Yin Cheng after 90: Candidate for "Good Youth Around Us"

2020-06-04 09:35 | Readtime: 7min

       Yin Cheng was born in Yantai, Shandong, in February 1990. He studied in the Digital Media Art Department (Professor of Film and Television Production) of Nanguang College of Communication University of China. The reason why he was recommended as a candidate for the "Good Youth Around Us" event sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League lies in his conscious awareness of learning, working, and planning for his future development. 

  wake up

   Yin Cheng's consciousness is not congenital. Until now, Yin Cheng regretted and regretted the half-year he spent in his freshman year.

   Why did he go in those six months? play games.

   Just like most college students, from a tense high school life to a relaxed university life, Yin Cheng's body and mind were released at once. The iconic behavior of letting go is playing games, learning is vice, and playing games is the master.

   The change occurred when Yin Cheng joined the Student Union Propaganda Department in the first semester to design and produce various posters for the student union activities. This didn't seem to be difficult for Yin Cheng, but some classmates didn't like him and looked down on what he did. Slowly, Yin Cheng's life is not so good, because no matter how hard he tries, he is always considered to be in the limelight. From beginning to end, Yin Cheng respected the classmate, but his unwillingness to lose was also inspired. Is it Shandong people? There is a kind of toughness in his bones. From then on, he gave up the game and concentrated on learning. Until today, the more interesting the more, the more interesting the more he wants to learn.

   first pot of gold

   Yin Cheng has loved playing computers since he was a child and knows the hardware well. Now through professional study, he has mastered several graphic design, editing, sound processing, post synthesis and other software. Yin Cheng, who is proficient in computer software and hardware, has always hoped that he can learn and apply it.

   Yincheng's first pot of gold came from a freelancer called Zhu Bajie. It was during the summer vacation of the sophomore year, Yin Cheng occasionally saw Zhubajie on the Internet, and searched for information about the video. I really saw a tender news. It was a forum in Huangqiao Town, Taizhou City. 1 minute promo. Yin Cheng first made a 15-second sample to pass to the other party, and actually won the bid. Originally the other party's quotation was 1600 yuan, but later thought that Yin Cheng was a student and bargained with him, and finally 1200 yuan was sold. Yin Cheng wants to be idle and idle during the holidays. The opportunity to get exercise is primary, and earning money is secondary. Later, after making his film, the other party was very satisfied. Although this "first pot of gold" is not considered to be rich, it gave Yin Cheng a great deal of confidence and showed him that he can learn and apply it. His professional ability is not just a matter of words. Since then, he began to take more jobs, the network is a part, and more come from the school. While doing these tasks, he also felt the trust of the teacher. He worked harder and studied harder, because only a stronger professional ability can complete the work more beautifully. Because there are often projects to be done, it is logical to establish his own small team. He leads the students and students to learn together, work together, learn together to apply, and make progress together.

   Post-90s Yin Cheng believes that success is not about how much money is made to buy a big house and how to drive a good car, but is whether the work done has realized its own value, and how great the sense of accomplishment after the things are done. Compared with most people's pursuit of success, Yin Cheng enjoys the process of things in progress.

   The post-90 pressure winning collection: hard hit

   Yin Cheng is not afraid of pressure, because he believes that there can be a solution to any problem. If there is no solution at present, it has not yet been found. Therefore, in the face of the so-called pressure, Yin Cheng believes that the best way is not to complain, but to do his best, in plain vernacular, even if you are stubborn, you must do it. Eventually, a solution will always be found, and the pressure will naturally be resolved.

   In September 2009, Nanguang University held its 5th anniversary celebration. Yin Cheng was appointed by the teacher as the head of the graphic design team. All posters, program bills, tickets, invitations and other promotional materials need to be completed. Such a large event requires so much design and production, which Yin Cheng has not experienced. The most stressful is the design stage, he needs to contact different teachers and leaders of the college, because his design can only get their approval before proceeding to the next production process. In order to meet the high standards required by the college, he often stayed up late to rush to work, and revised and adjusted over and over again according to the requirements of teachers and leaders. At that time, he often stayed up late to finish things. He held his laptop at the door of the leadership early the next morning and showed it to the leader. Once he got the amendment, he went back to adjust it.

  In March 2010, the college held a student representative conference. At that time, Yin Cheng was the deputy minister of the propaganda department, not just graphic design, but he was responsible for all the propaganda aspects of the entire event. At that time, he was as busy as a spinning top, hundreds of calls a day. He took all the details into consideration. He didn't expect the next day's conference to begin. The unit that originally agreed to borrow the camera for the conference could not lend the camera. The double pressure of physical strength and mentality suddenly made Yin Cheng feel unbearable. He rushed back to the dormitory, tossed his mobile phone, and lay in bed for a full half hour. Then he picked up his phone and started to call out. When he finally borrowed the camera, he took a long breath and was convinced again: there were no unsolvable problems, just look at his own efforts, no effort; Stress, only depends on whether you have the courage to touch.


   Now Yin Cheng is fully devoted to professional study, and at the same time as the vice chairman of the student union, he is busy with work and always feels that there is not enough time.

  Yincheng is a post-90s. Although he disagrees with many negative texts describing post-90s on the Internet, he also believes that the generation of post-90s really pays more attention to the individual than the collective, and pays more attention to life than work. It is precisely because he realizes this clearly that no matter how busy he is, he will not easily give up or fool the work of the student union. This sense of responsibility comes from a gratitude to the teacher's training, and a perseverance to the end since it was done. This sense of responsibility cannot be shaken by any foreign objects.

On May 4, 2011, the "Ode to Youth" hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Jiangsu Youth Federation-a large-scale theme event for young people from all walks of life in Jiangsu to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 92nd anniversary of the May 4th Movement, was held in Nanjing. The Zijin Grand Theater was grandly held, and Yin Cheng was responsible for the video production. At that time, the director of the event was not quite sure about handing over the video of such a big event to a student, but after hearing several work reports from Yin Cheng, he felt relieved. In order to pursue the best audio-visual effects, the video of this evening party is separated from audio and video, and the general video is synchronized with sound and picture. This requirement seems to be nothing, but in the evening party, in order to match the sound and picture, when Yin Cheng played the video, the rhythm of the audio teacher should not be more than half a second. If the sound and picture are not synchronized, the sound is from the previous screen, but the video has already moved to the next screen, which has a bad influence on the party theme to be expressed. But to make no mistakes, only rehearse over and over again. Finally, at the rehearsal scene on the night before the party, Yin Cheng took two students to listen to the audio teacher’s prelude, stared at the lighting teacher’s field lights, and played the video in time to achieve zero errors. 'S teacher and the leaders of the League Provincial Committee let go.

   Where is the secret of this perfect score? Responsibility.



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