Zhang Liang became a millionaire by "Lei Feng doll"

2020-06-04 10:00 | Readtime: 12min

       Lei Feng is a spiritual monument of the Chinese, which has inspired generations to grow. However, with the social and economic transformation, many people now think that Lei Feng's spirit is the product of the last century and has long since become obsolete. However, it is hard to imagine that a Hubei girl from the 1980s in Hubei, in order to pass on the spirit of Lei Feng, unexpectedly produced a series of "Lei Feng doll" dolls, and promoted to the whole country! What did people think of her doing this? What difficulties did she encounter? And in the end, can she resist the pressure and insist on starting a business? 

   Returned girl should be "Lei Feng doll"

  Zhang Liang was born in Huangshi City, Hubei Province in 1983 and has loved painting since childhood. In 2007, after graduating from China University of Political Science and Law, Zhang Liang went to study at the University of Heidelberg in Germany to study the history of East Asian art.

  During studying abroad in Germany, Zhang Liang was attracted by a doll of the "Ugly doll" brand when he visited the store one day. This kind of doll is exaggerated and very interesting. She went online to find some manual tutorials, prepared materials such as socks, cloth heads and buttons, and sewed a well-shaped doll with scissors and needles. Several classmates exclaimed: God! This is the prettiest and most unique doll I have ever seen! It happened that a German female student was about to celebrate her birthday. In order to please her, a German boy actually bought the doll from Zhang Liang at a high price. Encouraged by this, since then, Zhang Liang's interest in handmade dolls has never been collected.

  In June 2009, Zhang Liang returned to China after receiving his master's degree. She did not listen to her father's opinion, looking for a stable job, but decided to open an original doll shop according to her interests. Considering that the purchasers of original dolls are mostly college students and white-collar workers, and Wuhan universities are gathered, Zhang Liang decided to go to Wuhan to start a business.

   After Zhang Liang came to Wuhan, he rented a 10 square-meter facade near Wuhan University and opened a "multi-cell bun" original doll shop. When Zhang Liang started making dolls, he was more casual, and he did whatever he thought was fun. The students all liked the original dolls she made, and more and more people bought them. Later, Zhang Liang set up a hand workshop to teach everyone how to make dolls. Under her careful management, the business gradually improved.

   At this time, Zhang Liang, who returned to China from Germany with a beautiful environment and relatively high resident quality, had a lot of discomfort. In Germany, people are very friendly. Everyone who has any difficulties will help. But in China, the relationship between people is very indifferent, and it is rare to help others. On the bus, she saw the young man and the elderly and pregnant women fighting for seats several times, which made her very confused.

Once, when Zhang Liang went shopping, she saw an old man accidentally fall, and when she was about to help her, a girl pulled her and said, "You don't have to do anything, otherwise it will be difficult to get out of trouble!" and more To her surprise, another person said a little sarcastically: "Do you think you are Lei Feng? It's okay to find something!" However, Zhang Liang didn't care about this and insisted on supporting the old man.

   In fact, Zhang Liang's father was a "living Lei Feng". When he was young, he often saw his courageous actions and once saved a child who fell into the water. Father often educated Zhang Liang: "Helping others is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. No matter how the times develop, this virtue can not be abandoned." Under the influence of his father, Zhang Liang gradually developed "not to be good and not small "Habit" and continue this habit to this day.

   It's just that in China, people are becoming more and more utilitarian, and the relationship between people is becoming more and more indifferent. Many normal behaviors have become a lot of trouble in the eyes of people. Touching the scene, she suddenly thought of Lei Feng's spirit. If we can learn from Lei Feng into a visible and touchable commodity and let people use it to spur and urge ourselves at any time, is this not a good thing to promote the development of social spiritual civilization? With a flash of light in Zhang Liang's mind, she decided to make Lei Feng an interesting doll figure, let people put it in a car, hang it on a school bag or a mobile phone chain... In this way, let Lei Feng's simple image quietly merge into Thousands of households.

   "Lei Feng doll" is popular

   After the idea was settled, Zhang Liang began to conceive the image of Lei Feng doll seriously. After conceiving, she quickly drew a rendering of Lei Feng's doll, and then took it to ask friends for advice. A friend looked at it and said in surprise: "Now young people only chase entertainment stars, who will be interested in Lei Feng!"

  Although Zhang Liang's opinion was a little hit, she still insisted on her own opinion. That night, she began to make Lei Feng dolls according to the renderings she drew. In order to make every part of the doll the best, she repeatedly pondered, did the demolition, and demolition. Finally, when a lively Lei Feng doll appeared in front of her eyes, she couldn't help but laugh: Lei Feng cap, five-pointed star, round eyes, red scarf, she felt that someone would like this a little aura of Lei Feng doll. Subsequently, Zhang Liang named it "Lei Xiaofeng".

  However, Zhang Liang was opposed by his father. My father learned about this and said to her solemnly: "Lei Feng represents lofty and dedication, and you take him as a doll is disrespect to Lei Feng!" Zhang Liang repeatedly explained: "I made Lei Feng doll to let more people , Especially after the 80s and 90s. He loves him so much now. He needs to promote the spirit of Lei Feng vigorously!" The father thought that his daughter's words made sense, so he told him: "You can try it, but don't tarnish it. Lei Feng's image!"

   Afterwards, Zhang Liang made a batch of Lei Xiaofeng with different looks. One day, she was making a Lei Feng doll in the shop, and her cousin drove past her little shop. When he saw the Lei Feng doll displayed in the Zhangliang store, he couldn't help but smile and said, "You are so talented, you can make Lei Feng into such an interesting image!" Said, he immediately took a Lei Feng doll, Hanged in his car. Subsequently, Zhang Liang began a trial sale in the store. At this time, a girl came to the store and said to her that her boyfriend was a doll fan. She wanted to choose a doll for her boyfriend as a birthday gift, but she didn't know what to choose. Seeing this, Zhang Liang took the opportunity to introduce Lei Feng doll to her. After listening to Zhang Liang's introduction, the girl said naughtily: "Oh, just give him a Lei Xiaofeng! Let him learn from Lei Xiaofeng, do good for me every day, and love me so much!"

  The day after Lei Feng's doll was on the shelf, a group of girls chattered into Zhang Liang's shop. Through their conversation, Zhang Liang learned that they were freshmen who had just finished their military training. During the military training, they established a deep relationship with the young instructor and were ready to buy a gift for the instructor at the end of the military training. When they saw "Lei Xiaofeng", their eyes lit up, and a few girls jumped in surprise and said, "This Lei Feng doll is so special! It's just too good for us to give it to the instructor!"

   Later, these girls became Zhang Liang's good friends, often coming to the store to learn to make dolls from Zhang Liang. They told Zhang Liang that the instructors were very strict with them during military training, but in life they cared about them like a big brother, making them feel very warm. When the instructor received this Lei Feng doll, his eyes were red.

  Lei Feng dolls appeared in the shop, and soon became popular among college students. Zhang Liang sold more than a dozen almost every day. Zhang Liang thought happily: It seems that his decision to be a Lei Feng doll was right! In order to keep Lei Xiaofeng constantly stocking, she rushed to control the system day and night.

   However, some people also objected to Zhang Liang making and selling Lei Feng dolls. One day, a woman in her 30s came into the store and saw Lei Xiaofeng, and said in surprise: "Now people can come up with everything in order to make money! They actually sold Lei Feng as a commodity!" The lady came to the shop to buy a birthday gift for her 9-year-old son. When Zhang Liang learned of her intentions, he persuaded: "Sister, look at how cute this image is! Many children like it! If you buy one for him, just let Uncle Lei Feng urge him to study hard!" After listening to Zhang Liang's words, the lady's attitude also changed, and said to Zhang Liang: "It's not bad to hear this from you." Then, she bought one suspiciously.

  Unexpectedly, two days later, a group of little boys came to the store and shouted to Zhang Liang to buy Lei Xiaofeng as soon as they entered the store. It turned out that this group of children was the classmate of the lady's son. When they saw Lei Xiaofeng hanging on the schoolbag, they couldn't put it down, so they came to buy together. On that day, they each bought their favorite Lei Xiaofeng, Zhang Liang said: "You like Lei Xiaofeng, just like Lei Xiaofeng, do more good things for others!" The children agreed, and then left with joy and joy. shop.

   Half a month later, Zhang Liang's cousin drove to the store and excitedly talked to Zhang Liang about the changes brought to him by "Lei Xiaofeng". He used to be particularly irritable when he was driving. When he was in a traffic jam or someone overtakes, he was furious, and he fought with other drivers several times. However, since "Lei Xiaofeng" accompanied him in the cab, his mentality was much calmer. When driving, you should bring a foot when you meet a child on the roadside who is going to school or a pregnant woman who has difficulty walking.

   listened to his cousin, Zhang Liang was surprised and happy. It seems that Lei Xiaofeng can really affect a person's words and deeds in a subtle way! Not to mention, after seeing his Lei Xiaofeng, several colleagues in the cousin unit all inquired about where he bought it. This time he came, he made a special trip to help them buy Lei Feng dolls.

  Sold rich man by selling "red doll"

   In order to let more people know "Lei Xiaofeng", Zhang Liang uploaded his designed Lei Xiaofeng to some well-known original hand-made nets in China. Lei Xiaofeng takes the cute line, and is also a rare "red doll" with distinctive features. As soon as this doll is online, it has won the love and enthusiasm of young people, and its popularity has skyrocketed.

Since then, in order not to let Lei Xiaofeng alone, Zhang Liang designed and produced "Lei Xiaomei", "Lei Xiaoqi" and "Lei Xiaohao"... In Zhang Liang's eyes, each of these Lei Feng series dolls are A living elf with a unique story and personality: Lei Xiaofeng is the eldest brother, with a steady character, helpful, selfless dedication; Lei Xiaomei is a little girl, beautiful and cute in appearance, simple in heart, is the "little tail" of the elder brother; Lei Xiaoqi is a younger brother, mischievous and mischievous, and mean to the bad guys; Lei Xiaohao is Lei Xiaofeng's comrade-in-arms, straightforward, generous, and is a good brother without Lei Xiaofeng.

Subsequently, Zhang Liang registered an online store, specializing in his own design and production of dolls, and introduced some basic methods of making dolls in the online store, and encouraged everyone to design and make dolls by themselves, to ease the work in the process of sewing one stitch and one thread Pressure. She also showed the original intention of Lei Xiaofeng's design on the homepage of the online store: Now, many young people like dolls. If they can pass the "Lei Xiaofeng" series of dolls, Lei Feng's spirit can be truly passed on to young people. !

  Unexpectedly, after the opening of the online store, Zhang Liang received a number of order calls from customers from other provinces. These orderers included kindergarten teachers, professors, and more post-80s and post-90s parents. They all said that the reason why they want to buy the Lei Xiaofeng series of dolls is to use it to educate their children and establish their moral values and values from an early age. What's even more gratifying is that because the Lei Feng doll series of dolls is new and has a red educational significance, a toy company in Wuhan recently signed a cooperation agreement with her. The agreement stipulates: Zhang Liang is responsible for providing the design of the Lei Xiaofeng series of dolls to the factory, the factory implements the production, and then the two parties divide the sales of the dolls according to...

  With the hot sale of dolls, coupled with the expensive design fees, Zhang Liang has become a wealthy little sister with a net worth of nearly one million. Not long ago, she bought a three-bedroom house in Wuhan Optics Valley, which is currently being renovated.

   Lei Feng was originally an ordinary person, and his noble spirit should infect and educate people in an ordinary way. Zhang Liang uses Lei Feng dolls as a medium to make products through special designs. While inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng, she also gained wealth. In this regard, Zhang Liang's way of making money can actually be said to be a good thing!



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