Yue Xiande: Geely Global Recruitment Winner of New Car Stand

2020-06-04 09:39 | Readtime: 13min

      On January 9, 2007, Geely Group held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that it has invested 3.6 million to set up a special fund for bidding (one of which is a gold award and a bonus of 2 million yuan), and began to collect new car labels worldwide. Since then, more than 9,000 media around the world have continuously reported on the work related to the solicitation of the new car logo. As of August 7, it has attracted tens of thousands of manuscripts from more than one hundred countries around the world, including some famous designers. 

  On November 6, 2007, the result of Geely's global call for a new car logo was finally revealed, and its gold award winner was actually an unknown college student. Before receiving these two million prizes, he made a living by picking up scraps. The clothes he wore when he went to Beijing to receive the prizes were still borrowed from his classmates.

  Poverty is not lost, poor college students picked up waste

   The theme of this theme is "Flying from the East, Seeing the World", and the designer who was rated by the critics as a near-perfect car logo is Yue Xiande, an undergraduate student of the 05-level graphic design major at the Art College of Anhui University.

   Yue Xiande was born in Taohua Town, Feixi County, Anhui Province in 1986. Both parents are ordinary farmers, and there is an older sister and a younger brother at home. Although the family's life is not rich, the parents save their frugality for the three younger siblings to go to school, hoping that they can get out of the countryside.

  As the three brothers and sisters walked into the school one after another, the cost of the family was increasing. The father decided to go out to do some small business. The mother took care of all the farming and housework. The three brothers and sisters reported their parents a wall of certificates and a score report.

  In July 2005, Yue Xiande passed the graphic design major of the Art College of Anhui University with excellent results. Before the family was happy, the tuition fee of 8,000 yuan per year was in front of them. At this time, my sister was in junior year at Wannan Medical College, and your younger brother had already entered high school, and the family could no longer afford such high tuition fees. Yue Xiande said: "Dad, Mom, I have inquired. I can apply for a student loan at university. I can also work to earn a living allowance. You don’t have to worry about me." Parents looked at his confident son with doubt. .

  Before the start of the school, the parents still handed over 8,000 yuan to his son, Yue Xiande began university life. After paying the tuition, he only has 300 yuan left, which is not enough for one semester. He wanted to find a tutor. However, the college students who were looking for a tutor lined up in a row, and he couldn't even get his freshman.

   One night self-study, when he packed up his books and prepared to return to the dormitory, he suddenly found that there were many empty bottles of mineral water on the classroom table. This one was a dime. As if he had discovered a fortune, he put away these bottles. Since there are so many bottles in this classroom, there should be other classrooms as well. In this way, he searched the classrooms one by one. That day, at the last moment when the school building turned off the lights, he walked out of the school building with a large bag of "trophy".

After    came out, he found trash cans in front of the teaching building again, one, two, three... He picked up six bottles in a trash can! Then he began to search for trash cans all over the campus. Until 23:00, half an hour before the dormitory lights were turned off, he reluctantly rushed to the dormitory, but when he arrived at the door of the dormitory, he did not enter. What would the classmate say after reading it? While he was wandering, the dormitory lights were suddenly turned off, and his eyes lit up, and no one could see others without lights. At this time, he hid things under the bed.

   That night, he was excited for a long time and did not fall asleep. He thought that these bottles could sell for a few bucks without saying much. If they would pick them up every day, they would not have to worry about their living expenses.

   The next afternoon, he beat the meal back to eat in the dormitory. Roommate Yu Qinghai is also eating. At this time, the other two students in the dormitory have not returned from playing football. Yu Qinghai suddenly said: "The third son (Yue Xiande's age is third in the dormitory), next time we pick it up!" Yue Xiande almost squirted a porridge from his mouth, and Yu Qinghai even knew he was picking up the bottle! "You just started picking up? I have picked up for a while." Yu Qinghai continued. It turned out that in Qinghai that night, when he saw him panicly stuffing a bag of things under the bed, he understood everything. Yu Qinghai also comes from the countryside, and his family's economic situation is not good.

   "Good..." Yue Xiande nodded as he agreed.

With Qinghai, he realized that there was also a trick to picking up waste products: there are the most bottles in the trash cans near the basketball courts and football courts, because many students drink a lot of water when they exercise; the trash cans near the cafeteria are also good Many people have the habit of drinking while eating.

   With the money for selling waste, the two went to the snack shop outside the campus to improve their lives, and bought daily necessities together. Every time, the two would sigh together: "It's cool to spend the money you make!"

   Sleepy but firm, design work by the bedside of his father

   Soon, they discovered the business opportunity again. Once, when they went to sell scrap, the scrap purchase point near the campus was closed, and they had to come to the scrap purchase point a little further away from the campus.

   Originally a dime of mineral water bottles, here can be sold for a dime and two cents, a hundred bottles can sell two dollars! On the way back, Yue Xiande said: "Boss (at the age of Qinghai ranked in the dormitory), we might as well set up a scrap purchase point, buy scrap from students, and then sell it here." "Okay, I also have this plan "Yu Qinghai said.

  Where to put the scrap that can be purchased? A lot of waste products are put in the dormitory, there will be an unpleasant smell, although the other two roommates don't say anything, they are also embarrassed. For several days, they have been thinking about this issue.

  In a chat with the administrator of the dormitory building, Yue Xiande and Yu Qinghai learned that the dormitory building has an idle basement. The two applied to the administrator for a basement. The administrator had long known that the two of them lived by picking up waste and immediately agreed. Since then, they have started collecting waste products on campus.

  After the semester, they also contacted some advertising companies to get some design work, so that they can also make some money.

During the May Day holiday in 2006, Yue Xiande returned to his home and handed over 8,000 yuan to his parents. The parents looked at him in surprise. He said: "This is the student loan I applied for at school and I earned it myself. Take some of the money and return it to your relatives." The parents said worriedly: "Don't mess up, it can't affect the study." He smiled and said: "Come on, my son knows which is more important."

   In January 2007, Yue Xiande's peaceful life was disrupted by a phone call: his father had esophageal cancer! Why did my father who said he was strong like a cow fall all day? The elder sister who is about to graduate from college has not yet found a job. The younger brother is in high school, and the father bears the burden of the family's life. How can he fall?

   He hurried to the hospital and saw his father lying wearily on the bed, his rosy face had turned yellow, and his eyes were deeply sunken. Mother seems to be much older. His mother told him that his father's cancer was in the middle stage, and he could recover from the operation. Where can I get the surgery fee?

  After discussing with the mother and son, Yue Xiande decided to take care of his father in the hospital, and the mother returned to her hometown to raise the operation cost.

  During the hospitalization of his father, Yue Xiande learned from the Internet that the Geely Group offered a lot of money to solicit new car logos from around the world. Looking at the gold award for this bid as high as two million yuan, he can't calm down for a long time. If he can get this award, not only his father's surgical expenses can be solved, but the family's financial difficulties can also be solved. The world doesn't know how many eyes are on this award, how could it be the ordinary college student's turn of his own? He smiled and shook his head, but he decided to try it, just as a training. He took care of his father while contemplating the entries.

  In mid-March 2007, my mother finally paid for the surgery. Father's operation was very successful. However, the father who had undergone the operation could no longer run around, and the burden of the family's life fell on his mother's shoulders.

   Yue Xiande collected waste while reading, he and Yu Qinghai have maintained the habit of picking up waste every night from 9:30 to 11:30. He made only a small part of the money he earned from selling scrap, and subsidized his family with all the rest. Every time he went to the cafeteria, he always bought the cheapest meals. Roommate Yu Qinghai sometimes takes him to a snack shop outside the campus to improve his meals. Every time he wants to pay, Yu Qinghai will say: "My third son, I will come!" In the past three years, he has not bought new clothes, sometimes clothes However, when he came, he exchanged clothes with Yu Qinghai, and the two often said jokingly, "Is it said that there is no clothes? The same robe as the child."

  During this period, he never stopped thinking about the entries. Whenever there was inspiration in his mind, he immediately changed it on paper and on a computer. After the rough outline came out, he kept looking for shortcomings. Every time he found a shortcoming, he had to find ways to correct it. It wasn't until the beginning of May that he threw the work in the past. This is a metal logo with a three-dimensional composition. The main pattern is the image of a sacred oriental bird, Suzaku, resembling the English "G", the number "6", and the Chinese "ji".

   After casting his works, he did not expect to win the prize, so he gradually forgot about it, so that Geely Group announced the shortlist in the middle and late May. He did not know that his work was shortlisted.

   Blockbuster, hide the award certificate and move on

  Thursday, October 11, no class in the morning, Yue Xiande slept. At nine o'clock in the morning, the phone rang suddenly. He opened his eyes and looked at the area code of Zhejiang. He thought he was a classmate in Zhejiang University and said lazily, "Hey, which one?"

Then he sat up from the bed all at once. It turned out to be a call from Geely Group, saying that his work has been shortlisted and may be awarded.

   Next, he went to the library every day to check various materials and make the best elaboration for his design plan. On November 4, he received a call from Geely Group again, saying that Geely Group held an award ceremony in Beijing on November 6 and asked him to come to Beijing to receive the award. At this time, he realized that he could be awarded. It’s not bad to win a small prize, he thought.

   Before leaving, he borrowed a white suit from Yu Qinghai and took the train to Beijing. His heart has always been excited, because this is the first time he took the train, the first time he went to the capital Beijing, the first time he went out of the house, and he won the prize for the first time to participate in the competition.

   In the first round of online voting, Yue Xiande scored 18.3 points and opponents scored 11.7 points. Yue Xiande leads, but online voting only accounts for 30% of the total score, and the on-site PK score accounts for 70%. Who will ultimately win depends on the on-site score.

  When elaborating their respective design concepts in the first link, when the other party introduced them smoothly, it was Yue Xiande's turn. The first time I faced the spotlight, and the first time I talked to so many people. Because of the tension, those words that were already memorized were stuttering. At last, he said: "The oval symbolizes the Geely... …” At this time, his mind was blank, and he only spoke about 60% of what he had prepared in advance. After a pause, the audience cheered for him with warm applause, but his mind was still blank. After stopping for a while, he had to say, "That's all I have to say." After that, he wiped the sweat.

  Although his voice was not high, he spoke intermittently, but the audience and the judges were still moved by his simplicity and sincerity, and were conquered by his works. After four hours of evaluation, in the end, Yue Xiande overwhelmed his opponent with an overwhelming advantage and won the gold award! Suddenly, there was thunderous applause at the scene, the spotlights focused on him, and the fireworks sounded... When he received the 2 million bonus from Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group, he said excitedly: "Dad, mom, son did not shame you!"

  The Geely Group presented him with a return ticket, which was his first flight. The plane slowly descended to Hefei Airport, and out of the cabin door. He saw his father, mother, sister, brother, uncle... the whole family was waving to him. At that moment, he felt like a warrior returning triumphantly.

   Back to campus, Yue Xiande hadn't had time to calm himself. Various media came one after another. For a time, he became a celebrity. At this time, he realized that he was no longer his original self. Now he has defeated designers all over the world and became a millionaire. For a while, he was quite complacent.

Opening the Internet, various comments came in abundance, some people took him to the sky, and some people devalued him worthless, saying that he plagiarized, that Geely and he united together to engage in dark box operations, and that his work was asymmetric and not Stability, sensory insufficiency, and no innovation at all...can see these evaluations, his heart is as cold as falling into the ice cave. For a while, he lived in such a two-pronged situation, his brain could not be quiet for a moment, and insomnia, anorexia, and vomiting struck him together.

Seeing that his friend was losing weight day by day, Yu Qinghai said one night: "The third boy, let's pick up the bottle together!" Under the moonlight, when he and his friend took the plastic bags and turned around the campus, his heart calmed down. Down, he wanted to understand: Yue Xiande was still Yue Xiande, the only difference was that he got two million; these two million are not bad things, it can be used to improve the lives of parents, and the rest can be saved as his own future Entrepreneurship funds; you can’t let this money kill your fighting spirit, let alone change your life plan; whatever others say, their mouths grow on others, as long as they are conscientious. He decided to put the award certificate in a high cabinet, and later, together with Yu Qinghai, pick up bottles, collect waste products, go to the snack shop to improve food, and wear the same clothes.

Thinking about this, he wrote in his diary: "I ran to the top of the mountain at once, and it seemed to be the scenery. In fact, I missed a lot of scenery along the way. I want to go back and look at those scenery. Mount, look for more beautiful scenery, because there are mountains outside..."



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