Cheng Li: "Breakup Meal Bar" v. Heartfelt Best Emotions

2020-06-04 10:00 | Readtime: 4min

      In Changchun, the capital city of the province, in an unremarkable deep alley, there is a restaurant and bar business called "Think good and break up again". Don't look at the restaurant bar. The shop is not big enough, the facilities are not luxurious, and the price of the meal is not low, but it is always full of customers every day. There is no place for the peak time without prior reservation. 

The female boss of this restaurant is a laid-off female engineer Li who has been traumatized by marriage. Due to her scientific positioning, the audience is firmly focused on those couples or couples who have emotional splits or are about to break up. "Think about breaking up again" provides them with the best emotional communication atmosphere before breaking up.

In the past three years, this unique and creative restaurant operated by Cheng Li has not only made 58 couples or couples who have decided to go well, but also made a profit of nearly 1.5 million yuan. More importantly, Cheng Li is in In the process of carefully creating this beautiful blue sky for entrepreneurship, it also healed the trauma of the soul and gained unexpected love.

  In the catering signboard of President Lin Lin's auspicious luck, a "breakup meal bar" suddenly appeared, which brought diners only an accident and a surprise. But when people came to the door of the breakup meal bar with this kind of accident, they were rudely rejected by a standing advertisement standing in front of the door: "Emotional disorder and the couple who are about to break up are allowed to enter, other Diners are exempted." This kind of insatiable marketing trick has just caused the Chinese people's innate quest for adventure. The business of the restaurant and bar has increased rapidly within half a month, with a daily turnover of more than 5,000 yuan.

However, Cheng Li, who has high ambitions, is not interested in this. Of course, she is in the catering business to make money, to become rich and rich, but Cheng Li also has the dream that is not fulfilled in her heart: for couples who have emotional difficulties, in Before parting ways, create the best place to let your mind fly and be relieved. Perhaps, with such occasions and opportunities, will they make their hearts and minds better in their heart-to-heart communication?

  A year later, Cheng Li, who had savings, set up a catering shop with a construction area of 125 square meters. She took a meaningful restaurant "Think good and break up" for it. In order to make the dining bar more affinity and warmth, Cheng Li specially hired experts in psychology, architecture and home economics to design the 15 private rooms, and designed the "Old Private rooms such as "Place", "Forget-me-not", and "Love is not coming"; for couples who are about to part ways, "Public Life", "Hand in Hand", "Lianlizhi" and other private rooms are opened.

After the renovation was completed, Cheng Li was not in a hurry to open for business. Instead, he used the 10 days before the opening to spend over ten thousand yuan to make serial advertisements in the mass media such as radio stations, television stations and newspapers. As a result, more than 500 people patronized the day the "think about breaking up" restaurant opened.

On the eighteenth night after the opening of the dining bar, a middle-aged couple made a special trip and knocked on Cheng Li's office. As soon as they entered the door, they dedicated a bunch of valuable flower baskets to Cheng Li. The red ribbon said the following line: "Thank you sincerely for your meal, let's hold hands again and again It turned out that the middle-aged couple saw the old love letter in the "holding hands" private room, and when they saw the baby cradle in the corner, they were so excited that they cried and hugged. The old love letter reminded them that when they went to the countryside to join the line, they did not say bitterness or tiredness, and truly loved the unforgettable years of holding hands. The cradle of babies reminded them that they could not leave their dads but could not bear their moms, and longed for the children of a complete family.

   The joy of success made Cheng Li, a kind-hearted person, so excited that she couldn't sleep at night. In this way, in just one year, Cheng Li has received feedback from 12 couples or couples who have made a good return and have broken the mirror. In the sound of flowers and praise, Cheng Li, who was won by Xiaoyou, was a little bit floating.



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