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   The baby had a pair of glasses on his face and smiled naively, but his words and manners showed a calmness that was not consistent with his age. This is 23-year-old Lu Chengdui. He was born in a farmhouse in Cangnan County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. In September 2007, he entered Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College. On September 25, 2009, when reading the newspaper, Xiao Lu saw a report in the tableware beautician who wanted to pass on the first hand, saying that a young man named Shang Jianwei could repair any broken dishes. As clean as new. He opened a tableware repair shop in Wenzhou, and the business condition is still good, but because he has not been able to grow his business, he now wants to transfer the technology to entrepreneurs for a fee. This news made Lu pile a lot of excitement, and the sensitive sense of business told him that this unpopularity should be promising!

On the same day, he found Shang Jianwei's tableware repair shop through the newspaper office. The Hubei guy showed Lu Chengdui some of his repaired ceramic dishes. Lu Chengdui was surprised to find that he could not see the repairing traces with his naked eyes. He could not help but admire: "You are really a superb tableware beauty "Teacher!" After talking, he learned that Shang Jianwei had been in Wenzhou for 3 years, and worked in the engineering equipment department of a big hotel in the city before starting his business. The hotel has held several energy-saving and consumption-reducing meetings and mobilized employees to find ways to reduce the hotel's operating costs. Shang Jianwei has kept in mind.

One day, Shang Jianwei saw a lot of discarded porcelain bowls and plates stacked in the kitchen, many of which just broke a corner or knocked out a small gap, he had an idea at that time: if these tableware can be carried out Repair it, you can save a lot of money! Shang Jianwei then went to Jingdezhen and Foshan to study pottery and ceramic restoration techniques. When he came back, he started his own business while repairing tableware in the hotel where he worked. However, due to his introverted personality and lack of funds, his business has not opened up, so he wanted to transfer technology abroad.

  Lu Duo immediately started a market survey. He found that many high-end restaurants and star-rated hotels have a high rate of tableware breakage, and they have strict requirements for tableware. Slightly cracked or notched dishes will be resolutely no longer used. There are more than 1.5 million coffee cups. Repurchasing these high-end tableware requires at least 20-30 million yuan, and the repair cost is only 5 yuan per piece, which is only equivalent to 1/10 of the replacement of new tableware. Lu Chengdui's rough calculation shows that Wenzhou's local market share exceeds 7 million yuan every year! Tableware repair is undoubtedly a new entrepreneurial project that turns waste into treasure, and he decided to get involved in this business.


After some discussion, Shang Jianwei agreed to provide the technology by himself, Lu Chengdui was responsible for market expansion and operation, and the two started a business together.

  After applying for a business loan of 50,000 yuan for college students, in September 2009, Lu Chengdui established Wenzhou and even the country's first "bowl filling company"-Porcelain Jazz Tableware Repair Co., Ltd. At the same time, he also applied for a patent for the invention of tableware restoration, and improved the technology of Shang Jianwei's manual grinding of porcelain to electric machine grinding to improve work efficiency.

  After everything was ready, Lu Chengdui began to solicit business in some hotels and restaurants. Unexpectedly, as soon as I heard that this stylishly dressed young man turned out to be "repairing a bowl", people were often amused on the spot. Xiao Lu came prepared and immediately took out several high-end porcelain bowls and porcelain plates from the handbag and explained: "This is the tableware we have repaired. Can you see where there are repair marks? In fact, we have It is a new type of patented technology, which is much more superb than that of the tinker who walks the streets."

  Because it is a new thing, some hotel and restaurant owners simply do not believe in the existence of such a technology that “repairs broken tableware as new”. In order to gain the trust of the other party, Lu Chengdui quickly came up with a "free + compensation" promotion strategy: before signing the cooperation agreement, he can repair 100 pieces of tableware for customers for free; after the hotel is used, if the repair effect is not satisfactory He is willing to re-purchase new tableware of equal quantity and quality for customers as "compensation". This move quickly aroused the interest of many high-end hotels and restaurants.

   But at the same time, a boss also raised a question: "Will there be any chemical reaction after the tableware is repaired, which endangers the health of the guests?" Lu Chengdui couldn't help but "chuck": Yeah! The security issue is bigger than the sky, and he has not considered this layer. He immediately said: "If you are not assured, I can take the repaired tableware to the quality supervision department for testing."

  Two weeks after the inspection, Xiao Lu and others received good news: the tableware repaired by their company was clean and non-toxic, and the repaired raw materials were also environmentally friendly and safe. After seeing the test report from Lu Chengdui, the boss was overjoyed: "We have more than 100,000 yuan of dishes per year in each store, and four stores have more than 400,000. If it can really be dilapidated The repair of the tableware is as good as new, and it only takes more than 60,000 yuan a year!" On the same day, he let Lu Chengdui take away all the damaged tableware in the store, and said that if the repair effect satisfied him, he would Long-term cooperation with Xiaolu's company.

  Seeing that Lula came to a pile of damaged tableware, Shang Jianwei was very excited, and immediately led the employees into the "tableware beauty" work. The entire repair process is divided into four parts: paste, polishing, glaze spraying, and baking. Finally, the original "old and weak" porcelain bowls and plates can be replaced with new look and become dazzling!

  After two weeks of overtime work, Lu Chengdui handed over to the boss three days before the agreed deadline. When he saw the new box of cutlery in front of him, the restaurant owner couldn't help but stunned. He asked doubtfully: "Is this the broken cutlery taken from my shop?" "It's true, this is what we repaired for you Good tableware." Xiao Lu said proudly. On the same day, the other party not only happily paid Lu Chengdui a repair fee of more than 40,000 yuan, but also signed a long-term cooperation agreement with him.

   The first battle is over! Lu Chengdui could not help singing loudly while driving back to the company.


By the time he graduated from university in July 2010, Lu Chengdui had established cooperative relations with 8 hotels and restaurants in Wenzhou, but the young man was not satisfied with the status quo. His next goal was to make all local star hotels and guesthouses. Become your own partner! However, when selling business to these "heavyweight" customers, he repeatedly hit the wall. Shang Jianwei, who has working experience in hotels, broke the mystery: "The hotel procurement department can get rebates when buying tableware, and the appearance of the tableware repair company just broke the money path of others." Xiao Lu suddenly realized. After much thought and meditation, Lu Chengdui decided to present the stakes to the purchaser. After all, if the tableware breakage rate is too high, the hotel operator will also deduct the bonus and salary from the purchase department. In this way, letting the damaged tableware of star-rated hotels go to Lu piled companies to do "beauty", it has become a joy for the hotel operators, purchasing departments, and Xiao Lu!

  The companies that piled up in Lu gradually gained a good reputation and reputation in Wenzhou, and many hotels began to take the initiative to find a door to discuss cooperation with him. By the beginning of 2011, Xiao Lu had established long-term cooperative relations with 28 hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in Wenzhou. His company could repair more than 1,200 pieces of tableware every day. Seeing the business of tableware repairing this unpopular business, Xiaolu's competitors quickly appeared. In April 2011, two of his technical backbones were suddenly taken away by high salary. Subsequently, they helped Xindongjia set up another tableware repair company in Wenzhou, and Lu Chengdui grabbed business. Since the repair cost was lower than that of "Porcelain Jazz", they even took away the tableware repair business of two star hotels from Xiaolu.

  Lu piled up with pains and pains, and immediately made a series of adjustments to the company's management methods to prevent the core technology from being stolen. Of course, prevention alone is not enough. Lu Chengdui has designed a set of employee reward system. According to the contribution of each outstanding worker, he will give each other a certain percentage of the company’s shares, which can be obtained according to the middle and end of the year. Dividend twice. The employees were delighted by this move, and since then everyone has been more motivated, because they are not only working for the boss, but also earning company shares for themselves!

After the business became stable and large, Lu Chengdui did not dare to relax at all. He asked everyone to concentrate on the repair technology of all kinds of porcelain. "We can take jobs that others can't take, and we can repair equipment that others can repair!" Only in this way can our company become the industry leader."

  After several months of hard work, the company quickly extended the repair objects from porcelain bowls to stone pots, pottery, ancient ceramics, and even the bathing utensils of the hotel. They use a special repair process to repair the gold-plated, silver-edged and tableware with exquisite glaze patterns, leaving no traces. Of course, the repair cost of bathing utensils and such luxury tableware is also high, and this item alone can bring a lot of income to Lu Chengdui every month.

Considering that the national tableware repair market share is hundreds of millions of yuan each year, it is difficult to achieve "full occupation" by itself. Since last summer, Lu Chengdui has been operating in addition to the "tableware and beauty" business of his own company. Opened a chain store. He is responsible for providing machines and repair materials to the franchisees, and performing unified management. The other party must pay him the franchise fee according to the scale of the operation. He has expanded to 97 tableware repair chain stores nationwide!

   Today, Ludui's company has more than 400 square meters of office buildings and training and processing bases. He also personally gained an amazing wealth of nearly 6 million yuan through more than two years of wisdom management. In the next step, Lu Chengdui will also form a professional team to develop an automatic repair tableware assembly line equipment, through technological transformation and upgrading, to deal with more and more business. Based on his keen business vision and courageous personality, I believe that the post-85 boy's road to environmental protection will be wider and wider!



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