Zhang Li: "Mother Pillow" income of 50,000 yuan

2020-06-04 09:59 | Readtime: 2min

       Because of his poor family background, Zhang Li, who was only 19 years old, graduated from high school and went to work in a shoe factory in the provincial capital. One day, when Zhang Li was shopping in the provincial capital, she saw an inflatable doll being sold in a shop. Suddenly, she had a good idea and thought: If you make the pillow the shape of an adult, it will be more comfortable to hold in your arms at night. 

  Think about it. So that day, Zhang Li went to some related shops, bought a lot of fabrics and space cotton and went back to make a "mother's pillow", and put it in her arms to sleep beautifully. After finishing work the next night, the girls in the same dormitory, after seeing this "mother's pillow", all asked Zhang Li to make a few more, each paying 15 yuan.

  After the workers in the same bedroom handed a pillow, Zhang Li would do the "mother's pillow" in the factory. The girls in other dorms asked her to help her. Soon, Zhang Li's amateur income was almost the same as her salary.

  So, she decided to resign to expand the market. Zhang Li's "Mother's Pillow" appeared in the female workers' dormitory of the nearby factory, and immediately became popular in the factory area. Everyone was rushing to book with her, and some even increased the selling price in order to get the pillow in advance. Then, with the suggestion of a friend, Zhang Li trial-produced "boyfriend's pillow" and "girlfriend's pillow". Considering that pillows are not easy to break, Zhang Li always thinks of developing new products when the market is always saturated. After a few days of groping, she designed a pillow that could let people out of anger-a big round face, sullen eyes, a beating look. Sure enough, this "outgoing pillow" just made 50, and was sold out immediately.

   In March 2005, inspired by the "outgoing pillow", Zhang Li developed "simple pillows" and "comfort pillows". By last year, the "pillows" she had operated had more than 30 varieties in 5 categories. With continuous inspiration and creativity, Zhang Li's pillow business has been very good, with an annual net income of more than 50,000 yuan.



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