Fu Fenfang: inheritance and innovation, at the helm of "Shen

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       As a shortlisted member of this magazine's "2010 China 80s Entrepreneurs Wealth List", Fu Fenfang has everything enviable. After graduating from college, she was only 25 years old and inherited her father's career-taking over as chairman of Shengnong Development and successfully pushing the company to the capital market... 

   Fu Fenfang is undoubtedly the darling of God. This girl born in the 1980s has all the enviable things-youth, beauty, wisdom, wealth, career. After graduating from university in 2003, Fu Fenfang began to enter the family business, showing his business talent. At the age of 25, she inherited the career of her father Fu Guangming-taking over as chairman of Shengnong Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., successfully pushing Shengnong Development Co., Ltd. to the capital market, and becoming a "rich second generation" female enterprise that attracted the attention of the society. Home.

   first show talent

"I am Fu Guangming's daughter. This is a fact. I don't deny this fact. Without my father, I cannot be today. I am proud of him with his brand. My father has always been my strongest backing, but there are One thing, my father will not easily hand over the hard-earned career to someone who has no responsibility, even though I am his daughter..."

   In April 2003, Fu Fenfang had not graduated, and her father Fu Guangming handed her a big task-to be responsible for the preparation of a three-star hotel. This is a real "decentralization": Fu Fenfang is solely responsible for the project design, land approval, construction management, capital allocation and future hotel operation management. In addition to the budget of 10 million yuan given to her daughter, Fu Guangming no longer asked about anything else. Two months later, Fu Fenfang, who graduated from school, was appointed as the group's vice chairman, and since then she has headed into this task.

   At that time, his father's attitude of completely disregarding inspired Fenfang Fang's desire to challenge himself. The newborn calf was not afraid of tigers, and Fu Fenfang was full of enthusiasm, determined to deliver a satisfactory answer to his father.

"At that time, the drawings of the original design unit did not meet the requirements, and the approval authority of the three-star hotel was not at the county level. Everything had to be done from scratch. So, I carried a lot of materials to the city to run relevant departments. Looking at me with a strange eye, it seems to be wondering, can you be the master of a little girl? Later I knew that I was Fu Guangming's daughter, so many things were easier to handle. Each link is to familiarize yourself with "how to start a company". At that time, this young face really made it difficult to connect her with the chief person of this tens of millions of projects.

  In 2005, the Sunnong Holiday Hotel was completed on schedule, the specifications were much higher than originally planned, and the project investment was also boldly added by Fu Fenfang from 10 million yuan to 26 million yuan. This addition is not blind. "To reach the three-star specification, many aspects of investment must be in place." Fu Fenfang can always come up with reasons to convince his father. Not only that, she also further introduced a large number of hotel management talents, and developed a more comprehensive and scientific hotel management system.

   The hotel passed the three-star rating smoothly after its completion. The hotel operates in an orderly manner, and within three months of opening, it has started to make money. This is known as a business miracle in Gloss County. All of this surprised Fu Guangming, who at the time held the mentality of "losing and losing, letting her daughter practice one".

  The successful operation of the Shengnong Holiday Hotel project revealed Fu Fenfang's business talent, so his father put more "important tasks" on her shoulders.

  Airborne "battlefield"

   In 2007, Fu Fenfang once again accepted the "thorny" task-responsible for the management of Shengnong Food.

"At that time, an executive of Shengnong Food left the independent portal and took away a large number of sales and technical talents of the company. In the past, the company was responsible for all the business of the company. My father and I have not been involved in the actual operation. Nor can I give too much advice." Fu Fenfang described the difficult situation at that time. At that time, many subordinates were in the name of reimbursement and signing orders, to test whether the little boss was "bullying". "I can only bury my head in a bitter sign. I can't tell whether this expenditure should or should not be." Fu Fenfang smiled bitterly.

   However, at the critical moment Fu Fenfang still showed extraordinary courage. Since the food company is facing a terminal channel, the competition of its customers is quite fierce, and the departure of executives has taken away a large number of customers, and the company's operations are in jeopardy. At this time, stability is the most critical. For this, Fu Fenfang took a series of measures. On the one hand, he actively promoted public relations, stabilized some large-scale commercial channels, and developed a wholesale market.

   "Although the gross profit of wholesale is very low, you can first let the company settle down and maintain normal operation." On the other hand, Fu Fenfang also retained some technical R&D personnel with his sincerity. In this way, under the care of this seemingly immature new boss, Shengnong Food has regained its vitality. The company's performance is better every year, and even in 2008, when the price of raw materials skyrocketed, it still maintained Growth momentum.

  In the practice training again and again, Fu Fenfang is growing into a mature and capable young entrepreneur. She began to lead the company towards diversified management. According to the needs of Shengnong's development, she continued to introduce measures to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

  Talking about the results, Fu Fenfang said that everything was the result of his father's timely encouragement. She told reporters: "Father never forced me to do anything. In his eyes, I was a girl first. He always added weight to me step by step. When I needed the most support, he enlightened me, Support me." When asked how many points her current work score can get in her father's eyes, Fu Fenfang smiled mischievously again: "There should be seven or eighty points!"

  Inheritance and innovation

As a successor,    needs continuous learning and innovation. Fu Fenfang attached great importance to learning. In 2005, Shengnong Industrial Group once planned to give it to a consortium as a whole. During that time, Fu Fenfang was exposed to a lot of information about capital operations every day.

   "The concept and knowledge of capital operation was accumulated at that time." It is in continuous learning and practice that Fu Fenfang has grown up further. On October 22, 2009, Fujian Shengnong Development was successfully listed, and Fu Fenfang became the chairman of the group company, directly holding 539.947 million shares of Shengnong Development, accounting for 1.46%. In addition, as the controlling shareholder, Shengnong Industrial holds 23479.36 million shares, accounting for 63.63%, while Fu Fenfang holds 12.5% equity in Shengnong Industry, that is, Fu Fenfang indirectly holds 29.392 million shares through Shengnong Shengnong Development Co., Ltd. Fu Fenfang owns 34,748,67 shares of Shengnong Development in total, and according to the market value at the time, Fu Fangfang was close to 1 billion yuan.

  It is not easy to start a business, but it is even harder to stay in business. As a practitioner, the pressure is not less than that of entrepreneurs. Fu Fenfang knows that his father is an entrepreneur. Due to the needs of entrepreneurship, he needs to pay more attention to his personal charm. And as a practitioner, I need to pay more attention to the strength of the team and more scientifically. Strengthening the construction of management system and team building has become the focus of Fu Fenfang's work in recent years. In order to clarify the financial management system, she worked with her employees to find and analyze errors and omissions throughout the night, and improved the financial management system through effective understanding. She believes that team building is critical. She takes understanding the needs of employees and designing corresponding treatment for employees as one of her work.

  The strong sense of time is one of Fu Fenfang's working styles. At the beginning of each month, Fu Fenfang will ask the secretary to make his one-month itinerary and schedule, but he will strictly follow this timetable and do the agreed things within the prescribed time. "This will ensure that no one is disturbing this time period." Fu Fenfang said seriously, even her best friend should respect her "principle".

Fu Fenfang said, "Father is very busy, always trapped in various complicated affairs and unable to escape. People who visit and report work one by one, sometimes one thing is not resolved, another one comes, often in When dealing with a problem, I was disturbed by several problems. Therefore, I especially distressed him, and I did not want to fall into this situation. Therefore, I set myself rules and strictly followed the implementation."

"At the beginning, many people were not used to it, and thought I was "putting on the shelf", but I understood it after a long time." Fu Fenfang said, "This also shows the importance of establishing a standardized management system. The implementation of any system will begin In the face of resistance from all parties, when compliance with the system becomes a habit, rules are formed."

  Fu Fangfang's unique style of handling is also reflected in the distribution of employee benefits. "Everyone who is a boss is easy to evaluate an employee according to his own preferences. Obviously, this lacks rationality and causes unfair treatment. I pay more attention to institutionalized management, pay according to position, and measure the value of employees based on assessment , Tailor-made development plans for employees."

  The sensible "rich daughter"

   As the daughter of the founder of the company, his father created enough wealth to allow Fu Fenfang to lead an extremely affluent life. In this regard, Fu Fenfang did not disguise her superiority. She laughed that she was most impressed when she was a child with "more pocket money than others." What is valuable is that living in a villa, wearing a name brand, and riding a car did not let the girl indulge in enjoyment. She showed no less hard work in her studies than any motivated student. "Receptive ability is strong, academic performance is excellent" is the impression that many teachers who taught Fu Fenfang to her.

  Fu Fangfang does not deny that his "sensible" is closely related to his father's words and examples. "When I was young, I felt that my father was very busy, and I didn't have more time to play with me, but in my spare time, my father always likes to take me with him. In order to win the opportunity to get along with my father, I will behave very well, I always act as my father’s little assistant, doing what I can do before and after running. When he gave his employees a meeting, I sat quietly and listened to everyone’s speeches. He negotiated with clients and I seemed to understand. "Fen Fangfang said that after attending high school, she seemed to have more and more opportunities to "accompany her father."

  Fu Fangfang is now more convinced that this is the father consciously nurturing her. She admitted that her father's subtle cultivation behavior did take effect on her. "Basically, I realized that my father's pains should be when I was in high school, not only took me to some business occasions, but also planned my education-it is recommended that I apply for the agricultural economics and management major of Agricultural and Forestry University."

  Fu Fangfang learned her father's calm and capable style of dealing with her father constantly. At the same time, she had a deeper understanding of her father and his career. Affected by his father, Fu Fenfang began to show great enthusiasm for the family business.

"Father has been enjoying work and career for decades. He loves this career from the bottom of his heart. He is the person I admire the most. The broiler farming production model he created is the first in China, which is controlled by food safety. Reaching the international leading level has contributed to the entire aquaculture industry. This contribution goes beyond the general meaning of'making money'." Fu Fenfang said that this further strengthened her determination to love this cause. Speaking of which, Fu Fangfang, who had just talked and laughed, immediately felt a solemn expression.

   between reason and emotion

"Work occupies most of the time. Fortunately, my work schedule is very scientific. I have my own time when I am free. At this time, I will invite a group of friends in the circle to play golf, travel, and shopping. "

   walked into Fu Fenfang's office in Shengnong Food Company in Fuzhou. The personalized layout was slightly feminine, and the area of less than 20 square meters was slightly in contrast to her "1 billion net worth" status.

"The current situation of Shengnong Food is not enough to rent a large, stylishly decorated office for me." Fu Fenfang said, "Enterprises earn 10 million, and it is understandable to take 100,000 to rent an office. One million, it would be unreasonable to rent an office for one hundred thousand. This involves the operation of the enterprise and should be consistent with the operation of the enterprise. This is the money belonging to the enterprise, not my personal money."

  Fu Fangfang said that most of her time is busy, but fortunately, the reasonable time schedule allows her occasional chance to relax. "I have a free time, I will go shopping and golf with a group of friends in Hong Kong." She was very excited to show off the shirt she had just bought back from Hong Kong in front of the reporter. She told the reporter that the decent waist, simple design and unique details All have become an important factor in her phase.

"Cars, watches, and bags must be famous brands. This is the need for'scenes.' Besides that, I don't always emphasize the famous brands. I prefer things with unique styles. For example, my necklace is made in Hong Kong. My name is unique on it." When talking about personal consumption, Fu Fangfang made a joke. This girl who always buys a lot of fashion magazines at the airport before going on a business trip. The words of all girls of this age are revealed in the words. Nature: "If you are a reporter from a fashion magazine, I will have more topics to talk to you about."



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