Zhang Qingsong: Chairman Song of Lei Shuo Lighting Appliance

2020-06-04 10:02 | Readtime: 13min

      He is not a pioneer in China's lighting industry, and he has not witnessed the chaotic beginning of the industry, the past of the blurry, or even failed to catch up with the first wave of gold development in the industry. However, he is well versed in the "latecomer first" approach, adhering to the fearless business philosophy of the master, allowing the enterprise to grow in dormancy. He personally pulled the trigger of "green business" and quietly opened the door to energy-saving lighting products. 

  He is Zhang Qingsong, chairman of Lei Shuo Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.

   Ten years ago, Zhang Qingsong was still a standard soldier. At that time, he had pulled the trigger of the firearm numerous times on the shooting range, and even shot the prisoner. After switching to business, he also picked up the invisible gun in his hand and aimed at the commercial target he set. For several years, his target has always moved between capillaries and energy-saving lamps. But this time, he focused on more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED chip manufacturing, a core component known as the "engine" of LED lighting.

   Now, the pattern gradually becomes. Under the leadership of Zhang Qingsong, the fearless master, he is slowly raising his periscope, looking down at the surrounding environment, and looking at the target ahead. With the help of capital, Lei Shuo intends to use LED chip manufacturing to go public and raise a rushing "Lei Shuo core" in the industry, which seems to be an inevitable choice.

   No prequel

   Zhang Qingsong's entrepreneurial story has no prequel. The only experience is also hidden in the time spent in the barracks for a few years. It has nothing to do with the master, the lighting, and the green business.

  We know that when an enterprise is still in a weak stage, it can often focus on a single narrow field, such as an industry that starts with a simple single product, which is almost the practice of the entire business community. The same is true for Lei Shuo Lighting. But as it grew stronger, the original set of things were scattered in the corners of growth like the lost youth. Because the new targets are moving, and the pattern is there, they have formed a joint force, "forcing" Zhang Qingsong to look up, prompting him to start thinking about changing course. It was also they that made Zhang Qingsong, who was still very young in commercial cultivation, decide to end the days of making a large amount of money only by making capillaries.

   As the so-called, the rain is light, the plants are new, and the thunder starts. When it is said, the roots of the tree must be rooted. In pursuit of the not long "history" of Lei Shuo Lighting's eruption in the sky, it may be regarded as an origin in 2005. For Zhang Qingsong, it was a dark year. From the day when Lei Shuo Lighting was created, he had a dream: one day, the "Lei Shuo system" he created by himself was successfully listed.

   This year, Guangdong Lei Shuo and Henan Lei Shuo took shape one after another. Strategies are brewing, market forces are exploding, and volleys are breaking out...the story begins.


   No matter how long the road is, you can finish it step by step; no matter how short the distance, you can’t reach without walking your feet. Like many other entrepreneurs, Zhang Qingsong also started his business in this way. Although the story is a bit old-fashioned, his entrepreneurial experience cannot but admire him. As soon as he got started, he injected the gene of the big pattern and fearless courage into the company, making it always throughout the company's decision-making. This is not something that all entrepreneurs can have.

  Masters have a wide field of vision, great vision, and insight. Not only can understand the world, accurately capture business opportunities, but also simplify the complex, and find a solution to the problem at once. Regarding Zhang Qingsong, he clearly demonstrated his courage and courage as a master in the decision-making of whether to make CCTV's full-year advertising, hiring an image spokesperson, and hosting large-scale parties, and how to achieve differentiation Courageous.

   The author once had the opportunity to travel with Mr. Zhang through the "Chinese Lamp City"-the ancient town of Guangdong. In the car, Mr. Zhang told me that among the tens of thousands of lighting companies in the ancient town of Guangdong, who really dared or were willing to put ads on CCTV's generous advertising. "How does Lei Shuo differentiate? How does it differ from others? This requires vision and courage." When he said this, Mr. Zhang's eyes were full of confidence and firmness.

   is eye-catching as soon as you see it. This is what Zhang Qingsong upholds before and during the creation of Lei Shuo Lighting. How do i do this? He chose to work hard inside and outside to fully ignite the brand flame. Under his leadership, Lei Shuo and Kung Fu superstar Yuan Biao stood together in December 2010, with Mr. Yuan Biao as its brand image spokesperson. At the same time, Lei Shuo rushed to the beach to land on CCTV, causing a "Lei Shuo whirlwind" in the industry. "World Lighting Times", "Guzhen Lighting" and other industry media are all amazed, thinking that Lei Shuo Lighting is the most striking "black horse" in the industry in recent years.

   It should be said that Lei Shuo's bold intrusion made the central plains of the originally scarce lighting company noticeable in the industry, and also provided a possibility for more energy-saving lighting products to be localized. Especially in the context of the industry gradually shifting to the central and western regions, the rise of Zhang Qingsong and Lei Shuo Lighting is more specimen-oriented.

   "Later view of the latecomer"

Although energy-saving lamps and LED lamps that have just opened their heads in recent years are "imported products", when they are labeled with goods, the "lighting rivers and lakes" they woven into have never been calm in China. The opponents fought against it, the surface seemed to be unsurprised, but in fact it was undercurrent. Although the living examples of well-known domestic lamp manufacturers can be established as a legend and widely spread in the lighting rivers and lakes, just as the predecessors have unlimited scenery, a large number of latecomers are more ambitious and not willing to fall behind, vowing to be Leaving his own legends, such as Lei Shuo lighting under Zhang Qingsong's helm.

  Being a "first mover in China's energy-saving lamps" is a strategic task assigned by Zhang Qingsong to all Lei Shuo people. To go first is to find ways to see the essence of things and experience the scenery that others have not experienced. He often tells himself and the people around him: "The first person to reach the camp may not be the ultimate successful summiter. Even if you are the first summiter, when you are intoxicated, there are already latecomers quietly descending the mountain, Prepare to conquer the next peak before you. Lei Shuo's chance is right here."

   This is Lei Shuoren's "Later View of the Later".

   Behind the high-profile words, actually incorporates Zhang Qingsong's many thoughts. He believes that to be an enterprise, the vision and the realm must be far away. Only in this way can we open up new ways and clearly distinguish the goal and direction. What Lei Shuo wants to do is to take a step ahead of others and take a step forward. A cup of "Starbucks" can achieve an international coffee company, so a small energy-saving lamp also has the invisible conditions to make the company bigger, although Lei Shuo is only a latecomer.

   Compared with foreign countries, China's energy-saving lamps are not the earliest developed and promoted, but they are the most outstanding in application and management. The market here is vast and has unlimited opportunities. Zhang Qingsong is precisely aware of this, so he is determined to be a pioneer. He said that as long as the quality of the products is up, the service is close, the technology is constantly innovated, and the product line is continuously elongated, then Lei Shuo is not afraid of being a pioneer, and Lei Shuo will be dazzling tomorrow.

   In the past two years, many capital crocodiles have rushed to land in the field of LED lamps. With the support of policies and capital, LED products have taken off for a while, and a new market competition pattern is taking shape. In order to catch the express train when the LED industry broke out, Lei Shuo can be said to be very popular.

   can bear it, is the real hero

  Under normal circumstances, there is extraordinary performance called excellence; under extraordinary circumstances, there is normal performance only called excellence. Zhang Qingsong is undoubtedly an outstanding person.

  In early 2011, rare earth prices experienced a "roller coaster" market, turning Chinese lighting companies that were already suffering in the Red Sea into a suicidal collective exchange. In order to survive, for the original status of the rivers and lakes, the price war this double-edged sword was once again invited.

   Lei Shuo Lighting is facing the same test, is it to follow the trend or stick to its promise? Zhang Qingsong went through some painful weighing and thinking. In the end, he decided to keep the original price, ignoring the market's shopping, and strive to start from improving product quality and technical content. It turns out that this is not only a correct strategy, but also an industry rationality.

   However, does anyone know how much pressure to bear behind this decision and how much real money is needed to make it? At the beginning of Lei Shuo Lighting's efforts in late 2010, the price of phosphors was still more than 200 yuan per kilogram. Even when it landed on the CCTV, it was only 300 yuan per kilogram, but it soared to almost 3000 yuan per kilogram in early 2011. For more than half a year, the price of phosphor alone is already 10 times the price difference. After years of price wars, the profits of various energy-saving lamp manufacturers have already been meagerly close to the limit, and then put on the gold hoop of 10 times the price difference, the painful situation can be imagined.

  Zhang Qingsong admitted that he almost lost his confidence and courage in the days when he made the decision. He has not considered the price increase, because this is a trend. Of course, the price increase, Lei Shuo can cope with the big flow, but then it will seriously squeeze the profit margin of the dealer and pass it on. The risk is similar to robbing customers' wallets in broad daylight. Moreover, he firmly believes that the opportunity of "surpassing the curve" is bred in the crisis, and it is really a hero who can bear it at the critical moment.

  Finally, through a series of "combined boxing" internal digestive measures, Zhang Qingsong fulfilled his promise to the market not to increase prices during the year.

  Pull the trigger of green business

    "Commercial competition is not a 100-meter sprint, but a triathlon with an unknown end." Zhang Qingsong said.

  He believes that the lighting industry is like a stream of flowing water. There is a "big wave of sand", and there is a large capacity that does not choose small streams. The continuous advancement of lighting technology indicates that the industry revolution is brewing and erupting, and this should be a rare opportunity for all participants.

  LED stirs the pattern of the industry, Zhang Qingsong is constantly thinking and thinking about the "possibility" of Lei Shuo LED and how to get started. Years of business experience makes him very sensitive to every move in the energy-saving lamp market. He knows that Lei Shuo is in a rapidly changing market, with new competitors falling from the sky almost every day. How can companies go further?

"In addition to taking the road of branding, it is relying on solid distributors to strive to enrich the product structure and continuously lengthen the company's product line. Moving to the upstream area of LED is undoubtedly the best entry point." Zhang Qingsong revealed to reporters his thinking the result of.

  The sense of smell of capital is sensitive, and the sense of smell of merchants is also sensitive to capital. Due to policy support and capital spurs, the LED market is full of vitality and has unlimited prospects, while the traditional energy-saving lamp market is in decline. At this time, it is undoubtedly a wise choice to detour upstream of the industry and shift towards the role of chip manufacturers. To this end, Zhang Qingsong responded calmly and quickly adjusted his strategy after various investigations.

   "Good wind relies on strength to send me to Qingyun." Once the trend of industrial reform is formed, no one can stop it. "We must follow the trend and dare to stand in the position of the tuyere and make the right choice." Zhang Qingsong said. Within a short time, Lei Shuo launched the LED chip and electrical switch projects.

  In early 2012, Lei Shuo Lighting's annual output of 40 million sets of energy-saving lamps and lanterns formally signed an agreement with the Taikang County Government. According to the agreement, Lei Shuo will build a plant with an area of more than 200 acres in Taikang Industrial Cluster, which is mainly used for the implementation of chip and electrical switch projects. The foundation of this project will be laid in early April this year. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed and put into use within the year. This indicates that Lei Shuo LED chip project has entered a substantial stage.

   A "Lei Shuo system" advancing towards the upstream of the industry gradually surfaced. (Editor/Rain Horse)

  Interview notes: pattern and fearlessness

   In 2011, Lei Shuo Lighting seemed to have been singing "your own song", leaping through the industry and building a stable channel, not ignoring what their peers are doing. However, the ever-increasing industry praise and perseverance of the operation, the increasing number of agent channel dealers, especially when Lei Shuo Lighting started to rise towards the brand and pulled the trigger towards the green business, could not hide its exposed edge.

   Historically, the Englishman Joseph Swan actually installed a vacuum carbon incandescent light bulb he invented in his house a year before Edison. He was the first person in the world to invent the electric light. But Joseph Swan was oblivious, and Edison entered the history as a generation of masters and role models. This is a case where the late come first.

  Zhang Qingsong is undoubtedly a latecomer to the lighting industry, but his ambition, thought and courage are all awe-inspiring. Like all entrepreneurs, if Zhang Qingsong's daily work and life are summarized in one word, it is: "Busy". He often travels between Lei Shuo's several factories, shuttles between the domestic market and customers, and even senior executives report to him, usually by phone or text message. According to internal staff, Mr. Zhang's reply to the text message is extremely concise, and often has a "good" word. This has become his style.

   During the time I met Zhang Qingsong, I had been thinking about two words: pattern and fearlessness. The author feels that the spiritual temperament and values of an entrepreneurial company are plainly the entrepreneur's own spiritual temperament and values, which will be deeply rooted in the genes of the company. If the pattern of the leader is not large, the pattern of the company will naturally not be much. Some people have a small pattern, always staring at the past one-third of an acre, they rarely do much in their own fields. They are hesitant and indecisive, and often sit and watch business opportunities slip away from them. Zhang Qingsong is definitely not such a person. Once he takes aim, he will never let go of his prey, but will pull the trigger in his hand decisively.



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