Zhou Hua, founder of a multinational real estate investment

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       From China to the United States and from Beijing to Sydney, in Zhou Hua's development trajectory, he likes to use "from bicycle to Bentley" to describe his achievements. From the initial AU$4000 to Australia alone, he has now successfully established his own wealth kingdom-Australia Asia Pacific Investment Group. In the continuous pursuit and struggle, Zhou Hua's transportation has changed from that old bicycle to a brand new one. Bentley Motors 

Zhou Hua: Entrepreneurship has started from "zeroing". Now, Zhou Hua has successfully established his own real estate investment brand in Sydney. After more than 6 years of rapid development, the Asia-Pacific Group has recommended tens of worth to thousands of investors. A$100 million in real estate. Even in the market environment of global economic recession and sluggish real estate investment last year, the Asia-Pacific Group still generated hundreds of millions of Australian dollars. His successful experience is not only an example for quasi-immigrant groups who want to go abroad to fight for their careers in foreign countries, but also provides experience and lessons for how to invest in overseas markets and participate in overseas competition.

   In 1984, two college students talked about "wishes" in the 232 dormitory on the 32nd floor of Peking University. One said "My biggest wish is to own a brand-new permanent bicycle", and the other said "My biggest wish is to own a Porsche car".

   25 years have passed. In December 2009, these two classmates met at Peking University, and the wealth they now have far exceeded their original "wishes". Yu Minhong wants the "permanent bicycle", he is now the chairman and president of New Oriental Education Technology Group; Zhou Hua, who wants the "porsche car", he is now the president of Australia Asia Pacific Investment Group.

  Do things by yourself

   In 1991, Zhou Hua resolutely gave up his career as a diplomat with a promising future. With a dream of 4,000 Australian dollars, he started his business in Australia with dreams. At that time, he had only one purpose. Through his own efforts, he started from scratch and achieved career success.

  Before going to university, Zhou Hua claimed to be a "very simple, but unyielding person who does things on his own". He forced himself to do well what he thought was worth doing. While studying at Peking University, he asked himself to get up at 5 o'clock every morning to practice spoken English. By the time he graduated from university in four years, he had changed from being afraid to speak English to being one of the best students in the class.

   In 1991, Zhou Hua and his wife, He Xiaoye, came to Australia with 4,000 Australian dollars.

   When he first arrived in Australia, Zhou Hua went to interview for several jobs, but all failed because he did not have "local experience". Later, he applied for a delivery service for a pizzeria. In addition, he was responsible for closing the store door and scrubbing the floor "with great enthusiasm." He delivered pizza in the evening and knocked door-to-door to sell goods during the day. He had to knock at least 200 houses every day.

"A few months ago, I was still a person called "Your Excellency" on a diplomatic occasion, but now I'm knocking door to door on the street to sell goods." "I used to be a diplomat, but now I'm nothing, there is nothing to complain about. What about it?" Zhou Hua firmly believed: "No matter how many times it is rejected, always knock on the next door."

  Thinking changes, life changes. In the next seven years since 1991, Zhou Hua has done insurance business and various small businesses. Although his life has improved significantly, this life is not what he wants. So he chose to give up again and again, he always believes that if you do not achieve the desired result within a reasonable time, you should consider either changing the way you do things or changing the channel, but you can never give up your dream.

   "Take everyday work as a part of pursuing dreams"

   In 1998, Zhou Hua, a colleague who had done insurance together, inspired Zhou Hua. His friend had 25 commercial houses in just a few years because of his real estate business. Three years later, the friend became a millionaire by selling these properties. The friend's experience deeply affected Zhou Hua. He realized that "the previous road was wrong", so he gave up the translation company that had already achieved something and started to engage in real estate investment.

  He first applied to the future group to be an ordinary employee. After several years of ups and downs, Zhou Hua achieved a position with an annual income of more than 2 million Australian dollars. However, he left again in the surprise of others, joined the Aude Group, and established the Aude Group Sydney branch in October 2003. After several years of hard work, Aussie's sales reached A$1.5 billion.

In July 2006, Zhou Hua gave up the shares of all other companies under the Australian Emperor Group and became the full and sole shareholder of the Australian Emperor Sydney Company.At the same time, the company was renamed the Asia-Pacific Group. On August 15, the Melbourne branch of the Asian-Pacific Group was established. The Adelaide branch of the Asia-Pacific Group was established on September 15. In a few years, the Asia-Pacific Group has recommended properties worth billions of Australian dollars to thousands of investors.

Zhou Hua, who is gentle and gentle in appearance, is actually an ambitious adventurer. His time-to-zero and decisive decisions at critical moments in his life clearly highlight his ambition and adventurous spirit.

"I am proud of the decision to give up everything and start from scratch, and I am very grateful and loving for my motherland and my second hometown-Australia." Zhou Hua said when recalling the choice at the time, "When I was very young I have developed a very strong self-confidence, and I will never fail. This near-natural self-confidence, coupled with the courage to dare to do what others do not want to do, has made me achieve some results in life He has created his own kingdom of wealth. For me, all of this is due to the perseverance we have learned in China’s growth and the possibility that Australian society provides us."

   "If we take every day's work as part of the pursuit of dreams, then our work will become much more interesting." On Zhou Hua's development path, dreams have always been a beacon in the distance, guiding him firmly and clearly. After 7 years of hard work, he was not satisfied with his small achievements.

  Zhou Hua's dedication to dreams and success is the key to his success. He is always sensible and sober. He will not stop pursuing his footsteps because of small achievements. He will not hesitate to abandon huge achievements, choose to return to zero, and move towards his dream. Zhou Hua is constantly refreshing the "CV" of entrepreneurship. Zhou Hua, who is good at dreams, has also set up a series of "dreams" for his Asia-Pacific Group. The last link of "Asia-Pacific Dreams" is to give back to society through charity and help ordinary people succeed and become rich.

   "The biggest risk in life is not taking any risks"

   "Many people avoid risk, and successful people will analyze the risk." Zhou Hua said, good at analyzing risk and having the ability to manage risk makes him steadily advance on the entrepreneurial road.

   On December 14, 2009, the cold wind was biting. In order to listen to Zhou Hua's inspirational report, the sunshine lecture hall of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University was full. Zhou Hua sincerely said to college students: "No matter what industry you are in or what kind of work you do, as long as you are outstanding and top-notch, society will pay tribute to you." , As long as it is something you can think of and believe in, you can do it."

   For most college students, how to make money in the future is an important issue that plagues them. "How much money you want to make is up to you. If you are not sure, others will decide for you." Zhou Hua said.

  Zhou Hua realized that the traditional form of education is certainly important, but there is still a slight deficiency in the cultivation of young people in leadership style, goal setting, interpersonal exchanges, making money and investment. Providing entrepreneurship education for young people has become another goal of Zhou Hua. He hopes to lead more Chinese youths to become entrepreneurs and provide entrepreneurship opportunities for more compatriots.

   Today, Yu Minhong and Zhou Hua's wishes in the university era have already been realized in advance. The assets owned by Yu Minhong do not know how many bicycles can be bought, and Zhou Hua also drives a brand-new Bentley on Sydney Street. When they met in 2009, they started talking about a new "dream"-the establishment of a successful college, Yu Minhong was responsible for language training, and Zhou Hua was responsible for teaching successful methods.

  Looking forward to the "Boeing 737 era"

  Zhou Hua is a person who never stops, he is always thinking, "What is the next goal?"

Although he has already reached the dream of starting a million when he first started his business in Australia, and his career in the Kingdom of Fortune Asia Pacific Group has steadily developed, but he has a new dream: that is to build the Asia-Pacific Group to be worth 1 billion Australian dollars or even 10 billion. Australian dollar multinational corporation.

  This is a bold declaration, but Zhou Hua is not afraid to make such a bold declaration public. In his view, 1 billion Australian dollars is only 100 million yuan. "I'm already playing a million-dollar and ten-million-dollar business game. I just need to gather and retain 1,000 million yuan."

Zhou Hua is an entrepreneur who dares to take risks, but without operating and managing a fast-growing large enterprise, he clearly realizes that he cannot lead an enterprise to take risks, let alone take the job and future of the company's employees. In the children's play, he found a mentor for himself, a former president who had successfully run a $1 billion company, and served as a consultant for his development and long-term corporate planning. With the development of the company, Zhou Hua plans to expand its business to mainstream society and overseas, and eventually become a multinational real estate investment service platform



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