Trendy men can take out gold

2020-06-04 09:32 | Readtime: 7min

       Graduated, we give away takeaway

  Chen Liang is a native of Zhanjiang, Guangdong. Like many college students, he entered the university campus with a brilliant dream. When he graduated, the financial crisis came and they lost a lot of employment opportunities...

Chen Liang, who came to the entrance of the talent market three times, was terrified by the crowd of people. "Where is the talent market? It is clearly cooking dumplings. Once you enter the door, you enter the pot. It is not easy to think of it..." The alumni who squeezed into the talent market also lost the following time and time again. The job search gradually disappeared in Chen Liang's eyes...

  Chen Liang grew up on the seaside and cooked seafood from an early age. When he had dinner with his classmates, the seafood he made by himself was always the biggest highlight on the table. Many students once suggested that he open a private restaurant. But at that time, Chen Liang still didn't turn his head. He felt that he had been studying hard for more than ten years, so he had to be a white-collar worker.

   Later, the buddy Li Zhehao found him and wanted to send him a takeaway in partnership! Chen Liang smiled and listened to Li Zhehao continue to say: "The takeaways we deliver are different from other takeaways. First, we are highly educated university graduates. Second, you and I are both fashionistas. In dress, we To highlight the concept of "tide boy delivery". Also, our positioning is high-end, the customer crowd is concentrated in high-end office buildings, senior white-collar or gold-collar... you think about it, a handsome guy on the streets of Changsha can sell biscuits Introducing countless beautiful women to buy, our two handsome guys, dressed in brightly dressed takeaways, aren’t they just as sensational as long as we are assured of the quality of the meals, and the service is done well, I think, this is definitely something to do !"

  After listening to Li Zhehao's words, Chen Liang gradually turned from laughter to contemplation. He thought about the news that the handsome guy sold biscuits, and thought Li Zhehao might make sense. He wrote in his blog that day: "Graduated, we choose to take away!"

   The first battle is successful, this mode can dig for gold

   Before the opening of the two, they conducted a detailed market survey and almost walked around the restaurants in Huanshi Road. They found that although there are many foods, most of them are mainly Chinese food. The Japanese and Western take-out markets have a lot of space.

   This survey made their direction very clear. To do something "new meaning", give white-collar workers fast food that was not previously available in the office!

   The preparation work is very simple, renting a house with a large kitchen, and going to some foreign restaurants for a few times, Li Zhehao and Chen Liang's thinking is very clear. Their positioning is healthy and natural food, Chinese and Western meals, black pepper pork steak, steak, dried squid, charcoal oysters, curry seafood and other classic white-collar favorite meals are their key launch. From kitchen renovation, dish design, chef training to purchasing ingredients, lunch boxes, etc., all are personally done by two people. After preparing the menu, they marked the price, designed their own personalized business cards, and named themselves-Chaorenbang, which means that Chaozhou helps you.

  Everything is ready, it's the end of June 2011. They ran to the largest seafood and meat wholesale market in Guangzhou to understand the price differences in several markets. They also learn about the freezing and cold storage of food and understand the preservation of various food materials.

  One week before the official opening, they distributed business cards to the most prosperous area of Huanshi Road in Yuexiu District. At more than seven o'clock in the morning, they slipped into various office buildings and stuffed business cards under the doors. At eight o'clock, they distributed at the main intersection of the office buildings. When distributing business cards, they also maintained their consistent fashion style-wearing a rainbow duck cap, wearing a pink T-shirt, pedal clover classic version of shoes, this is Chen Liang; and Li Zhehao, simple short hair, dark green T-shirt , European version of narrow-leg pants, Converse classic white canvas shoes. It's clean, simple, and reveals the fresh taste of teenagers... In the streets of Guangzhou, business cards are distributed everywhere, but such a wave of filmmakers is unprecedented. Faced with their invitation, few people refused, because they all wanted to know, what are these two handsome guys sending?

   On the opening day, because the plan was too conservative, at 12:30, 100 sets were all booked. And they just ran four office buildings! This made Chen Liang and Li Zhehao very happy, because they created the gold rush model themselves.

  Tide men give away delivery, attract countless female white-collar workers look forward to

  The next day, they prepared 200 set meals. This time, Chen Liang and Li Zhehao both felt the enthusiasm of the white-collar workers. Some people even pulled Chen Liang and asked him where he bought the CAP.

   In fact, before they started to deliver food, the two of them often searched for goods in the trendy area of Guangzhou. When it was the craziest, Chen Liang also went to Hong Kong to "scan goods" four times a month. Chen Liang said that Libra is naturally "greedy", so she usually sets her hairstyle. When they confirmed that their fashion has become a selling point, they dressed up more carefully. In the words of Li Zhehao: "We are different from other food delivery, food delivery, you can also dress up D!" Their elaborate dressing, in exchange for the favor of a large number of male and female fans-often after ordering, at the expected time , Rushing downstairs for takeaway... come back to discuss their dress today. Many white-collar workers directly asked them where to buy their clothes, and asked them to buy clothes.

  Although the “tide” of the Chaoren Gang has created many diners for takeaways, both Chen Liang and Li Zhehao knew that the most important thing for delivering food was to take it out. For this reason, they constantly understand various Chinese and Western food dishes, conceive new promotional tips, and often call back regular customers: How does fast food taste today? What do you think need to be improved? After a long time, the Chaoren Gang has hundreds of regular white-collar customers. The two will even remember which regular customers don’t eat onions, who need to add some chili sauce, and who need special meals.

   Success may be that simple

  The fire of the Chaozhou Gang among the white-collar workers has also attracted the attention of businesses near China Plaza and Beijing Road. Some sensitive businessmen found them, in addition to signing long-term meal tickets, they also signed advertising contracts-the latest popular new products and promotional information of trend shops. More anxious merchants directly provide the latest clothing to the influx of people to help them serve as meal delivery service...More merchants directly send promotional brochures through them. At the highest time, the delivery cost of the album alone is thousands of dollars. You know, these are pure profits! This income was not thought of by the Chaoren Gang!

   Today's Chaoren Gang has more than 50 varieties of fast food, which can meet the demand of more than 95% of white-collar workers. Chen Liang said that their dishes are still widening, and his target number is 100. "Any platform has its added value. The value of our platform is also reflected in the transmission of fashion and trend information. Of course, this is always only our additional business. Our main business is still to take away and send us for white-collar workers. Delicious course!"

  Looking back at the past six months of operation, Li Zhehao is full of confidence. He said: "Our ideal is to carry forward this kind of business, so that all white-collar workers can have the opportunity to eat our set menus, and the opportunity to contact our fashion and trends!

The job market is quite grim today. The choices made by Li Zhehao and Chen Liang are admirable. As they said: "When you win the top spot, you can also sell pork chop on the rich list!" And many eyes are low-handed and self-confident. Compared with the college students who live on the street, they not only have great energy, but also a pragmatic spirit! Willing to work, work hard, work hard, maybe success is as simple as that!



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