Xu Huidong: Discovering the business opportunity of darn

2020-06-04 09:32 | Readtime: 5min

       Putting it aside, this line of darn is called "sew poor". Three or two women, sitting on the roadside, followed by a needlework basket with various pieces of fabric and needlework, mostly for the poor to sew up old clothes, so it is called "sewing poor". As the saying goes: three years in the new and three years in the old, the seam will be repaired for another three years. Today, with a multitude of clothes flooding the market, the lifestyle of "patch stack patch" has long gone. It is reported that "Sew Poor" has become one of the ten major occupations that disappeared after the reform and opening up.

Actually, weave real gold with one stitch and one thread .

   Xu Huidong is 39 years old this year. After graduating from technical secondary school, he worked in the newspaper office and township government for more than a year. The boring government life soon bore him, and he decided to find another way out.

  Following the relatives and friends around him, Xu Huidong worked as a foreign trade bedding business for more than two years and found his first pot of gold. Later, malicious price competition happened repeatedly, and Xu Huidong's business was greatly affected. At the end of the year, with the exception of 300,000 yuan of processing fees, he had almost no cash and had to opt out.

  Once, he accidentally learned from the media that an old lady in Nantong led the family on the road to prosperity by darn and created nearly one million assets. From this he remembered a past. A cousin's brand-name suit was burnt by a cigarette butt. It was a pity that the 6000-plus suit was thrown away, but it was unsightly to wear. So he spent 60 yuan to go to Beijing Dyeing and Dyeing Headquarters to weave it, but he didn't see any traces. Afterwards, my cousin in the textile supplies business sighed: "We took the goods from Nantong to Beijing, and the wind and rain made a set of bed covers of more than 500 yuan earn only 10 yuan. People make 60 yuan when they fill a hole. The business is good." Cousin then really gave up the bedding business in Beijing and went back to Nantong to do clothing drapery.

  Xu Huidong found that in addition to the drapery technology, clothing beauty also includes clothing renovation and color modification, clothing modification and so on. "The old lady earned a million yuan with a single skill. Wouldn’t I be able to earn at least 3 million if I triathlon? There must be plenty of opportunities in this project." So he began to follow his cousin patiently I learned the technology of garment darn. At the same time, I started to study the clothing and beauty industry.

  Xu Huidong learned his basic skills of darn technology from his cousin, and then began to explore higher-end darn and beauty technology such as dyeing and shaping. He has mastered the first-hand data, materials and methods through "books plus practice" on how to weave plain weave fabric tightly and densely, how to sew different twill fabrics and how to correct the color of conventional cotton dyeing methods.

   In order to learn technology, Xu Huidong often used his clothes as an experiment. His clothes were often covered with various patches and dyed colorfully. And he often sits with several old women to study darn tricks and is often laughed at. In the past six months, Xu Huidong has developed a drapery beauty method. Some high-end clothing with yellowish colors and old clothes, old clothes that can’t be worn due to changes in body shape, and branded clothing with broken holes in his hands are soon in his hands. Be new and beautiful and fit.

  In November 2003, Xu Huidong set up his own clothing and beauty counter in a large shopping mall, and generated a net profit of 15,000 yuan in the third month. Then it has opened a number of clothing and beauty darn chain stores in Yangzhou and Nantong. Unique technical services, good market demand, soon found the first pot of gold in clothing and beauty darning.

   In 2008, Xu Huidong saw from the media that many laid-off workers had difficulty in obtaining employment because they did not master the technology. He immediately contacted the labor security department of Yangzhou and held free darn technical training. Unexpectedly, many people are still unsatisfied after learning, and come to the door to ask to learn more advanced clothing and beauty techniques. He simply opens classes and accepts disciples. According to different teaching techniques, he sets up different levels of training courses. Each region accepts only one student within two years, and students can open franchise stores within two years after returning home. Now, his students are all over the world, and the franchise stores have opened to nearly 100, and the income from the darn training alone is 120,000 yuan.

   The financial crisis in the past two years has also helped Xu Huidong's business. He said that many people's incomes are affected, so they don't buy brand-name clothes anymore. Turning out the old clothes at home to change the style and color, it is another new clothes, and the renovation cost is much cheaper. Some people go to the clothing and beauty shop to make changes after buying discounted products.

  In September 2009, Xu Huidong also taught a Shanghai white-collar female apprentice. After the female apprentice went abroad, she opened a drapery shop in the United States, and she never expected this craft to be so popular in the United States. Some high-end clothes have high technical requirements for patching, so they contact the master and send the clothes back to the country to ask the teacher to weave.

   In order to expand the influence, Xu Huidong specially registered the "China Dangbu Net" website and applied for the "Xu Shifu" trademark. He hopes to use his own hands to make the traditional unpopular profession of darning, prosperous and become a big industry.



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