Zhu Xiaolin: "Red Wine Knight" brewing life

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       Women are like red wine, and only brewing for thousands of times can become a world treasure. A glass of red wine needs dozens of procedures from the grape branches to the luminous glass. How many times does a woman need from a fragile green to mature and elegant? We found the answer to Zhu Xiaolin, a woman as charming as red wine. 

  Twenty years ago, she would cry because of her boss's scolding. Now, her business has spanned China and France, and she is also between business and art.

   Tears in Shenzhen

"My best youth was spent in Shenzhen. Zhu Baoguo, the head of Mrs. Oral Liquid, we are from Henan in the same period in Shenzhen! 20 years! Miss Shenzhen!" This is her new last year Heartfelt words from the Yushang Development Forum.

   In fact, Shenzhen left her with not always a good memory. In the eyes of many people, as a frontier position for reform and opening up, Shenzhen's "East Wind Blows Eyes Spring" 20 years ago is a hot spot of gold everywhere. But if you want to pick up gold, Zhu Xiaolin must first cross the bushes. Although it was the first batch of special talents introduced by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, she once had a job with ease and good treatment in the government department, but she soon realized that this is not the zoo that used to spend a lot of time in the past, but a wild animal with weak meat and strong food. world.

   At that time, Henan people were discriminated everywhere in Shenzhen, and even many elevators would have the words "Henan people are not allowed to enter". In front of well-known colleges such as the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and Beijing Broadcasting Institute, the "Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry" on her diploma suddenly faded.

  She also gave all her grievances to her tears. "When I first arrived in Shenzhen, I wept bitterly." Zhu Xiaolin admitted frankly, only because of a reprimand from the company's vice president: "Why are you so stupid and typed so slowly!" On that rainy night, she stood on the tenth floor Crying by the window sill. Zhu Xiaolin said that he cried not because he hated the vice president, but because he was not strong enough. If he can speed up faster, he has no chance to say such things in his life. "I feel the deepest three points: 1. I don’t believe in relationships, I believe in abilities; 2. I don’t believe in saliva, I believe in performance; 3. Women, Shenzhen don’t believe in tears."

   Shenzhen does not believe in tears, and since then she has no tears, but instead turns all the hostility and disadvantages into a motivating force. In just over three months to the company, she stood out from being an ordinary salesperson to a customer department manager. After only one year, she was promoted to assistant general manager.

   Never give up

   Pisces Zhu Xiaolin has a passionate and uneasy heart. After three years of hard work in Shenzhen, she was a little unbearable to see her father doing business in the sea. So, despite her mother's opposition, she resigned from her job and began to help her father take care of business. A year later, her father’s company was on the road smoothly, and she was able to get away, so after being recommended by a friend, she became a Henan agent for a central air-conditioning company.

   At that time, the people who could afford the central air conditioner were rare, and few customers became the "sweet and sour meat" that the major manufacturers were fiercely fighting for. On one occasion, Zhu Xiaolin drove a motorcycle to visit customers. When he reached a slope, the person and the car were thrown out together, and the blood in the legs continued to flow. But in order to go to the appointment on time, she simply gritted her teeth and simply treated the wound, patted the soil on her body, and stepped on the motorcycle again... so she got her precious first order.

   Another time, she learned that a project in the field had already had a candidate, but she was still determined to take the lead. In order to let her retreat despite difficulties, the person in charge of the project asked ten professional questions about construction, and she was asked to answer them the next morning. People all over the company said it was difficult and impossible to achieve: from receiving a call at 5:30 in the evening to 8 in the morning of the next day, it was impossible to solve ten professional problems in just ten hours.

   But Zhu Xiaolin didn't believe in this evil, and his usual connections and strategies came in handy. She was divided into several ways and deployed in many ways. On the one hand, she called a friend of the design institute and asked him to find professional books and periodicals to answer questions; on the other hand, he was asked to prepare materials; . When they appeared in the office of the person in charge of the project on time the next day, the other party was touched except for the accident. It was originally a project opportunity that had no hope, and it suddenly became dark.

  'S honesty style of "taking appointments with injuries" and the belief of "never give up" made Zhu Xiaolin quickly open a world in the business world and won the reputation of "business Mulan". In a few years, her company has achieved a turnover of tens of millions. Looking back at the girl who cried bitterly at rainy night a few years ago, she should be satisfied. However, this is just a wonderful opening of her life, and a more beautiful and beautiful opening is about to begin.

   gorgeous turn

   In 2001, Zhu Xiaolin, who had already made a name for himself, had a meal at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and overheard a French study abroad mobilization meeting. A Hong Kong woman who settled in France spoke at the meeting. When she walked to the podium, Zhu Xiaolin was suddenly attracted. "She was in her 50s, but the kind of calmness and the unstoppable elegance that threw her hands over her feet touched me. I suddenly decided at that time: I must go and see that romantic country."

"Although you are now a small boss, at best you just make more money every year, but after studying abroad for two years, your vision and life experience will be very different! Maybe your future life trajectory will be completely changed." The words of her good friend made her make up her mind: beyond the glory of the gold and blue, she wanted to give her life a richer color.

   In 2001, Zhu Xiaolin came to study in Toulouse, a major town in the southwest of France, and began a life of more than ten years. He left behind the domestic wealth and dazzling aura, and went to France to study at the age of 31. This time she turned around more thrillingly and freely than last time.

   Zhu Xiaolin has a cheerful and romantic personality, and has a strong curiosity and energy. She likes food and travel, and is very in harmony with the French who love to eat, drink and play. Even in a foreign country, Zhu Xiaolin's leadership is still as bright as a diamond. During her study abroad, she created a number of firsts-the first was elected as the president of the All-France Local Student and Scholar Association as a self-financed student; the first officially registered the local academic union in France; the first time he led the Toulouse Academic Union The football team won the runner-up in the All France Academia Football League.

   said that it is customary to enter the village. In France, where everyone drinks red wine, and in the southwest wine region where Toulouse is located, red wine slowly enters Zhu Xiaolin's life. She is a woman who knows how to taste life, and red wine also needs to be carefully tasted in order to get its true taste. She didn't indulge in the goblet all at once, but as the grace of grace grew with each passing day, she couldn't live without that intoxicating blush.

   Red wine has become an indispensable part of Zhu Xiaolin's life. It seems destined that red wine will also become a fulcrum for her lifelong career, because she found that red wine is not only an art, but also contains huge business opportunities.

   "Red Wine Knight"

  In 2004, Henan Changyuan International Food Festival, as the president of the French Chamber of Commerce in Henan, Zhu Xiaolin invited two presidents of the French catering industry to participate together. For 10 days, Zhu Xiaolin took French friends to eat Henan cuisine and traveled through the Central Plains. While the foreign friends were full of praise, the only regret was that “I ran all over Zhengzhou and did not buy the most authentic French wine”.

  A short time later, Zhu Xiaolin was reminded again. "It was an old overseas Chinese who had lived in France for many years. When returning home to visit relatives, in addition to 5 pounds of coffee beans and a coffee machine, there was a box of French wine in the big bag of small bags." Zhu Xiaolin suddenly realized: Instead of bringing wine back and forth so hard, why not open a French wine shop in Henan, so that people in their hometown can drink the most authentic and cost-effective French wine without leaving the house?

  From the idea of starting a red wine business to the opening of the first winery in Henan, Zhu Xiaolin has prepared for 6 years.

   From 2003 to 2009, Zhu Xiaolin ran between France and Henan, becoming a veritable "flying trapeze". In France, she visited major wine estates on the spot, traveled to the top ten wine regions, and tasted thousands of fine wines. In 2006, she began to dabble in catering tourism, met many French winery owners, and often participated in various French wine parties. In 2008, she began contact with Chairman Ross of the World Wine Federation and designed a development plan for developing the wine market in China in the next five years. She won praise from each other and has since truly integrated into the elite wine circle of France.

   Her wine knowledge has also grown deeper in the process, gradually becoming a professional sommelier who has won the industry's approval. At the 45th annual meeting held in Toulouse, she won two knight medals from the French Maple Wine Association and the Jiayake Wine Association, becoming the first Chinese to join the organization and receive this honor.

  After several years of immersion, investigation and visit, Zhu Xiaolin stood at the height of the entire industry to find his own position. "The unique life experience and cultural background made me firmly establish the brand awareness from the beginning. I appeared as a deep promoter, participant and executor of wine culture. My carrier is French wine and I want to be an international brand. ."

   The preparatory preparation for "Ten Years Sword" made Zhu Xiaolin's wine business rush into the "fast lane" from the beginning. On August 8, 2009, Zhu Xiaolin's "Fengtong Winery" opened its doors in Henan to welcome guests. In the following three years, "Feng Tong" started from zero and opened nearly ten franchise chain stores in counties and cities at the speed of "one ride to the dust", which became a new star in Zhongyuan Wine Industry. The woman who was once competing in the Central Plains business circle is back. There is no white circle in this circle. In addition to wealth and aura, she also made the love of life into a lifelong career.

   As the only Chinese who has won four French knights' medals, Zhu Xiaolin is known as "the wine knight". For the wine industry, she does have a somewhat knighthood spirit. In response to the chaos of the wine industry such as the rampage of the cottage, she takes the promotion of wine culture as her mission and is committed to turning "Fengtong Manor" into the "Huangpu Military Academy" of the wine industry. She envisioned creating China's first "red wine chat bar" as a guide and promoter of wine culture.

   She is also constantly exploring the infinite possibilities of combining wine culture and business. At the end of June this year, she will turn Fengtong headquarters into a comprehensive clubhouse with French restaurant, bar, wine tasting room, high-end cigar room, comprehensive conference hall, beauty and spa. This is a new wine tasting mode, sweeping the habit of eating and drinking on the Chinese table with a cozy and elegant wine culture



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