Deng Mingshan: Copying the Star of Entrepreneurship

2020-06-04 10:01 | Readtime: 8min

      "A person's success is not called success, but to help more people in need is called true success." Deng Mingshan 

Deng Mingshan, my success can be copied more than ten years ago, Deng Mingshan, an ordinary migrant worker working in Guangdong, with an income of 400 yuan a month. Today’s Deng Mingshan, chairman of Zhongke Creative Industrial Park, he made a photo The photos produce a variety of magical effects on different materials. His panoramic painting kingdom has created a remarkable sales performance of 150 million yuan, and has become one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in China.

   Junior high school culture, rural youth, his road to success is indeed legendary. Only when he walks into his world will he truly feel that the bitterness and hard work, passion and gratitude are engraved in his life.

   has many tags on his body: migrant workers, youth, disabled people, inventors, entrepreneurial pioneers...

  My dream I want to start a business

  Due to poor family and many children, Deng Mingshan was forced to drop out of school before finishing junior high school, and went out to work to earn money to make up for his family. In 1993, he came to the forefront of reform and opening up, Dongguan, Guangdong, and began his working career. The first time I came to Guangdong, I was unfamiliar with my life, and I didn’t have any high culture. I could only do hard work. He first came to a construction company as a small worker, with a monthly salary of 400 yuan, because he was unable to do heavy work, and was often scolded by the foreman. Six months later, he came to a gift factory in Guangdong as a study worker. In less than a year, he worked hard and mastered certain skills. Then he went to a printing factory in Dongguan to hire him as a technician. In order to improve, life and work have basically stabilized.

  The pursuit of success is everyone's dream, and everyone is eager to make a career. Deng Mingshan was unwilling to live a permanent working life. In 1997, he resigned resolutely. He took over a copy shop for 5,000 yuan. By chance, a customer came to the store, took out a business card, and asked if he could make it? The customer said that the business card was brought back by a friend from abroad. He wanted to order 1,000 cards. When Deng Mingshan saw this business card, he was immediately attracted by its uniqueness. Looking at a picture from the side and another picture from the front can change each other and have a sense of space. It is wonderful. But looking around in Dongguan and even Guangdong, most people have never seen this peculiar business card.

  Although this list was not made in the end. However, through this incident, he has a strong interest in this technology. At this time, Deng Mingshan has realized that this is a brand new technology, and currently there is very little done in China, so this is an excellent opportunity to enter this field.

For a long time, there have always been professional technicians in the imaging field who have been climbing the peak of technology. What can't they do? Can Deng Mingshan do it? A junior high school student can only do what an expert can do. The hardships he has to pay are not ordinary people can imagine of.

   I am a half-faced man and I do not admit defeat

Deng Mingshan's research and development of this new technology has reached a level of infatuation and obsession, but when he was full of passion to invest in the research and development of new technologies, unexpected things happened: in a product development process, a bottle of sulfuric acid accidentally fell On Deng Mingshan's face, strong chemical corrosion caused severe damage to Deng Mingshan's facial skin. From then on, he became a "half-faced man".

  If it is said that a man without experience may not be a real man, then Deng Mingshan's experience can be written in an autobiography. Once upon a time, the word "disability" was a pain in his heart. For an invention, disfiguring almost ruined Fenghua Zhengmao's Deng Mingshan. At one time, he dared not look squarely with others, because of his half face and one inaudible ear, he was laughed at and rejected by others. But Deng Mingshan believes that this new technology will have good development prospects, he will never give up his choice. On the one hand, he consulted experts, on the one hand, collected and sorted out the existing domestic technical data, and at the same time, he conducted experiments and research. During this period of time, the waste products produced by his experiments amounted to more than a few tons, and he did not pay attention to them. After more than a year, he has made small achievements in the field of three-dimensional painting. Due to the early accumulation of technology, his research quickly entered the fast lane. In 2006, the development of a panoramic painting representing the latest imaging technology was successful. This was a glorious period in Deng Mingshan’s life.

This invention in exchange for huge physical and mental trauma has enabled him not only to achieve a gorgeous turn of life, but also to grow from an ordinary migrant worker who came out of the mountain into a successful private entrepreneur, but also for the development of the world imaging industry It has made its own contributions and brought new development opportunities to the entire imaging industry, including China. Today, we see his new transformation after years of experience. He slightly mocked himself and said that he would register the "Half-faced Man" design as a trademark in the future.

  All except air and water are conquered

The panoramic painting developed by Deng Mingshan is the highest form of photos, pictures, and prints in the imaging industry today, and represents the forefront of the development of imaging technology. It adopts advanced technologies such as parallax creation, depth of field expansion, layer optimization, multi-dimensional display, etc. It can produce any magical effect of ordinary paintings, shocking people, and creating a new artistic realm, known as "vital images" On animation". The product is oil-proof, water-proof, dust-free, thin as a piece of paper, and does not fade for a hundred years. It completely subverts the traditional imaging production process and is an epoch-making technological innovation.

Panoramic paintings have created a new era of imaging technology, which will bring revolutionary influence to the advertising industry, printing industry, packaging industry, interior decoration painting industry, handicraft industry, photography and other industries, and promote these industries to a new stage of development. , Has broad development prospects in market applications.

  After the successful development of panoramic paintings, Deng Mingshan began to turn his attention from painting on paper to painting on other materials. His research on new-style painting never stopped. After countless experiments and after numerous failures, Deng Mingshan finally thought of a comprehensive fusion of various technologies, for which he invented a new stone painting production process-magical stone painting. Not only ordinary bricks and slate can be printed, but also on special objects such as tiles and glass.

   Deng Mingshan's painting technique can be extended to various media. In his words, anything except air and water can be produced.

  Leader, copy the star of entrepreneurship

   "Help 10,000 people succeed in starting a business within two years, and entrepreneurship drives employment to more than 100,000 people." Deng Mingshan said, this is by no means a simple statement, you will see the testimony of the facts.

Deng Mingshan, who was in front of the reporter, was no longer a wage earner of that year, and had long faded away. The headquarters of Zhongke Creative Industrial Park was located in the east of Beijing CBD International Business Center. From a park, it has grown to 4 branch parks, accounting for a total of With an area of 120 acres and office space and workshops exceeding 100,000 square meters, it is a comprehensive independent industrial park specializing in innovative science and technology research and development, creative industry incubation, boutique project promotion, technical services and other functions. Creative, video, advertising, decoration, gifts and other projects start-up incubation, has now become a relatively well-known creative industry base in China, has become China's creative industry pioneer enterprises.

After more than ten years of development, Deng Mingshan and his Zhongke Entrepreneurship Industrial Park have always adhered to the supreme principle of "entrepreneurship drives employment" and "serving entrepreneurs", and created the "one computer entrepreneurship" model, helping tens of thousands Entrepreneurs succeeded in starting a business and provided one-stop entrepreneurial services To realize the dream of successful entrepreneurship or re-employment, we are committed to spreading public welfare culture and building a public welfare platform to promote the development of public welfare. In March 2011, Zhongke Creative Industrial Park and Peking University, Geely University, West China University, Tsinghua University and other universities jointly discussed the establishment of successful entrepreneurship courses, and established Zhongke Creative Industrial Park as an entrepreneurial training base for many universities.

Some people call Deng Mingshan the godfather of entrepreneurship. Deng Mingshan responded with a smile and said: "It is lonely and lonely to go alone and fight. If it can help others, it is really a kind of happiness, very luxurious happiness." "I I have experienced hardships, so I want to share the fruits of my struggle with modern youth, and my success can be copied."



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