Chen Ying: "Bath" the ATM machine

2020-06-04 09:38 | Readtime: 9min

      In China, no matter which city, the ATMs of banks are definitely indispensable in the slightly bustling streets. These ATMs have been exposed for many years, and there are many people who withdraw money. A large number of bacteria can be invisible on the fuselage, posing a serious threat to people's health. Many people just complained and complained about this, but Chen Ying, who used his brains to find business opportunities, found a business specifically for "bathing" ATM machines. Relying on this trick, in just over 2 years, she magically made more than 10 million yuan! 

  How can Chen Ying create such a miracle, and how quickly became a millionaire sister? Let's take a look at her magical wealth creation story below!

  Huiyan discovers "unpopular" business opportunities

  Chen Ying is a smart and uneasy Shanxi girl. After graduating from the School of Foreign Languages of Shanxi University in 2007, she applied to a group company in Beijing as an assistant to the general manager with excellent professional knowledge and good temperament.

  However, this white-collar job looks beautiful, but Chen Ying has a feeling of physical and mental exhaustion. She should not only be responsible for the management of the daily documents of the CEO, to prepare for various meetings, but also to accompany the customer to dinner and the CEO. The company's drivers do not understand foreign languages and often cause inconvenience to receiving foreign guests, so the boss sent her to learn to drive and take up the task of receiving foreign guests. There is also a fierce clash of factions in the company. If she is accidentally involved, she will be involved in the battle of intrigue. This working environment makes her very upset.

  In May 2009, Chen Ying resigned resolutely. She wanted to find a job after taking a break, but an accidental discovery took her on the road to entrepreneurship-

One day in June 2009, when Chen Ying and a friend went out to do business and lined up to withdraw money at an ATM machine on the street side of Beijing’s Xicheng District, she heard a female customer complaining in dissatisfaction, "This cash machine is really dirty, Withdrawing money makes me allergic!" It turned out that after the operation on the ATM machine, she gently scratched her neck twice. As a result, under the stimulation of sweat, the woman's neck appeared twice. A string of red pimples, it hurts and itches. When it was Chen Ying’s turn to withdraw money, the level of contamination on the ATM machine really surprised her: the operation desk was covered with dust, the metal buttons, dripping ice cream and oil stains were everywhere, plus the long time no one cleaned up, the stains became a piece Block dirt. At this time, Chen Ying's friends also told her about her experience: "Once, I accidentally rubbed my eyes after taking the money on the ATM machine. After returning home, my eyes were red and itchy, and then I became infected.' "Red eye disease" caused me to wear sunglasses to go out that week, annoying people!"

After witnessing the harm of the "healthy killer" of dirty ATMs, many people just complained, but Chen Ying thought: Every bank will put some ATMs on different streets away from the business hall to facilitate the public to withdraw money. These machines have always been under-managed, and the consoles and keyboards are often dark and dirty, and they will definitely breed bacteria. So, is there any good way to clean and disinfect the ATM machine? If so, will it be a very "money way" entrepreneurial project?

When searching for related materials on the Internet with curiosity, Chen Ying saw a news that surprised her: medical experts in British scientific research institutions found that their keyboards are the same as public toilets after testing some ATMs in the city center. Contains a large number of Pseudomonas and rod-shaped bacteria, these two types of bacteria can cause nausea and vomiting and bacterial diarrhea and other diseases. Each time we use an ATM machine, we must touch the keyboard at least 10 times. Experts suggest that if you have operated the cash machine without washing your hands or using wet wipes, you cannot touch your eyes, nose, and mouth; if you have a wound on your finger, if you directly operate the ATM machine, bacteria will quickly enter the body and Cause a variety of diseases!

   Surprised, Chen Ying couldn't help being overjoyed: Since there is no company or individual doing ATM machine cleaning on the Internet, it seems that this unpopular business has not yet been involved! So she decided to seize the business opportunities one step ahead and become a pioneer in this industry. Online data shows that by 2012, China will have 500,000 automatic teller machines, surpassing the United States and becoming the country with the largest use of ATMs. It can be seen from this that the prospects for doing ATM machine cleaning business should be very broad!

After some investigation and interviews, Chen Ying found that the main reason why the ATM machine was not cleaned was that the banks and the public did not realize that the ATM opportunity was a machine that "smudges and dirt", and the bank thought that it used wet towels every once in a while. It's all right after wiping. But where do they know that this kind of cleaning method can't kill the bacteria hidden in the keyboard gap, the spit, and the card.

   Bringing "Unique Formula" to New Fields of Nuggets

   In order to explore the best cleaning method for ATM, Chen Ying first took out a white telephone set that was eliminated at home and started a cleaning experiment. She wiped the phone with soapy water, detergent, and other decontamination products, but the dirt that had accumulated on it for many years did not respond. Chen Ying reluctantly searched the Internet and really found that there are many decontamination products on the Internet for sale, most of them in Guangzhou. After contacting a manufacturer, she mail-ordered several bottles of each item in preparation for testing.

  After receiving the goods, Chen Ying learned from the instruction manual that every decontamination product has a specific target, some are used for decontamination of metal products, and some are used for decontamination of plastic products. After some testing, she found with frustration that using metal product detergents to clean plastic products would obviously produce a certain degree of corrosivity; and using plastic product detergents to clean metal products was similar. But the operation platform of the ATM machine is plastic, the keyboard is metal, and some parts are made of a mixture of the two. If these detergents are used, the machine will be damaged.

  How can I make a product suitable for cleaning ATM? One day, when Chen Ying was passing by a decoration site, he was greatly inspired by a master to mix paints: the paint can only produce stable properties if it has a ratio. Can detergents do this? Back home, she picked up the bottles and jars on the table to start the experiment, and according to her understanding, added some chemical potions and protective ingredients. After repeated failures, Chen Ying's original white and delicate fingers were also severely burned by the chemical potion. In desperation, she thought of asking some chemistry teachers in colleges and universities.

In mid-July 2009, Chen Ying’s uncle came to Beijing for a business trip. He visited Chen Ying and learned that Chen Ying had quit his job. All day long, he was shutting down in a rental house to do "chemical research". Do not do a good job, but put time and energy into this headless and brainless thing."

After returning home, Uncle told Chen Ying’s mother about Chen Ying’s situation. Mother Chen was terrified and called her three times and five times to warn her: “You should find a stable job again. , Your dad and I went to Beijing to get you back!" In order to prevent parents from worrying about themselves, Chen Ying simply lied that he had given up research and found a new job with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan, which deceived his parents .

Under the guidance of several industry insiders, Chen Ying finally saw the long-awaited magic scene through more than two months of hard work-one day in August 2009, when she used the newly prepared detergent to cooperate A bamboo charcoal fiber multifunctional cleaning cloth purchased online, gently wiped on the phone, the old dirt is gone, and the phone is as bright as new. The experiment was finally successful! Chen Ying jumped and jumped with excitement.

   The next day, she took her product and tried it on the ATM of a bank. Unexpectedly, she just took a cleaning cloth dipped in cleaning fluid and gently wiped it on the operating platform, keyboard, and card slot. After two minutes of busyness, the black stains on the cash machine were completely removed by her, and No damage to metal or plastic!

When the cleaning staff of the bank saw the refreshed ATM machine, she was very surprised. She said that she cleaned the two ATM machines outside the business hall once a week, but she couldn’t clean the “psoriasis” on it. . "What new product are you using, it wipes well and quickly, just like the new one!" Chen Ying smiled without a word-it can be affirmed by the cleaning staff, which is enough to show that his product works well and there must be a market prospect!

   Then, Chen Ying's family sold the new decontamination products they developed to the banks one by one. However, it was not satisfactory, because the banks were not interested in cleaning ATM machines and were skeptical about Chen Ying’s products. The head of a bank said: "How do I know that the cleaner you developed is Isn’t it non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive? In case of cleaning with these cleaners, what harm will the operator’s body do, we should be responsible if something goes wrong!"

In order to dispel the concerns of the bank, Chen Ying took her ATM machine cleaning product to the Beijing Technical Supervision Bureau for a safety test. The result surprised her very much: the product does not contain any harmful raw materials and is not corrosive to the machine , In full compliance with China's "Synthetic Detergent Production Standards". Since then, every time when pulling business, Chen Ying will show this quality inspection report to customers, and promise to let the bank experience the service of "ATM machine bath" for free.

   One day in October 2009, Chen Ying came to the Jiefang Road branch of Beijing Commercial Bank to contact the business. When the head of the branch saw that the cash machine that Chen Ying had done cleaning had become completely new, he was very happy. However, he regretted that he could not cooperate with Chen Ying at present, on the grounds that their bank had no budget for "ATM machine professional cleaning", and he could not take the lead in such matters. He asked Chen Ying to go to the headquarters of a commercial bank to find a person in charge of ATM machines to discuss the matter.



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