Suddenly: "Suddenly special search shop" 5 years to earn 300

2020-06-04 09:40 | Readtime: 4min

       Entrepreneurship: Suddenly Education: Graduated from Shenyang University, majoring in securities investment 

Female college student started her second year at 500 yuan, opened an online store and earned 300,000 yuan in 5 years. Started an online store in 2005. She started her own business in the second year of college. She runs specialty foods in Shenyang, Korean and Japanese leather bags, underwear, etc. Yuan start-up capital has rapidly increased to more than 300,000 yuan.

  In more than 2 million online stores, most people are still struggling to punch more diamonds. And suddenly the store has grown from a red heart to the current double crown, which is really a miracle. A 26-year-old girl, who didn’t ask someone to do a drill, didn’t advertise on Taobao, almost all relying on her own efforts to build a small shop a little bit, has now become a small and famous online store on Taobao. How did she succeed? What experiences can I share with readers? Yesterday, our reporter came to the sudden shop and interviewed her face to face.

   Sophomore started his own business

   Suddenly, the shop is located in a residential area near Shenyang Real Estate Building, with more than 60 flat suites on the first floor. There are many plastic models in the house, and the down jacket is new.

   When I was in the second year of college, I suddenly registered this special online shop called "Sudden Room".

"It was just a name at that time, and it didn't have any special meaning. At the beginning, the store sold Shenyang specialty foods such as Shenyang specialty Bulao Lintang. I bought samples, took pictures, and hung them in the online store. , I bought goods from Carrefour, 7.8 yuan / bag purchase, 8.8 yuan / bag sales, and mailed them in the past. In the first month, I actually earned more than 100 yuan, I was particularly excited. Later, I increased the variety in the store , Clothing, etc., there are more and more customers. After half a year, I can earn more than 1,000 yuan per month. At that time, Shenyang local delivery was free. I took the bus and delivered it to others. Although I was busy, I was very happy." Suddenly said.

  Saving the cost of living to open an online store

  I spent only 20% of my energy when I was in college, and I could earn a thousand yuan a month. If you invest 100% after graduation, you will definitely earn more. As graduation approached, many college students were busy looking for work, but suddenly made up their minds to concentrate on opening an online store after graduation. Unexpectedly, this idea was first rejected by parents.

"Parents think that opening an online store is not long-term, especially for a girl. It is even harder to find a stable job and how good it is to work. But I belong to a very stubborn person. Once it is decided, it will not Change easily." Suddenly said. Parents don’t give money and save themselves from living expenses. Putting in the money earned by the online store, when the university graduated in 2006, the level of the online store has reached 3 diamonds, the monthly turnover has exceeded 10,000 yuan, and the monthly income has reached 2,000 yuan.

   "House Girl" with monthly salary over ten thousand

   suddenly said that the cost of opening an online store is low. At present, there is no need to pay taxes, no need to rent a store in a busy commercial street, just find a first-floor house in an ordinary residential area. You can buy a computer to open a store online, and you can also use it as a warehouse. Purchase your own goods, take photos, edit and upload posts, chat with customers, send your own packages and deliver goods, you have to be busy for more than 10 hours a day, and currently you need to send more than 50 items a day.

   She deals with specialty products. Sometimes she goes to Qingdao and Hangzhou to pick up the goods herself. The quality and quality are guaranteed. In November last year, monthly sales even exceeded 60,000 yuan.

   pays off, and now the business is booming and the monthly salary is over ten thousand. The 500 yuan invested at the time had already snowballed and exceeded 300,000. She has just become a Shenyang agent for a Shandong apparel company. She has received a batch of winter clothes and is ready to do a good job in autumn and winter.



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