Zhou Hua in the eyes of Yu Minhong

2020-06-04 09:39 | Readtime: 6min

       Zhou Hua is a classmate of my university and a roommate. On the first day of entering Peking University, he was the first person I saw in the dormitory. 

   Today's Zhou Hua is personable and has the charm of mature and successful men. But Zhou Hua at that time was just a very earthy little boy from Nankou Town, Changping, Beijing, a young boy full of dreams, but he didn't know where the dreams settled. He is a child of the military yard, so the most common thing is that he usually wears an old military uniform.

  For Zhou Hua, my deepest memory is in the first semester of the university. One day, I sat by the bed, staring out of the window. When I came to Peking University from the countryside, I couldn't speak Mandarin well, and I couldn't keep up with my academic performance. When autumn leaves fell from the poplar outside the window, my heart was full of sorrow, and I couldn't help sighing: I really miss homesick! I want to go back to the countryside! Zhou Hua just happened to be in the dormitory, silently hand me one Apple, said: Bread will be there, everything will be there!

   In college life, Zhou Hua has two things that I remember best. One thing is that he always recites a medium-level English textbook called "The Man Who Escaped", keeps memorizing and reading aloud, and the result is to the point that he is well cooked. He has therefore gradually become one of the best spoken students in our class. I later began to recite the textbook of "New Concept English", which was influenced by him to a certain extent. The second thing is that he will play the violin. Therefore, when there is a party in the class or in the department, there is always a figure of him performing. This also makes me envious of someone who doesn't know how to take any instrument. At that time, our dormitory building and the girl building were very close, and the window across the corridor was only a few meters away from the window at the east end of the girl building. Zhou Hua often goes to the window to play the violin. Probably to attract the attention of girls, but unfortunately it seems not too successful. Sometimes, they will be yelled by girls: Can you not pull it! At that time, Peking University once popular was holding a guitar and playing and singing, so Zhou Hua soon turned to the guitar. Finally, he became a good player in this fashion trend.

   At Peking University, I am a popular figure, with poor grades and little motivation to pursue excellence. But Zhou Hua is different. He has a strong self-control ability and stipulates the learning objectives, so he must try to complete them. He wakes up and sleeps very regularly. Everything he wants to learn is intently practiced. As a result, during college, his English level has skyrocketed. When he graduated, he was the best in our class. After graduation, he was also the first person in our class to study abroad (except for female students who marry other countries). Moreover, he exemplified outstanding talents in literature and art. When I didn't know how to wear leather shoes in North Dalian, he was able to get in and out of Peking University's dance halls on the weekend, and was able to attract the eyes of many beautiful women with beautiful dance poses.

   By the time of our senior year, China had begun to open up to the world rapidly, and the power of material life began to penetrate into college life. I remember that one of our classmates got a Walkman from Japan with stereo headphones. At that time, we also saw such a small headset for the first time. That classmate was very generous, and put the earphones into each classmate's ear one by one. The sound of beautiful music flowed from the earphones into our ears, and we were astonished. Peking University is a kind of paradise. In addition to soaking in the library, students are talking about Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and the like every day, and they are in love. But with the penetration of material life, everyone's eyes also began to look out. We are learning English language, so we will get the demeanor first and inevitably talk about some topics of material life. I remember once in the dormitory, I said that my biggest wish is to own a brand new permanent bike. Zhou Hua said that his wish is to own a Porsche. I remember that my reaction at the time was the feeling of opening my mouth and closing together, and felt that this was a dream that could not be realized for several lifetimes.

  After 25 years of hard work, Zhou Hua not only owns a car, but also owns a Bentley car that exceeds Porsche in price and quality. Of course, he has a more valuable business than a car. Today, although I haven’t bought a Porsche or Bentley, I also have my own struggle platform-"New Oriental", an exciting and exciting place.

  After graduating from university, we went to each place. Apart from occasional contact, Zhou Hua and I have not met a few times. Everyone is busy with their career and family, driven by the desire for success, working hard and looking for opportunities.

   I always thought that Zhou Hua's growth will be smooth, because of his talent, because of his ambition. After reading his book "From Bicycle to Bentley-A Road to Prosperity for a North University Student", I couldn't help covering my sigh. First of all, I did not expect that his road to success is also full of hardships. Originally, he could develop within China's diplomatic system, and he could become an outstanding diplomat or ambassador abroad smoothly and decently. But he chose to resign and start his own business. In Australia, who has no relatives and no connections, he sold insurance, did direct sales, and even had no money. But in the end, he finally broke a path and became one of the best entrepreneurs in real estate management in Australia. Secondly, he didn't expect that his university promised that he was not a vulgar, but actually expressed a dream in his heart. This dream has been with him for so many years and has not faded. To this day, he is still pushing his life forward. Of course, his dream has been upgraded and is now a Boeing 737 business aircraft.

  In fact, what is important is not money, nor the process of changing from rich to rich, nor even showing off wealth. In Zhou Hua, a spirit of disobedience is reflected. This spirit of the university era is in his heart and continues to this day. Zhou Hua often said: "Changes in people's thinking will change lives." He helped many friends find a better life and increased the confidence of many people in themselves. He also often said that when the human brain program changes, the behavior naturally changes. He changed, and so did I. Our looks have grown older and have not changed much. What we change is our thinking, our brain program.

  Zhou Hua likes a sentence very much: someone loves, has something to do, and looks forward to it. He loves someone, his parents, brothers and sisters, his wife and children, and they all love him; he has something to do and he has unlimited confidence in doing well the company he founded; he is more looking forward to it, looking forward to one day He can run his business on his own business plane. I am waiting for this day to come, so that I can also take his private plane to travel around the world.



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