms of products and services. I believe users will have more choices.

  Only struggle can achieve peace

After Tencent was forced to decide to stop running QQ software on computers with 360 software, the five major client software vendors of Kingsoft, Aoyou, Ke Niu, Baidu, and Sogou held a joint press conference in Beijing on November 5 to announce 360 big lies. And announced that it will not be compatible with 360 series software. Wang Xin said that to deal with 360 is to fight for peace and to survive; to seek peace through compromise, to die peacefully.

   Previously, 360 blocked the Jinshan Net Shield. Jinshan went through legal procedures, but Jinshan suffered a great loss. "Because Jinshan is a person with a moral bottom line, we don't want to be careful, but you can't develop under this attitude of 360, so we can only take the method of scraping bones to heal."

  Wang Xin said that Jinshan continued to discredit Tencent, 360 is the initiator of this war, not a passive state. "You see that his contest with QQ is the same as the idea of attacking Net Shield, spreading rumors, and then launching their own products. The third step begins to force users to choose and uninstall each other's products."

  Wang Xin believes that this is the consistent idea of 360. First, spread the large-character newspapers on the Internet, and then take the form of agitation. This method is exactly the same as the Cultural Revolution. "So our meeting also said that now 360 is pretending to be miserable on the Internet, called wrongdoing, saying that it is a passive response. This is a lie. 360 is actually the initiator of the war."

   It is reported that after 2009, the 360 development cloud blockade continued to crack down on competitive peers. Use the security hegemony of 360 security guards, forcibly delete the Jinshan network shield, and forcibly intercept the anti-virus, to consolidate the security hegemony. At the same time use 360 security guards, fight against Maxthon and other browsers, push 360 security browser to gain browser hegemony.

  In Wang Xin's view, Zhou Hongyi had nothing to do with the grass, but everything he did with him did not fall well, even including Ma Yun and Li Yanhong...The colleagues were "love and hate" to Zhou Hongyi. Chen Jieming, the CEO of Maxthon, oppressed by 360, said that if 360 is to be the demolition brigade of national manufacturers, Maxthon will be the nail maker of IT manufacturers.

   Find opportunities while running

"'Dongdae' may be easier to achieve partial success and become the beginning of an overall qualitative change." After Jinshan Duba successively strategically cooperated with Baidu and Tencent this year, Wang Xin, then assistant president of Jinshan, described Duba's recent market as such Initiatives.

   "Jinshan Duba's online sales now account for about 60% of the total product sales." In Jinshan's eyes, Internet strategy may be the best medicine for Jinshan to break the "warring states division" situation in China's antivirus market.

   Previously, among several domestic antivirus software manufacturers, Kingsoft paid the most attention to the Internet market and overseas markets. As we all know, companies can only increase revenue by increasing revenue, and in the case of limited “throttling” effects, how to “open source” has become the focus of all enterprises.

   From the current situation, Kingsoft's paying users should belong to mid-end users, while Baidu and Tencent users are more low-end users. "The cooperation with Baidu can be seen as an exchange of users from another perspective. We use our Jinshan Duba mid-end users to exchange Baidu's low-end users, and such a cooperation method is also conducive to increasing Baidu's stickiness." Wang Xin Explained the cooperation with Baidu in a way that is easier for everyone to understand.

In terms of the profitability of cooperation with Baidu, Wang Xin said that both sides are more recognizing this model and hitting the hits. Now is not the time to consider profit, now it is more a process of guiding low-end basic users. . However, this does not mean that there is no profit model. "We are now looking for opportunities while running and discussing business models while trying."

To guide low-end users, Jinshan has adopted strategic cooperation with Baidu and Tencent, and Jinshan has plans to develop high-end enterprise and telecom users. Wang Xin revealed that Kingsoft is negotiating with some leading enterprise and carrier-grade antivirus vendors, and does not rule out the possibility of using acquisition to strengthen Kingsoft’s influence on enterprise and carrier-grade products



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