Tsinghua student Xu Le: China's most outstanding ten emergin

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      In order to start a business, he took a break from Tsinghua University; he was the first person to obtain international venture capital when he was studying at a university in China; in 2007, he was named China's top ten emerging webmasters. 

  However, entering the society too early to start a business really made him succeed quickly? If time could come again, how would he choose?

   regret, buy lessons at a high price

   From an early age, Xu Le was a person who wanted to be self-reliant, because his parents were ordinary workers, and he knew that it was not easy for his parents to provide himself for university. In 2000, 16-year-old Xu Le was admitted to the Chemical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University. He had never touched a computer before going to university, so the computer and online world was full of temptations for him. Soon after, he registered the domain name on the Internet, and then put it on the website to sell it to people in need. At that time, he could make more than 1,000 yuan a month, and from that moment on, he felt that he had grown into a man because he didn't spend money at home. A small trial was a success, and Xu Le was extremely confident in his ability to make money in the future.

  After more than a year, Xu Le, who was in his sophomore year, received a call from a stranger from Shanghai. The other party claimed to be a newly graduated college student and said that he learned about his website on the Internet. When he felt that he had done a good job, he asked Xu Le if he was interested in starting a business together?

   Listening to the other party's words of beauty and portrayal of great prospects, 17-year-old Xu Leman's mind is a fantasy after success. A few days later, he took advantage of the "May Day" holiday to meet the netizen in Shanghai. After returning, he made an incredible decision-to suspend school! This was met with opposition from everyone, especially his parents. My father said, "How can you give up halfway, and you should rank your studies first!" The mother reprimanded angrily: "What are you doing so anxious to make money? You read the book well, and talk about the money-making things later!"

  However, Xu Le quickly completed the two-year suspension of school and went to Shanghai. One day in 2002, his partner told him that he had a chance to make a fortune—selling the recharge card of Shenzhouxing. There is no discount for this kind of card in the market, but the other party told him that a card with a face value of 100 yuan can be purchased for 80 yuan, which has a profit of nearly 20%! Xu Le bought a batch of goods with the attitude of trying first, and soon, he tasted the sweetness.

   So, Xu Le went home and convinced his parents to use his savings to invest in this business. Soon, he remitted a total of 200,000 yuan to his partner. But when it was time to deliver, the other party was dragging on and off. Xu Le kept calling to remind him, but soon, the other party's mobile phone couldn't get through. The partner seemed to disappear from Shanghai overnight. Xu Le understood this: he was deceived.

   Hearing this news, Xu Le’s mother cried. After all, that was the savings of most of her life! Listening to the mother's cry on the phone, Xu Le, someone who hasn't been crying in recent years has hoarse voice. I wanted to create a big business, but I didn't expect to be a prodigal son!

After crying, my mother called Xu Le again and said, "Come back quickly! Neighbors all said that you were not suspended from school, but expelled from school!" , Your son will be upset." Xu Le said.

   Eventually, Xu Le didn't go home and got on the train to Beijing. He also summed up the lessons of this failure in a timely manner. First, he was too naive to think of the outside world too well, and he believed in what he said, so it was easy to be caught in; the second reason is also all the deceived The commonalities are blinded by interests. The money was scammed, and the formalities for suspension of school were completed, and it was impossible to go back to school, but he didn't want to go home in vain. He came to Beijing because he found a new entrepreneurial direction.

   Happy, 25-year-old youth becomes a millionaire

   Xu Le found that IDC (server rental hosting) can make money. As long as there are enough professional services and good reputation, there will naturally be customers. In order to remember the failure, Xu Le's company still continues the name of "Shi Le". Having experienced the last failure, Xu Le is more cautious about this opportunity. From the beginning, he attached importance to the establishment of the company's image, opened local service telephones in all four major cities in the country, and improved the company's website. Soon, Sile signed a contract with Beijing Unicom and became its first IDC business partner. Soon, he became a millionaire, this entrepreneurship finally let Xu Le earn the first pot of gold in life.

  In 2003, Xu Le found that a credit/card payment website did a great job while browsing foreign websites. At that time, there was no such third-party electronic payment platform in China, and Xu Le decided to do it. He started his third venture. At that time, he was facing the computer for almost seventeen or eight hours a day. When he was hungry, he ate instant noodles, and when he was tired, he lay down on the bed. Xu Le, who has experienced failure, no longer believes in the myth of becoming rich overnight. He believes that wealth was created by himself and he worked it out step by step by himself.

  Looking at the computer for a long time, Xu Le got cervical spondylosis. In the worst case, he could only look at the computer with his hands on his neck. He had to come to the hospital as a last resort. After reading his report, the doctor shook his head and said, "You are the cervical spine of a 70-year-old man! You are only in your 20s, which is impossible!"

  Just like this, Xu Le was building a payment website while performing cervical spine treatment. Until one day, two representatives from the well-known Internet company Alibaba Group came to his company. At that time, Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba, had just been established and needed talents in online payment. Seeing that Xu Le's platform was very professional and in place, they wanted to invite Xu Le to join, and immediately threw out the position of general manager, saying if Xu Le does a good job and can also get share incentives.

For a student who has just finished the second year of college, the pie given by Taobao is large and tempting, but Xu Le eventually chose to give up, because arriving at Taobao means that he is only a migrant worker, which is different from his idea Far from it.

   Xu Le’s idea was to find funds to make his online payment platform bigger, to be his own boss, but he didn’t succeed in the end. Once, after listening to Xu Le’s introduction, a partner of a well-known venture capital company said: “You are only 19 years old now, let’s go back and finish reading!”

   After that conversation, Xu Le returned to Tsinghua Park instead of looking for new investors. He thought clearly that although he didn't care about the diploma, he might regret later that he didn't go through the university process. Because college is a very important part of life, even if the career is successful again, it is regrettable that there is no college experience.

   In December 2005, Xu Le was watching the Taiwanese entertainment show "I Guess I Guess Guess" in the school's dormitory. This episode introduced a website that provides trial services in Taiwan. The website is dedicated to promoting sales for merchants, allowing them to provide some products that they wish to promote for registered users to try for free.

   Although this information is mixed in the "Gossip" entertainment news, it touched Xu Le's business inspiration. He checked the development of similar websites in mainland China for the first time, and the search result was: No one has entered this field yet. Blank means business opportunities. The next day, Xu Le registered the domain name of the "trial network". After spending three months and 50,000 yuan, he built the website. But until half a month after the website was built, the above test items were still intact.

   Anxious Xu Le bought dozens of movie tickets and put them on the trial network. Those who surf the Internet can get movie tickets worth dozens of dollars as long as they spend a few dollars. These tickets were robbed in less than a few minutes, and the trial network also had the first batch of users. However, it is not a long-term solution to obtain click-through rate by buying things online. As a result, Xu Le hired several salesmen to look for merchants with product promotion needs and let them provide free trial supplies.

   Try more and more products online, and after a few months, dozens of products have been reached. Consumers can obtain value-for-money products as long as they apply on Xu Le's trial website and pay a small price. Xu Le also made a lot of money by charging netizens. It didn't take long for him to find out that netizens applied for trial supplies very quickly, but companies that could provide products were very limited. It may be a dozen companies a week, but for a website, a dozen events will go online in a few minutes.

   And many companies feel that although the products have been distributed to the trial network, they can't see the feedback from consumers after the trial, and they don't even know who uses it. After one or two times, the company lost interest. If you can't find the company to continue to provide products, the website will not be able to continue.

   One day, Xu Le and his partner Li Zhen went to the restaurant for dinner. At checkout, the waiter took out a form. I hope they can fill out the evaluation of the restaurant dining service, and then leave their name and contact information. Xu Le got excited all at once, and he didn't do enough at this stage!

    Within a few days, Xu Le and the partners developed a new website operation model: you put the product on my trial network, and users will fill in his information to apply, you can use this information Seeing that you can approve, you can put your product in the hands of the users you want. Xu Le wanted to understand this time. In the past, he asked the enterprise for something and then charged the consumer. The new model of Xu Le is for enterprises to choose the target of distribution, and consumers can get the products they want for free. Moreover, the website can organize the consumer information, compile a report and sell it to the company, and then charge the company.

   Once the new model was launched, it attracted many companies. The trial products on the Internet also developed from hundreds of products from more than ten brands to thousands of products from nearly one hundred brands, including all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In July 2006, Xu Le also successfully graduated from Tsinghua University.

   In September of this year, Yimei Softcom wanted to acquire Xu Le's trial network. Xu Le also believed that he might also set up a more successful company, so the two parties began negotiations. After three months of lengthy negotiations, at the end of 2006, Emeisoft acquired the trial network at a price of 39 million yuan. After that, Xu Le took a good rest and he was preparing for the next sail.

   Precipitation, only doing things down to success

  However, Xu Le had no inspiration for the next two years, but watched the trial network more and more prosperous. The funds were quickly acquired and sold quickly. From the outside world's view, the trial network was still successful, but Xu Le thought it was a failure this time. I have always been arrogant and arrogant, thinking about how many large companies I want to make, and the results I have achieved are far worse than expected. During that time, Xu Le had been in a state of mental tension and depression. The mental distress caused the body to function out of conditions, insomnia, anorexia, depression, and even thought about ending his life every day. Under the dual treatment of medicine and travel, his condition eased. But after returning from the trip, he discovered lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and could only perform surgery. This time he lay in bed for 7 months.

  During this period, Xu Le had been thinking about the reasons for his failure. The most important one was that he did not persevere. In November 2010, on the night of the battle between QQ and 360, the education of Xueda founded by Yao Jinbo was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At this time, Xu Lei realized that Xueda Education was established in 2000, and he was very emotional: "Ten years Ah! Can you do one thing for ten years?"

  After several trials of entrepreneurship, Xu Le, who was originally impatient, gradually settled down. He often thinks: Suppose the trial network was not sold, what will happen now? In fact, the group buying model is very popular nowadays, and the trial network that provides test supplies is a kind of path, which is a step forward. If you are still on the trial network, you should be able to find opportunities in the field of group purchases based on accumulated experience and customer resources.

   "Entrepreneurship should think clearly, often the last step." Xu Le concluded. The most critical thing now is how to find the next goal. In May 2010, Xu Le began his fifth entrepreneurial venture-the establishment of the SNSGAME game matrix, and officially entered the game field. This year, Xu Le independently developed a social game called Theme School, which once covered up to one-fifth of users in Taiwan.

  'S rising momentum failed to continue. Xu Le didn't continue to operate this product, but plunged into the development of new games, resulting in the game's life cycle quickly ending. "At that time, I was too concerned, and there were more than 12 social games issued by agents, which made the team do too many things." After that, Xu Le learned another truth-insist on skills, entrepreneurs should be in the right Time does what you can.

   Xu Le, who failed to hand in satisfactory answers on the trial network, knew more about the meaning of persistence. In 2010, several companies were optimistic about the strength of this team and planned to buy the company. Despite their high prices, Xu Le eventually refused to sell. Because once it is sold, it is another thing that has not yet achieved its head, and it stops abruptly in the middle, and it will live in the same shadow as the trial network.

   At present, the two upcoming social games will work closely with distributors in various countries. Xu Le predicts that the scale of profit in 2011 may reach 10 million.

From feeling that you can do everything invincible, to thinking that you are mediocre, to a few major psychological tests, and feeling that you can still do something practically-this is the young entrepreneur Xu Le Growth and change. Looking back on the road I traveled, Xu Le's experience is that young people in their 20s start a business. The biggest problem they encounter is experience and management. By the age of 30, when the resources are adequately prepared, entrepreneurs may have more Chance of outbreak. And now, Xu Le, who has settled down, is still optimistic. He said naughtily: "I heard that Ma Huateng has also had two lumbar disc herniation surgery before. I have also done it. Maybe I will be like him in the future!"



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