Huang Jianhua: NBA's first Chinese boss

2020-06-04 09:36 | Readtime: 12min

      Nanyong's corruption incident was exposed, and the focus of public opinion was directed at the pioneer of China's sports industrialization-the Chinese Football Association. Chinese football has always been a pseudo-market operation from A to Super League, from management to the club, and this is the root of its corruption and shady. 

  Yao Ming is in charge of the Shanghai men's basketball team and learns from the NBA model in management. He said: Even the best brother in the NBA, even a brother or even a father and son, must sign a contract in a commercial club. The American NBA provides an excellent blueprint for the true industrialization of Chinese sports.

  Progress comes from learning, and learning comes from understanding. Huang Jianhua took us into the NBA and into the industrialization of sports.

  Everyone who loves basketball knows the NBA-the American professional basketball league, the most successful professional basketball league in the world. At the end of May 2009, a "mysterious" Chinese businessman Huang Jianhua became the first Chinese owner of an NBA team after completing the acquisition of 15% of the Cleveland Cavaliers and its home loan center. In October, Huang Jianhua aimed at the Chinese Professional Basketball League (CBA) and acquired the Jilin team in one fell swoop to enter the mainland sports market. In just a few months, "Huang Jianhua" became the focus of discussion among Chinese fans.

  Badminton teenager running through the United States

   A few months ago, not many people knew about "Huang Jianhua". It was not until he acquired the team of "Emperor" (NBA famous star James) that he quickly entered the people's field of vision. With the continuous exposure of the media, Huang Jianhua's "outstanding background" is displayed in front of people: the first Chinese to enter the New York Stock Exchange, the famous New York Yankees partner, the Houston Rockets partner, the New York Yankees in The promoter of Greater China, the professional baseball league and the youth baseball league capitalist... Now Huang Jianhua is a successful businessman, and 30 years ago, he was also a badminton player at Guangzhou Sports School.

  On September 12, 1964, Huang Jianhua was born in Guangzhou. His grandparents were both badminton players. In the 1960s and 1970s, Chinese and Indonesian badminton team athletes appeared in the family. Under the influence of his family, Huang Jianhua started professional badminton training at the age of 9, from the Guangdong Provincial Youth Sports School to the youth team. The best result in the Guangzhou competition is sixth. Later, Huang Jianhua took a different path, and his teammates then hit the national team.

  In 1980, 16-year-old Huang Jianhua and his teammates faced the crossroads of life: sports and education. He resolutely chose the latter. Huang Jianhua's liberal arts. At that time, the college entrance examination only tested geography, political economy, history, and language, but not mathematics. Therefore, his college entrance examination scores were very good, and there was no problem going to a major domestic university. But Huang Jianhua did not want to be too far from home, so he chose Guangzhou's most famous Zhongshan University.

  When choosing a major, his mother, a professor in the English Department, suggested that he learn English, but Huang Jianhua had his own idea. Huang Jianhua, who has been in contact with English since he was young, has little interest in English. He decided to learn Japanese that he was not very familiar with. At that time, the age gap between the classmates was large. Huang Jianhua was the youngest in the class, but had the best grades.

After graduating from university, Huang Jianhua stayed at the school to teach. However, this "easy" job did not attract him much. He decided to quit his job and study in the United States.

   Layered tests, Wall Street has a "yellow face"

  In the autumn of 1984, Huang Jianhua came to Columbia University in New York. From the beginning of entering Columbia University, Huang Jianhua discovered that once there is a baseball or rugby game, the students around him will have a lot of discussions and discussions. Huang Jianhua felt that chatting with his classmates was a good way to learn language and socialize, so he took the initiative to go to football games. The dream of "owning a football team" germinated in Huang Jianhua's heart.

  In addition to football, Huang Jianhua also pays attention to baseball. Baseball has always been a hot topic in middle-class and even high-level social exchanges in the United States. Many social activities between them are often held in the stands of baseball games. "There are more than 100 baseball games each season, and you can spend a lot of time communicating with Americans. Sometimes going to watch baseball is not exactly going to the game-this is an opportunity to exchange feelings, everyone draws relationships, Chatting, this is the social and cultural foundation of the United States." Huang Jianhua said, "Using it as a platform to communicate, this is not what rugby can do." Since then, Huang Jianhua began to explore the infinite business opportunities in the sports industry.

   In 1988, Huang Jianhua graduated from Columbia University. At the time, the New York Stock Exchange happened to need an Asian master student who could speak English, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese at the same time. Huang Jianhua, who met all the conditions, decided to try his luck.

On the day of application, Huang Jianhua saw countless Asian faces, and everyone was ashamed. Although Huang Jianhua lacked professional terminology and was unfamiliar with financial business, he was able to quickly intersperse Putonghua, Japanese, Cantonese and English in a minute, with clear ideas. Huang Jianhua's excellent psychological quality left a deep impression on the chief judge. In the end, Huang Jianhua passed five rounds of assessment and entered the New York Stock Exchange. For the first time, a "yellow face" with black eyes and black hair appeared on the New York Stock Exchange.

   Game with Jewish people

   No one can be smooth sailing forever in the game in the financial market. "Of course, when any investor has an investment mistake, I am no exception." Especially when dealing with savvy Jews, Huang Jianhua has experienced the same pains.

  Once, he talked with a big New York real estate developer, who was also a Jew. "Everyone had a very smooth conversation before, and they looked very harmonious. But unexpectedly, just before the cooperation was finalized, the Jew turned over at the last minute because he was dissatisfied with the distribution of benefits."

   This incident has left Huang Jianhua with a fresh memory. "The Chinese emphasize harmony, and friends come first, then business. But Jews are different. In their view, maximizing their own interests is the most important. This may be related to their history."

   But at the same time, the Jews were indeed his teachers in the business field. Huang Jianhua said he admires two people most, one is Alexander and the other is NBA head Stern. Both of them are Jews.

  In the pursuit of wealth, Huang Jianhua tried to stand on an equal footing with these elites while learning from the Jews. "In the New York Stock Exchange, Americans, especially Jews, are the mainstream. It is difficult for you to sit on par with them, and you will always be crushed. You will always be working." Huang Jianhua, who is not willing to develop too little space, uses the connections accumulated during work , Began to do wealth management for some super rich.

Because he was one of the few Asians who were familiar with the operation of Wall Street capital at the time, Huang Jianhua made money faster.His customers started from Japanese rich people and slowly became the favorite of non-Asian super rich people, thus completing the original accumulation of their wealth. . After that, he went back to work with the people at the top of the American wealth circle. "At this time, you are no longer working for him. Instead, you are a small shareholder, and he is a large shareholder. This is different. Slowly. "At the end, it's half a person." Huang Jianhua said that some laws of the capital market must be seen clearly. Step by step, "no one can eat big fat in one bite."

  Another secret of Huang Jianhua's success is the principle of win-win, or at least win-win. "This is the virtue of our Chinese people. Most of the wealth controllers in the United States are Jews. They like to fight for each other, and advocate the winner as the king. And I like to win together. Although it is difficult, it can eventually win the respect of the trading opponents. , Turn them into friends and work together again," he said.

  Meet the NBA and invest in the sports industry

  In 1995, Huang Jianhua, who hoped to set up another hill, temporarily withdrew from the financial circle. At this time, an accidental opportunity made him interested in the NBA.

  Huang Jianhua bought a mansion in the affluent area on the shore of Lake Orlando, and next to his villa was a black aunt who was very tall. Huang Jianhua, who likes to communicate by nature, became friends with this black aunt. The two talked speculatively and visited each other from time to time: Aunt always sent Huang Jianhua food such as dim sum that she personally made; Huang Jianhua also told Aunt Tian some of the anecdotes he experienced. Here, Huang Jianhua learned that the aunt is the mother of a famous NBA star, and the house she lives in is a son who honors her for her retirement.

Compared to professional baseball and professional football, Huang Jianhua is not very familiar with the NBA. Until one day, the aunt's son came to see her mother, it surprised Huang Jianhua-it turned out that the aunt's star son was actually still at the Magic. "Big Shark" O'Neill. Although he is unfamiliar with the NBA, Huang Jianhua still knows that Oran Multimedia was covering the O'Neill genius rookie.

In the 1994-1995 season, the Magic led by O'Neill reached the finals. O'Neill came to her mother to give her the VIP seat tickets for the finals. The aunt sent a few tickets to Huang Jianhua, let him go to the scene to watch the ball, cheer for his son. Therefore, Huang Jianhua experienced the enthusiasm of the NBA for the first time.

  This experience of watching the game has laid a subtle foreshadowing for Huang Jianhua's future life.

  Before Huang Jianhua acquired the Cavaliers, his most recognized identity was "Partner of Rocket Owner Alexander". The two met in the capital market of New York and had a lot of cooperation and exchanges in business. Because of the Chinese identity and familiarity with China, Alexander, who has never been to China, also handed over a large amount of rocket business in the Chinese market to Huang Jianhua. In the cooperation between Huang Jianhua and Alexander, the Rockets are only one of them. The two also cooperate in the field of philanthropy: Huang Jianhua is responsible for operating the Alexander Unified Charity Fund and has just donated two Hope Primary Schools in China. In addition, Huang Jianhua and Alexander are doing wine business together, and the two are working together to acquire the world's best wine brand "Latu".

Obviously, Huang Jianhua, who is already a "Partner of the Yankees", is not satisfied with "Partner of Alexander". He hopes to become the owner of an NBA team, have greater say, and at the same time develop and deepen the Chinese market .

  To build a charity sports alliance

  After acquiring 15% of the shares of the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers and its home loan center and becoming the first Chinese NBA team owner, Huang Jianhua has repeatedly said that he is most concerned about the Chinese domestic basketball market. Such speculation has become a fact-Huang Jianhua and the CBA team "Jilin Siberian Tiger" signed a framework agreement, the ultimate goal is to enter the home team.

In fact, Huang Jianhua has been in contact with the CBA team for quite a long time. Xin Lancheng, director of the China Basketball Management Center, initially recommended four teams to Huang Jianhua, namely Jilin, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Shanghai. In early October 2009, Huang Jianhua specifically talked about the "three principles" of cooperation during the inspection of the project in Yunnan: corporate culture, corporate owner or the first shareholder, product differences. Such "three principles" are what Zhang Aijun, the present owner of the Jilin Siberian Tiger, values most, and finally prompted him to decide to cooperate with Huang Jianhua.

  Because of his extensive connections on Wall Street, and because of his successful experience in the capital operation market, Huang Jianhua did a very good job in the investment field. When he was young and relaxed, he did two projects easily, and he "did not worry about eating and drinking." But he did not choose this chic way of life, but actively operated his own charity. "My goal is to be a philanthropist so that 15,000 elementary schools across China can have their own sports facilities for free."

Huang Jianhua, together with his investment partner and young owner of the New World Group, Zheng Zhigang, established the QSL Youth Sports Development Fund, hoping to use his influence in the sports industry to promote the development of sports and promote the development of philanthropic activities and Chinese youth sports. Sports development. "In the final analysis, sports is the carrier, and charity is the purpose." Huang Jianhua said: "It is our originality to convert the investment in sports into a carrier of charity, and my main personal income is still in the capital market and the stock market. The characteristics of our charity model are open, whether individuals or businesses can participate. We don’t want to highlight the names of individuals, we want to highlight the names of companies."

It can be said that the sports industry is just the tip of the iceberg of Huang Jianhua’s investment project. He also has a “broad” plan: “I am currently positioning myself for life in finance and charity. I hope to be a successful financial investor and Philanthropists... My biggest wish is to create a sports league for charity."



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