Gao Zeyu: Dream starts from the stall economy

2020-06-04 09:34 | Readtime: 8min

      Once a dream, the market economy starts 

  Like all freshmen entering the campus, 21-year-old Gao Zeyu is also curious about Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics. However, the classmates walked through several major attractions on the campus in a day, and Gao Zeyu seemed like a countryman entering the city. For a few days, he was shuttled through the huge campus. Some students ridiculed Gao Zeyu's "soil" mercilessly. It is no wonder that Gao Zeyu was admitted to Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics from a village in Ningxia. At this time, no one knew the true thoughts of Gao Zeyu.

  After the Spring Festival in 2006, one day students were discussing their dreams in life. Many students said that they hope to find a stable job and a stable income after graduation, so that a successful family career can be achieved. However, Gao Zeyu calculated an account for his classmates. If he found a job after graduation, at the current salary of 2,000 yuan for college students, if he mortgaged a 300,000 house, he would pay off if he did not eat or drink for 20 years. So he said that only starting a business can realize his dream of owning a car and a house. At that time, young and even arrogant Gao Zeyu boasted Haikou, "I want to be China's best entrepreneur!"

   Such a "daydream" of course caused more classmates to laugh at, but Gao Zeyu didn't care. He was surrounded by a group of classmates who wanted to change their lives and dreams through the efforts of their own hands. Gao Zeyu told his friends that doing tutoring and handing out flyers are all pediatric businesses. Either the competition is large or the remuneration is low. He decided to lead everyone to set up a booth at the school, so that the cost is low and the start is low. It is also suitable for the mass consumption of students. He mentioned several places suitable for stalls in the school, and everyone realized why he stopped shopping as soon as he entered the campus.

  What is the most suitable thing? People in life pay attention to clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Selling clothes on the ground is not good, because the clothes need to be tried on, and they don’t have the specialty in eating. You don’t have to think about living. Then think about the behavior. College students love sports, sports shoes have become a necessity for every college student, yes, stalls, real sports shoes!

  Finally, with the 5,000 yuan cost of making things together, Gao Zeyu found the general agent of the “Hongxing Erke” sneakers in Urumqi, Xinjiang, and wanted to get a low discount from them. But no matter what he said, because his capital of 5,000 yuan is too little, the other party can only give him a wholesale price of 40%. Gao Zeyu looked enviously at the big distributors who sold a box of sports shoes wholesale. They had a large number of wholesale goods at one time, and they could have a discount of up to 30% off. What a huge profit! Apart from envy, he secretly vowed that he must Be the dealer who gets the lowest discount.

   One day in June 2006, Gao Zeyu and nearly 20 classmates began their first training career on the playground of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics. They used three desks to form a counter, one pair of pairs of sneakers on top, and then worked hard to sell to the alumni.

   Soon, the alumni gathered around, and just sold a few pairs, the school security department rushed over, claiming that no hawking is allowed here. Later, Gao Zeyu invited the head of the department to intercede, and in the end, accommodation could only be sold for one day.

   But all this has made Gao Zeyu happy, because his dream of the market economy has started.

   Two setbacks, the team was hit hard

   The school is no longer set up, Gao Zeyu stared at the surrounding community. Entering the community requires the consent of the property management company, and these people often have big lions, Gao Zeyu and others can’t afford it. What to do 々 Gao Zeyu is still smart. He found the community’s business committee, and the owners sympathized with these self-reliant The proud of the sky, the industry committee came forward to communicate with the property company, Gao Zeyu they can sell shoes in the community. Later, when "negotiation" was held in another community, Gao Zeyu threw out his own condition to repair the sports shoes of the residents of the community free of charge. With this commitment, he also knocked on the door of the community's stall.

A box of boxes of sneakers, Gao Zeyu, they don’t say that there is no truck or the like, not even the simplest means of transportation like a cart, they use a bed sheet to make a backpack, and they start off with dozens of pairs of shoes on their backs. In order to save money, instead of taking the bus, they chose to walk. The problem of eating was to take their naan. Even on hot days, they did not want to buy mineral water, but drank under the tap. Every day, they started to set up stalls around 3 pm and did not return to school until about 12 pm, and then summed up the experience of the day.

This kind of stall method similar to "devil training" quickly caused dissatisfaction among the partners. On the first day of the stall at the school, half of the classmates withdrew from Gao Zeyu's team. They believed that the stall was chased by others. A few weeks later, several classmates could not stand the hard work and chose to quit. In a team of more than 20 people, there were only 5 left in a blink of an eye, and Gao Zeyu was not very interested.

A partner who has been following the team is very puzzled. "We do business not to make money, and to earn money is not to enjoy life," Gao Zeyu told the partners solemnly: "We are just just starting a business. We are still very far from earning money and enjoying. It's a long distance." Then he said his plan: invest every penny you earn into "reproduction", and you must get a 30% off distribution right.

   This way, from the original 5,000 yuan purchase payment, to 6,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan

Gao Zeyu, they did not use their labor income to enjoy, but expanded the scale of operation step by step, the purchase volume continued to increase, the discounts for the products they received were getting lower and lower, and the profits were gradually increasing, from the original Jinhua Park, to Huifang Community, Jiahe Garden, Huimin Community, Jinyang Community... The continuous expansion of the "field" makes their business more and more prosperous.

  The day when the new semester started in September 2006, Gao Zeyu made an amazing move: to suspend school for two years and specialize in his own "ground stall business". He had no time to care about other people's comments, and he began to rush around non-stop in various matters such as purchasing agents, negotiating new sites, and developing markets.

On October 23, 2006, Gao Zeyu, who was developing the market in Xi'an, hurried back to Urumqi. The sight in front of him made him stunned. There was no trace of a large number of sports shoes in the warehouse. The scene was messy. Four partners swept away the team's "property" ", leaving 400,000 debts to Gao Zeyu.

  Everyone thought that Gao Zeyu was about to fall down. He didn't expect him to stand up again a few days later, and started a "street stall business" again with a group of partners. Although there is a shortage of funds, because of the good cooperative relationship with the agents before, people are willing to give him credit first and settle a batch of money when taking the second batch.

In the following two years, Gao Zeyu and his partners expanded their business. In addition to continuing to set up stalls in various communities, they started to open specialty stores and successfully obtained the Xinjiang distributor of a certain brand of sports shoes, "Hongxing Erke" Qualification of the Xi'an regional agent for sports shoes.

  However, in May 2008, the team’s second cooperation crisis broke out again. Several partners who had been together since the first time lost their interest in starting a business. They wanted to divide up their assets and walk on their own. At that moment, Gao Zeyu was indeed discouraged. Such a teamwork relationship has no hope of career development. At the meeting that day, apart from those partners, everyone else burst into tears when they learned that Gao Zeyu was about to disband the team. They blocked the door and shouted to continue their business. That scene made Gao Zeyu tearful and his heart quickly warmed up.

   Gorgeously turned around and re-entered after school

   Gao Zeyu is determined to raise the banner of entrepreneurship again with a group of partners. He has planned several entrepreneurship forums in Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics and Xinjiang Institute of Technology, spreading entrepreneurial experience in the form of lectures, and recruiting more students with entrepreneurial ideals to join. In Gao Zeyu's view, what the market needs for the stalls is the large number of people. The scene of a stall with a few people is completely different, and the effect is very different.

The summer vacation of 2008 is coming. This is the most popular season for the market economy. Gao Zeyu recruited a group of college students for summer jobs. On the one hand, he created the first choice for university students to work, and some outstanding students were also selected as team members. On the other hand, Gao Zeyu’s The stalls have expanded rapidly, spreading all over Xinjiang and surrounding cities.



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